Third and Final Progress Update

An impressively large park built by Byron. There is still a lot of room left on the island.

An impressively large park built by Byron. There is still a lot of room left on the island.

Don’t let the title scare you! This is indeed the last progress update for a while, but only because the demo release is imminent. As such, we feel confident enough to end the radio silence and start posting updates to our platforms more frequently!

With that in mind, here’s some of the progress that we made in the past 3 months since the last blog post. It all mostly centers around the polishing of existing features (e.g. the interface, item selection, resource system, graphical overhaul, etc.), addition of new content (Triceratops, new fences, new paths, lamps and buildings, new trees), and some thorough optimization.

Park Building
To help demonstrate our recent progress with park building, we’ve put together a short timelapse, complete with in-game music!

Here you can see some more screenshots of our last developer build, including the recent graphical overhaul and building additions. We definitely didn’t spent hours upon hours playing testing the builds and building new parks.













We also made sure to include a simple lighting system for buildings and lamps, so that they will light up automatically during the nights. This way, you can make sure your park is never in the dark!


Moreover, 5 more fence types were added (small wooden farm fence, the Palisade and its paneled variant, the bricks, stone, and concrete walls, and a paneled variant for each). These were designed especially to make your building experience more grounded and immersive. Additionally, the jeep model went under a texture overhaul, and this is just one of the few customizable looks that you will be able to selecte for the vehicle.

Ready to take this boy for a ride?

Ready to take this boy for a ride?





Along with the UI changes, our nursery graphics have been completed (minor changes to come) and is now fully functional. From here, you will be creating your animals, choosing their potential integument depending on the species, naming them, and finally placing them into the park as babies!


And of course, two new alternate skins for our demo creatures! Say hello to the new Velociraptor and Gallimimus variants.



Thanks for reading our final status update until the demo! We appreciate you all for sticking with us through the radio silence, and we hope that you enjoy the influx of new content. To conclude, our ontogeny system has received a new feature that allows us to visually show changes in age through the animals coat and skin tone. Thanks again for staying with us, and we hope to see you again soon!

Halloween Progress Update


Spooky Halloween, ladies and gentlemen! We are back with a second, lengthier progress update, to demonstrate the results of the recent work in this period of *mostly* radio silence. There is quite a bit of content, so bear with us!

Although all working departments have contributed rather nicely to the shaping up of the game, you will find that after two months, a great deal of progress has been done on the building systems especially, but also on some features regarding the animals, both of which you will be seeing more of further down this very post.
First of all however, we should be talking about some major feature changes for the soon upcoming public ‘demo’ build, so here they are:

Initial animal roster

There's a tiny Velociraptor in there too! Click on the image to see the full-size version.

There’s a tiny Velociraptor in there too! Click on the image to see the full-size version.

That’s right! Our plan is to release 4 animals with the first public demo release, these animals being Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and Gallimimus, hoping development will go smoothly enough for us to put it all in action! The remaining 4 planned demo animals, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Camarasaurus and Dryosaurus will most likely be added at a later point to the public builds, so worry not!

Animal Spawning

A still very much WIP nursery building.

A still very much WIP nursery building.

The other major change in plans comes in the shape of little baby dinosaurs! You read that right, instead of the classic hatchery formula, we’ll be having a “Nursery” building (see the image) with limited breeding capacity. In here, you will be able to produce dinosaur infants and then place them into your park with an easy drag and drop action. We believe this change in the game plans will come in favour of the player, as you can keep your exhibits and enclosures just the way they are supposed to be (without a huge noisy metal building in it, that is). That doesn’t stop there however! These baby dinosaurs will eventually grow up, a feature which we have already worked on, coming to a pretty satisfactory result: not only does the body size of the animal change over lifetime, but the bone proportions and body shape also changes according to its age. This process, called ontogeny, is backed by the fossil record of these animals, and you can rest assured we will try our best to base our animal ontogeny on it as closely as possible.

