Be careful with Jurassic Genetics

Hello Fans;

We recently found that Jurassic Genetics arose again as a Facebook page, and gained likes abnormally quick.

We just want to make you aware of the legal danger involved with the project. The guy managing the page is Will Loudermill, a former leader of the team. He is actually alone in the JG project, as all the former members are working on Prehistoric Kingdom now. However, he keeps stealing assets, reducing the hard work of other people to nothing. He takes pictures of models he doesn’t even have access to, concepts he doesn’t even own, and keeps throwing them in the giant winding mess of his page. So please, be careful of what you like.

That page is mostly going to die, as well as that lost project.

Be sure otherwise, we’re working hard and completely on our own, to get the game of your dreams.

the PK Team.

History & Wallpaper!

Howdy folks!
To keep everyone here entertained (Since we care about you all so much!) we decided to give you a small section of the storyline of Prehistoric Kingdom alongside a wallpaper.
” In 1967, a brand new company rose: ‘The Kvebmaund-Foods company’. Two German brothers, born in England, had come up with one of the greatest food companies of all time. It was even more successful then even the greatest restaurants!
The company began to grow and grow but ran into a diallema. Other companies were getting bigger, they were coming up with more newer and better ideas. Eager to bypass this, they both agreed on something; Genetic modification. This brand new idea, took the entire Earth by storm.
They modified food to have the greatest tastes you could only imagine in dreams; Food that was so beautiful, it made people want more. The Kvebmaund brothers had hit the top once again. Throughout the years, they never had to worry about things such as bankruptcy or bills and debts. They were millionaires.
After many years, the company began to get apprehensive. In 2003, they send out an expedition into Siberia to find new flavors that could be used to change and constantly wow their customers. Anticipating the find of a new plant or herb, they found something else. A huge creature, half frozen, lost in the ice. A Mammoth.
The initial focus had been shifted entirely. They immediately took it back to the lab. Seeing as they found it, they had dibs on it. Many scientists and paleontologists attempted to get their hands on it, however they were all refused. Out of nowhere came an idea; another, smarter attempt to make more money. The Kvebmaund Food-Company, as if from nowhere, had different interests… ”
( This is all subject to change, we have come up with a different version more close to genetics. Please think of this as a test for now, thank you. )

– The Prehistoric Kingdom Team.

Tech Demo Update

Greetings all!

It has come to our attention that some of you are confused on the exact release date for our tech demo. Let it be known that we are working hard to get it done and it will not be released next week. This was an error that one of our developers made when we released the first teaser on Prehistoric Kingdom.

We expect that it will be a few months before we are actually able to release our tech demo. Game development time takes time and we are working hard to get it out as soon as we can.

We apologize for any confusion that came of this. You are important to us and once we know something, you will know.

Thank you for understanding!

-The Prehistoric Kingdom Team

Our Content is NEW

Greetings all!

Let it be known the we departed from JG and we did NOT steal anything. All of the models here are ours as well as new and we have people working on them as we speak.

Everything is new, and fresh. We knew that the words “stolen” or “stole” and anything in between would come up which is why we restarted with our own assets and content.

We are aware that these things come up in this field quite often. Please disregard anything that has to do with theft of another team’s project when we simply just started our own team and began work on our own project.

There is a good amount of unprofessional accusing coming from the JG team and we are struck surprised by this. Again, we need to stress that what we have is NEW and OURS. There was a lot of things that went on under the hood of the JG team and some of the developers here on this team were victims of this but that is all we can say.

These things will be addressed soon enough, thanks for understanding 🙂

-The Prehistoric Kingdom Team

Precaution to Stop Confusion

Hello all!

It has come to our attention that Jurassic Genetics has recently surfaced once again. We would like to inform you that all the updates you see for Prehistoric Kingdom on our Facebook page and here is all work from the Prehistoric Kingdom team. This work shares no affiliation with the Jurassic Genetics team. Our team departed from JG a while ago to pursue this goal. Because we need to protect everyone’s interest we cannot disclose any details regarding the reason for our departure from JG.

It is with the utmost importance to us that we keep each and every one of you following this project and we felt that it was necessary to let you, our fans know of this recent development. We want to keep you and we don’t want to lose you to confusion and we hope that this message will support your interest in staying with us.


-The Prehistoric Kingdom Team