Triceratops and T.rex update!

Hello dear fans,

We’re going through a skin update for all our animal models, meaning we’re reskinning the dinos in order to make them look more realistic. Don’t worry though, as this couldn’t slow down the development of the demo or game itself in anyway, but can only make it better.

As one of the first days of skinning updates, we are proud to present you our updated Tyrannosaurus rex male and Triceratops horridus female! We completely redesigned their color schemes, but also applied better details on their textures. We are also going to show you the T.rex female and Triceratops male in the near future, but for now, enjoy these two majestic creatures!

“All hail the king and its rightful rival!”

More to come soon!

P.S. For the fans of the old Rex color scheme: that is going to be used on a more suitable dinosaur species: Tarbosaurus!

-The PK Dev team.

Dinosaurs of a feather, flock together!

Hello people, for the second time today!

Along the progress of the project, we’ve made many decisions about including realistic and more accurate feathered dinosaurs instead of scaly ones (of course, for the ones whom the rule applies). As you may know, we’ve came to the conclusion of leaving YOU the possibility to decide whether or not the dinosaurs in your park will be feathered!

However, much skepticism arose in the community towards the subject: How were we going to achieve that? We thought we could do it through a certain feather shader. But we had to rethink about it, so we found the perfect solution: another bigger mesh of about the same shape of the body, that embrace it as feather would. So yes, a feather object. Note that it would be affected by the same rig (meaning it would blend with the main mesh in terms of movement and animation), and it’s the best solution performance wise. Sure we want a lot of species. Sure we want them feathered and accurate. But performance is important too. You wouldn’t want the lag to start while your feathered raptors bring panic in the park. 😉

So this is the result, featuring the fast thief of cretaceous Mongolian’s dunes (Velociraptor in case you didn’t notice yet 😉 ) and we are pretty fond of it:

Please note that this is the best we can bring to its realism without killing the performance. Also note that the scaly skin itself (for the scaly version of it) doesn’t have a detailed texture yet!

We hope you enjoyed it wishing you a good day ahead!

-The PK Dev team.

Roster Species Confirmed!

Good day!

Today we want to present you the new, updated Roster picture, featuring all the species from the last weeks picture! As you can notice, some of the skins have been tweaked for a better look, while others have been completely re-thought. We hope you like it!

With this occasion, we also want to confirm the species in the picture. Remember, these are not all the genus’s we plan, but about 1/5 of the species list. In a nomenclature order, the specimens are:


This is all for now, have a good day! 🙂

-The PK Dev team.