For now, we are proud to present a feature that very few games have managed to successfully accomplish so far, in the form of two gifs (notice how the body proportions and facial features change over lifespan):

Building systems
This is what we built in our current private team build with the available building tools:








Below you can see what exactly it looks like while building in-game:

We managed to put up a simple, yet effective grid based system for our buildings and fences, as well as making a heavily customizable decoration placement tool, that we’re sure you’ll all find handy (for instance, the above rock arch was made using it). We are pretty satisfied with it as of now, while still having plans for curved fences and paths in the future.
All that being said, we are still not done…



There were some changes made to our Triceratops model, one of the most notable ones being its species change, from T.horridus to T.prorsus, the reason for this being exactly the available ontogenetic transitional fossils for this species (gotta make them babbeh Trikes). You’ll also notice the change in the alternative skin design (there are still gonna be 3 color scheme variations). Hoping you like it as much as we do (our sound designer is all over it), we’ll end this blog post with a musical preview from our lovable aussie composer Byron. Enjoy what is but one minute of a longer ambient track that you will be hearing soon! Catch you on the next progress update!

Progress Update!

Time for one of these, aye?

After around two months of silence we are temporarily back to bring you what we believe to be quite an exciting progress update (if you are still here after two months, reading this, you rock! Thank you!).

Since our last announcement, a few things have changed not only in terms of management and team logistics, but also when it comes to gameplan. To catch up with anybody that might not know this yet, we are still aiming to release a public demo before jumping into the big scary world of crowd funding. While its scope will be the same, some gameplay elements will vary from the ones you expected in the last demo, and you’ll see how exactly in the future. For now, we’ll focus on what exactly we did until this point.

So… what have we achieved in this time period since our last announcement? We’ll let the gifs speak for themselves…

Terraforming! We managed to implement one of the most important features in a tycoon game, yet also one of the trickiest, right in the current demo. We still are planning to expand it and optimize it a little bit more before we can release, but we’ve reached satisfaction point, and can only hope you feel the same about it!

We are also making steady progress in one of the aspects that was holding us back last time, that being dinosaur AI! Enjoy the following gifs while keeping in mind everything is still very much W.I.P.

The last thing would be a pretty dynamic and customizable building system, of which we won’t show anything yet, because, what’s the fun in showing everything at once? That is not all however! Our art department has also been very busy these two months, as you are able to see in the following screenshots. Enjoy!

New level screenshots



New alt. skins


TLDR:Progress is going much quicker now thanks to our better organization and collective efforts, and we expect to keep up the pace! Exciting times!

Now this is pretty much all for today, we’ll be back soon with another progress update akin to this one, but until then, you can come discuss the news with us on our forum or our Discord server! Stay tuned!

Important news concerning the project – an honest blog post

Hi everyone! We’re finally back with a blog post after quite some time, and as the title suggests, this one is a pretty important one, so bear with us!

Time for change
In the past few months we have mostly been the silent type. Sure, streams and models and concept art are cool, but we haven’t been too great at making game related posts, especially when the game in question is a patch for a small demo. Of course, it led to some confusion, even anger, and it sure got us annoyed as well. So, why is this the case anyway? There are actually a bunch of factors to take into account when considering the project’s slow pace. There are the obvious ones, true to some degree to all indie projects (not developing for a living and fund constraints being some of them), but in our case, there’s another major factor that has led us down to a slower path: our internal programmer structure. While we’re not trying to play the blame-game, as we all have some degree of implication on the game’s development and progress (coming with its ups and downs), we do acknowledge that our ‘development bottleneck’ comes from the game making side of the team: long story short, some programmers had tasks too many and too heavy, and that can only lead to problems. Logically, we took care of this. It took some bold actions, but we changed our team structure, some of our short-term goals and got rid of many obstructions that could have potentially killed the project. We are very excited as we strongly believe it’s for the best!

