Everything Dinosaur!

Hello fans,

We would like you to check out Everything Dinosaur! Our friends over at Everything Dinosaur are helping spread awareness about the project. They are a UK based team of dinosaur experts that do a lot of design work on dinosaur themed merchandise and actually dig up vertebrate fossils from time to time. They work with major museums and deal with fossil discoveries from all over the world. Amazingly they also double over as Everything Dinosaur also specializes in the supply of dinosaur and prehistoric animal related toy/hobby products and models. Working in association with museums and other related educational bodies the company aims to create a market place for accurate, exciting, imaginative and educational dinosaur themed products. Feel free to go check out their blog and their website.

-The PK Team

Drokadroka island screenshots – Day 1

Hello Everyone!! We know we have been quiet for the past couple of days following the competition only because we have been working hard on some exciting stuff! As you know we picked two winners for the past competition. However when given the choice to keep the screenshots on their own or allow us to share them they CHOSE to share it with everyone. Thank Callum Bower and Jason Stroble!! We truly appreciate all the fans of the project and to show you guys and gals we will be posting constant screenshots of the Demo Map(that no one has seen till now) throughout this week!! There will be hints in the coming posts to some very exciting advances that the team has made.(we will not confirm or deny anything) Looking forward to hearing your Positive ideas and comments below they certainly make everyone on the development team feel appreciated.


-The PK Team

1000 FB Likes!

The Prehistoric Kingdom development team would like to thank everyone for helping us reach 1000 LIKES on our Facebook page! We really couldn’t have done it without any of you!! As a token of our appreciation we would like to hold a competition. The objective is to name the New Demo island along with giving it a location on the world map. There is a strict one entry per person rule so if you change your mind later in the competition edit your old post. We also all love Jurassic Park so please don’t enter their island names. For entries please use the following format Name:Example Location:Example . To pick a winner each developer will get a vote for each the name and the location. The developers will cast their Vote and when the map will be finished, the winner gets to see the exclusive Demo map for himself or herself briefly before the others. This being noted we have not shared any images of the exclusive demo map so anyone outside of developers hasn’t seen it. Winning Criteria are different as each developer gets their own vote. We expect real places and very interesting names. May the odds be in your favor! We will be monitoring this very closely.

-The PK Team.

Musical Soundtrack

As we continue to spread awareness about the project we wanted to re-share our unique soundtrack with everyone. We plan on adding even more music as time passes however we wanted to hear your opinions and thoughts about what we have currently. Looking forward to sharing more information in the future.


Walking Through Ancient Woodlands

Peace in the Wilderness

A Day in an Ancient World

Landscape and the Sunset

Being Hunted

New island pictures

With big things on the horizon the Prehistoric Kingdom team wants to extend a warm welcome to any new supporters of the project and give a special treat to those who have been following the project for some time now. With the project gaining momentum we would like to hear you opinions and thoughts on some VERY early developmental photos from our Development Staff. Also as the project progresses we need your help in spreading awareness about the project. If you like what you see a like and a share go a long way. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


-The PK team.

Big news!

Hello fans!

Some of you may be confused or not even aware of this. Recently, Jurassic Planet/Jurassic Genetics have contacted saying they booted off the “Bad Egg” (Who you all know very well) and a handful of members from that team have joined us. At first, we thought of this not very much, but the problem is gone. Only 1 person from the Jurassic Planet team was stealing from us and other artists, who has been removed and dealt with. Aside from that, we welcome all new fans to the page and hope you enjoy all our endovours into the future.

For all the new fans out there, we have to say Prehistoric Kingdom is not affilated with Jurassic Park in any way, we are going for a more realistic and accurate look on both the animals and play-style. It will be a park building simulator, similar to JPOG and Zoo Tycoon. It will contain dinosaurs, reptiles and animals all over the prehistoric era including Mammoths!

Please do not argue or try create anymore drama around this subject. It is now over and dealt with and Prehistoric Kingdom shall prevail. Our tech demo, which will contain great AI for the dinosaurs such as hunting, eating and drinking and more! We will also include building (which has already been setup), weather, day and night cycles and more! The tech demo should be ready for you within 1-3+ months, we hope you look forward to it!

Also, for all the new fans, make sure to check our pages:
-Website: http://www.prehistorickingdom.com/Home.html
-Forum: http://www.prehistorickingdom.com/forum/
-Blog: http://prehistorickingdom.com/blog/
-Wiki: http://prehistorickingdom.com/blog/
-YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1VvpL5vNhYRFIQ0AXZWGTA
-IndieDB page: http://www.indiedb.com/games/prehistoric-kingdom