Prehistoric Kingdom is recruiting!

Hey guys,
As you know, our team has split up and we are using a different engine. That means that we are now missing “natural” models. We currently have one modeller doing those assets, but he does dinosaurs as well. Thats why we are recruiting a dedicated vegetation/natural asset modeler. If anybody is interested, please PM us (on facebook) mail us and we will have a talk. We do require some art examples of what you can do or a portfolio though, as well as a facebook account and that you check that account often (daily, exceptions for holidays).
Thanks, and maybe see you on the team soon!
Cheers, V_R


E-mail: [email protected]

What’s going on?

Hey guys.

As you are very important to us, we want to keep you informed and updated about all the misunderstandings created by the former park sim project we were… so all can stay cool and clear.

Because of some team management issues, the members of the former team (we can’t name the project as of yet, because of this issues) decided to split up, as the leader decided to kill the project.

In particular, our old leader started to profit from you and even our own work, making money through our videos, and trying to get money from you, on his PayPal account as often as possible.

But we are back, and in a new, much better form!

We have formed a stronger, better organized team of dedicated people who have made considerable progress in the last months regarding the release of PK 1.0.

So far, we have managed to get some maps, coding and assets ready, and things keep going very good. So, don’t worry, PK 1.0 will come out eventually, keeping pretty much the same goals as before.

Be sure we will keep you consistently updated regarding our major steps, and all will continue with a much increase rythm.

We, as a team, want to thank you for trusting us and for having faith in this big project, so stay tuned, for amazing, new updates!

Cheers, PK Team, V_R

P.S. Also, I’ll discuss the pictures thing in the group. TTYL