Implications for the project and the fans
What does this all mean then? What does it mean for the project? What does it mean for you guys? Well, first of all, frankly put: no 1.1 demo patch.
Now before you die of a heart attack, there is something to consider. Changing a lot of how our team works internally means that we have to scrap the mechanics that have been built so far for the demo. We will be working very hard in the upcoming weeks and months not only to recreate those game mechanics, but also to work on them more efficiently, as we have 4 potential programmers who can dedicate more time to the project than what was allocated to it before. We’ll recreate a functional early version of the game (or demo, if you will) with the core mechanics of the game ironed out, while still keeping all the work our talented artists have made so far. Development-wise, the project is getting a fresh, energetic rebirth. Of course this also brings with it a rather negative side, as we will undergo a silent period on our Facebook page and on this blog. We won’t be posting updates for a while, until we are confident enough that we will give you a quality product and respect its timelines. While it’s true, this means even more wait for all the fans that have stuck with us this long, it will all definitely be worth it in the long run, as the new direction we’ve taken is but a path to great things to come!

Note worthy is that radio silence doesn’t mean we will be dead! We will still be posting a short status update once a month to check in with you guys. You can also always have a chat (if you’re lucky enough to catch us) with us on the forums or over on our Discord server, which you can find here:

Now, before ending this blog post we want to make sure we thank all of you guys for your inhuman patience and support you’ve shown for all this time. It really is a cliche’ thing to say, but it has given us strength and confidence in the project in our darkest of hours, and it keeps blowing our minds. Truly, thank you! To show what is just a tiny crumb of appreciation, we will share with you a new fossil formation chart, featuring the animals we plan to have from the Cedar Mountain and Cloverly formations!

Someone's been reading too much Duane Nash... lookin' at you, Deinonychus

Someone’s been reading too much Duane Nash… lookin’ at you, Deinonychus

Great things are ahead!

Morrison Formation Concept Art, Velociraptor and Weekly Newsletter!

A bit of news is always welcome for the first blog post in a while, isn’t it? We have some really cool art images to show, but first, would you like to know what we’re up to every week? Then you might like checking this newsletter in the forum we just started, containing the development process of each week, and we can’t wait to hear your input!

Now, to art-related business: we just finished putting up the two concept art charts (11 species = too much for a single chart) for the Morrison Formation. It was a lot of fun coming up with different designs, and we can only hope you will enjoy these as much as we do! Check them out:

Also, you might still remember we held a stream showing Velociraptor sculpting and texturing. If you made fun of it in middle school, now’s the time to feel bad, because this is how it looks now that it is finished!



Velociraptor enjoying its photoshoot

Velociraptor enjoying its photoshoot

Make sure to tell us what you think about all this malarky in the comments, and until next time!

Some new progress

Wondering why all the silence lately? We’ve been busy, of course! Here’s some of the progress we’ve made since the livestream:
As we mentioned in the stream, our plan was to try and optimize the game with a whole new level, simpler, but as good looking. It is so much more of a success when the hopeful plan becomes reality! We have managed to create a whole new map, with a more ‘mountainy’ feel to it. While being way smaller than the last demo’s entire island, this new map is ALL UNLOCKED. Yes. Whereas the unlocked tile from the current released demo may be large and appealing, the current map (I should note both the unlocked tile in the released demo and this new map are roughly the same size), has a whole lot more flat terrain for you to build on, resulting in an overall larger map when it comes to interactable space. But it doesn’t end here. In fact, the exact purpose of this new level has been achieved: give a performance boost of approximately 30FPS (on our machines at least).
Crazy stuff!








New features, new models
PATHS, who doesn’t love them? We acknowledge that they are an essential part of any park building sim, as they can turn an empty, barren landscape into the fanciest of parks. They are essentially great for building, so that is why we are extremely glad we finally found a great and simple way to implement them in the next to come patch! While we still have a few tweaks to apply to them before we could be comfortable about showing them, you can expect a sneak peak in the very following days!
On the other hand, the resource system is being finished, but we still needed something to link it to the gameplay nicely and tidily. We figured a water pump would be great for that direction, and Cindy was quick to model one (alpha-less T.rex for scale comparison):


If that isn’t enough, she also created two new fence types, the medium and large electric fence. This time, we went for a more naturalistic (more zoo-like, if you’d say) approach to them: less wires, more view!


