New website!

Hello guys and gals,

Check out the new Prehistoric Kingdom website!

With a whole new look, better layout and appealing aesthetics, we are certain this platform will be more attractive
towards gamers around the world!

PS: As you may notice, some of the new features of the website aren’t published yet, but they will be released as
time goes by. The about page for example, will update once a week for one month, bringing in goodies for the fans
of the project!

Stay tuned, big things to come soon!

Spinosaurus Color Variations

Hello folks!

2014 just faded away, proving to be a crazy year for paleontologic discoveries! As you may know, new Spinosaurus aegyptiacus fossils have been extracted, revealing the truth about this massive aquatic predator. As we are currently changing the model to stay truer to the actual dinosaur, we prepared some colored concepts for you to pick one! The variant the majority of people chooses will be translated into a detailed skin for the animal later on, so make sure to vote your favorite!

The voting will be open for 3 days, only one choice being allowed:

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Poll Results:
Wich Spinosaurus skin do you prefer?

-The PK Dev team

Gallimimus Model and Animations Preview (WIP)

Good day folks, check out this new Gallimimus content!

This Asian Ornithomimid is easily one of the largest members of its family, up to twice as tall as a person and weighing over 300 kg. Like other members of its family, it was very likely omnivorous and fed on plants and smaller animals. It may have lived in flocks for defensive purposes and to raise young. For its size, it was still incredibly fast, able to exceed 50 km/h at full speed!
Featuring scaly male and female versions of the animal, but also an animation video, we are sure this “Chicken mimic” will wake up the interest of many dinosaur fans around the globe!


-PK Dev team