Gameplay reveal and final T.rex skins

Hello Fans,

Here we come with a new update for you, featuring the new finished Tyrannosaurus rex models and skins, but also the textured models for the baby and the adolescents! Note that we slightly edited them after some of your suggestions and thoughts, and we finally reached a considerable result, that we want to keep for the future.

However, let us first make some new gameplay announcements about the skins, basing as always on the feedback you recently gave here: and on our forums.

We have been discussing and have taken the votes into consideration. After carefully thinking we have came up with something to please everyone! Dinosaurs from the movie Jurassic Park (such as T.rex) will have Jurassic Park based skins all the way up until the selected creatures DNA reaches 70% or above. Anything more or above that ingame will cause FUTURE creatures that are born to inherit the realistic skins we have made already. This gives all fans an option to rather keep the skins Jurassic Park or keep the skins as realistic; it could be entirely optional! This mechanic is very well possible and could indeed make the gameplay more interesting.

Also, about the look itself of the mesozoic creatures: the final game will have implemented an option in the hatching building, that will let you choose either to have scaly or feathered dinosaurs. This means you will be actually able to decide the look of your creatures! Of course, this option would be enabled just for dinosaurs that are proven to have had feathers, or most likely had them, such as Coelurosaurs. Ceratopsians quills shall also be implemented. This option is thought as a measure to please every fan, either the one that wants a more JP-like feeling, either the one that wants something totally original, the perfect prehistoric sanctuary.

Finally, here are the completed T.rex models, featuring the adults, the teens and the baby, each one of them with its own texture. As a side note, we slightly edited the adult mesh in order to appear more muscular/bulkier.
No more time for this now, so here are the pictures, and as always hopefully you enjoy them.

Adult Female;

Adult Male;

Adolescent Female
Adolescent Female;

Adolescent Male;

Hatchling (Both genders)
Hatchling (Both Genders);

Family 1
Family 1;

Family 2
Family 2;

-The PK team.

Dinosaur Skin Preference

Hello fans,
We have noticed many of the fans would like Jurassic Park skins, we have thought it through and have a question to ask. Do you want JP skins for the dinosaurs as a side variant or not?

Which dinosaur skin configuration would you prefer?

-PK Team

T-Rex variant

Hello guys,
We really appreciated your feedback in choosing your favorite skin variation for T.rex last time, and we are fully aware your chose was the Swamp Rex.
However, we think we can do better than that. We tryed to bring out some new skin concepts for it, to improve our color scheme quality. So, this time, we bring you 3 new concept arts, awaiting again for you to choosing your favorite variation. Vote here, on this thread, by checking your lucky picture, and take note of two things: the votes will only be considered if uploaded on the forum, and checked in 7 days, when the voting will finish. Also, remember those are rough concepts, just to point out a color scheme variant. The actual game skins will be much better detailed.

T-Rex variant 1

T-Rex variant 1

T-Rex variant 2

T-Rex variant 2

T-Rex variant 3

T-Rex variant 3

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Which T-Rex skin do you prefer?

-PK Team