Other worth-of-mention progress we made for the past month could be broke down to: launcher/patching system groundbreaks, new hatchery menu with a really cool functionality, and awesome plans for the paleopedia! Everything’s being finished off nicely by Aris’ finished plane!
NOTE: however sad we (and you) might be, we won’t include this in the demo.

Not only we added new things, we also improved old ones. We did a considerable job when it comes to building and fence system polishing, as well as interface polishing. The fence system now works fast and seamlessly, and the same can be said about the interface. Here’s a preview:

We hope you enjoyed this well-deserved update. Till the next one!

02/01/2016 Livestream Summary

For those who might not know yet, we had the pleasure to hold a livestream last Saturday. Attendance was great and we are glad for it, but we know there are many who still couldn’t check the stream out. For those people we are going to summarize the whole event in this post, also showing most of the content that was presented there. Due to some problems to the audio files we can’t upload it to Twitch, but we are posting and will keep posting the stream’s highlights as promised, nevertheless. In fact, we will display all the gameplay footage we’ve shown during the stream this Wednesday, the 6th of january, in form of a YouTube compilation video. So let’s get started!

New animal models, alternative skins and sounds
The new models and skins were a big part of the stream. We were happy not only to give a better look at the Woolly Rhinoceros, Triceratops and Stegosaurus (the latter two coming with their melanistic and albino skin variations), but also show new animals, such as Megaloceros, Elasmosaurus and Dryosaurus. Furthermore, we announced that in Prehistoric Kingdom, you will be able to breed your animals by choosing from several given color scheme variations, such as the ones we showed for Triceratops. Bear in mind, it’s still important for us to keep a certain naturalistic look, so we won’t go overboard with the different color schemes. We thought of it as “What if we could implement the option to choose skins for dinosaurs and other animals, that would still stay true to the ecological role and overall appearance of the animal?” We are pretty happy with what we’ve come up with, and we hope you would be too! To complete everything, our sound artist, Aleksa Mrkela, has prepared some ceratopsian sounds: Ceratopsian sounds












Woolly Rhino






Ontogeny process and Triceratops animations
On a yet related note, a new feature we talked about was the treating of animal ontogeny in-game. That is basically the growth process for the animals in your park. Thanks to Blender’s shapekeys, we’ve managed to immortalize 3 growth stages (infant, adolescent, adult) for both Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops (stages well described by the fossil record for those two), with a smooth transition from the previous to the next, counting also the different colors and features the younger versions of the animals display. Basically, the animal’s life appearance through time is as smooth and real as it gets. Next you can see (unscaled) renders of the different stages, but for the whole animated process you’ll have to wait until this Wednesday, when we will post the rendered videos to YouTube, along with the gameplay compilation video. On the other hand, walking and trotting animations for Triceratops were shown.










Demo patch status and gameplay footage
Of course, it couldn’t have been great without gameplay: we showed several videos presenting the game in its current status. The highlights were the updated graphics and updated performance, a more allowing fence system, with several selectable fence types, building modes and fencing colors (not to count gates and fence-attached feed troughs), updated and more cinematic vehicle driving modes, new buildings, cleaner and working interface, and above all, simple yet functional Gallimimus AI. Yet again, it would all be too much for a single blog post, so we are collecting all that footage into a single compilation video bound to be released this Wednesday on YouTube, shall everything go smoothly. As for a more in-depth look at some of the new structures, following are some images for the new feeding methods already implemented: wooden feed troughs of different sizes, as well as simple water troughs. Keep also in mind there will be more styles for the same feeding methods, so you can also expect automatic feeders and waterers, although later on.


To put the cherry on the cake, here is an external render of one of the full game’s controllable vehicle, the staff plane:

Concluding, this is a short summary of what we talked about during the stream, if it all could be broke down to 3 categories (excluding the short Q&A session). We hope everyone had a great time, and everyone enjoys the content!

