Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello guys and gals!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Here is out gift for you all, our first cenezoic land animal, the Dodo! Let this be the alternative for a turkey to you all.

With christmas and several updates coming up down the line, and us waiting for 3000 likes, we ask you to pay close attention to the page and stay tuned for more information!

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

– PK Developer Team.

Tyrannosaurus rex Update

This fantastic animal had plenty of appearances along Prehistoric Kingdom’s history, yet here is a new one: T.rex has been changed once more, due to an accidental resemblance to another artist’s work. As we want to stay as original as possible, we proceeded to change the king’s design for the upcoming demo, a design that will hopefully remain unchanged.

This new design for the scaly version of the dinosaur, is brought up with a slight model reconfiguration, along with a better skin detail for each gender (the male being the brighter one, while the female is darker). Credits go to the very talented artist Manuel Gil for his valuable help!

Furthermore, the feathered version of Tyrannosaurus rex will soon follow the scaly one in a scaly vs. feathered comparison, so make sure to stay tuned for it!
Finally, we hope you enjoy this update!

-PK Dev team.

Pteranodon animations test (2500 Facebook Likes)

Hello guys and gals!
We would like to thank you all for helping us reach 2500 likes, which is in perfect timing with an update! With a wingspan of 7m(23ft), Pteranodon swoops into view! This peaceful, elegant creature is sure to keep your guests entertained and pose no threat towards them, unlike its much larger cousins!

This being said, we would like to show the brand new model off in a very short video for you all! We hope you enjoy.

-The PK team.