New Logo!

Greetings Fans!

With this occasion we present you our New Logo!


We are currently very proud of it, and would use it without any doubt! However, we may want to have your feedback and opinion regarding this matter, so we bring you this poll:

Which one is your favorite Logo? Basing on your choice, the Logo will be featured and displayed on all the PK sites from now on


the PK team.

Prehistoric Kingdom Developer Preview: Gallimimus AI Flocking

Hey guys! Sorry for the long silence, at the moment we’re doing a lot of things more on the technical side, there are a few new things, like a gallimimus model, but as I said, technical side. MH6 has been working on some awesome AI the last few days and is still doing so, so you’ll get a very interesting sneakpeek (it’ll involve a rexy and this!) soon. Anyways, not much more going on at the moment, so enjoy!

-The PK team

First ingame pictures!

Hey fans,

We are now more than ever working hard to get your tech demo done, and all is coming along really nicely so far! To prove this, we got some sneak peeks, exclusively for you: three ingame screenshots featuring a part of our map. As you can see, we succesfully got a weather system in, and the day/night cycle is working perfectly. However, you have to keep in mind these are just W.I.P. images. Next, we are going to implement some shaders and diversify the vegetation, by adding new plant models and textures. All of this will considerably increase the demo’s graphics.

Hopefully you enjoy these pictures, as we tell you to stay tuned: awesome updates coming really soon, regarding ingame progress… and something else too…

So make sure to keep an eye on our official site (, as well as our facebook page ( and IndieDB page ( and tell all of your friends about us.


Sunny day
Sunny daylight preview;

Night preview;

Storm preview
Rain preview;

-The PK team