Till next time!

Some Livestream Details!

We are glad to finally announce the official date and hour for the upcoming livestream! The event will be held this Saturday, the 2nd of January, starting from 7pm GMT or 2pm EST. For those who forget, we will be reminding of it on the Facebook page with several hours prior, ultimately linking you to our Twitch account, where you are all welcome! The whole thing will be recorded and kept on our Twitch playlist or uploaded on our YouTube channel. Either way, we will also be posting its highlights and new features on the forum and our public pages for everyone to see and enjoy.

This curious male Triceratops and us will be waiting for all of you to be there!

Livestream Announcement!

Hello everybody and happy holidays!

The game is beautifully shaping up, with most of the new interface work now being practically finished. We have also successfully managed to implement a nice resource and production/consumption building system, and we can’t wait to show it!

That is why we are very glad to announce we will be hosting our own progress livestream on Twitch in either of the following weekends. We will be showing not only new concept art, animations and renders, but also stream gameplay from the current demo version, announce new features and try to answer as many questions as possible. We hope it will be fun!

As we still have to prepare some good stuff for it, we will announce the exact date and hour of the livestream within the week, in a second similar post. Rest assured that for those who will miss the event, we will post the highlights and other images and videos from the livestream on both Facebook and Youtube.

Until the next post, enjoy but a glimpse of what you can expect in the livestream: a Stegosaurus herd’s look being tested in a newly-made wooden fence paddock. Enjoy, and till next time!

UI and a bit about the project

Today’s post is kind of a special post: we are going to explain some aspects about the project that we haven’t really talked about publicly since the project’s foundation. Many are already familiar with our love for dinosaurs and accurate animal depictions. However, there is so much more to this game than just the animals you’ll need to take care of. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this post.

This will be somewhat lengthy so prepare for a good read!

What will mark Prehistoric Kingdom as a great tycoon game?

Simply put, our attention to management, architectural value and landscape. Yes, aside from the attention to our creatures (the game’s all about them after all), these 3 things are our focus here. We want to make the experience of building a Prehistoric Kingdom a fun thing above all, but also something rewarding. This is why we will do our possible best to give the players what they need to build the park of their dreams whilst having lots of fun.

Managing your park from ground up will be challenging: the choices you make when creating it will affect the gameplay: from the select location of the park on the world map, to the type of paths built, almost every choice matters. To allow this, we will give you many options you can choose from, each having their up and down-sides. A practical example: Choosing to track your dinosaurs with implants will be an effective way to always know their location. However this will require research times, and their off-springs cannot be tracked in the same way. An alternative would be security cameras: while being expensive and requiring maintenance, if built right, they will allow a vast range of view. And so on, other tracking devices (such as motion sensors) will have their up’s and downs. Choosing what system to use can either increase or decrease the park’s security level, thing that can possibly branch in other different outcomes. Just an example.

Architectural value and Landscaping
Somewhat related to the management side. Not only there will be many types of buildings and structures in the game, each one to fit a certain role, but there will also be more versions of the same practical function and for some structures, more looks. What does this mean? Let’s make an example: there won’t just be different feeders for different kinds of animals, but there will also be different types of the same. You can expect things such as wooden/metallic food trough’s, food-stuffed dummies and toys, special food bowls, underground/underwater feeders, feeding shows, and so on! The same also applies to many other structures (fences, paths, animal shelters and enrichment, decorations, and a lot more). And not just the building selection is incredible; we are giving different ways to build fences, roads and all kinds (Curve fencing and roads, free form, straight building, 360degree rotation, etc.). Coupled with a beautiful and intuitive terraforming system, the game will be sure to give you the ability to build your parks just as you like them. There would be so much more we would like to expand upon, but it would render this post far too long, so expect more explaining posts like this in the future.

Lastly, we are glad to show you our updated game UI, showing most of what we talked about today as icons. Can you guess them all? As always, please let us know of your opinions, be sure we will take every one into account and that we appreciate it. To the next one!