One Year Anniversary

Hello fans, this is a special day!
Today marks the one year anniversary of the foundation of Prehistoric Kingdom! Time really flies, doesn’t it? In just one year of development we have achieved many things as a team that we haven’t expected, and saw the community expand considerably. All this due to your continuous support! So with this occasion we’d like to thank every one of you, loyal fans for sticking with us so far, and to reassure that your expectations of a great prehistoric themed park simulator will be satisfied!

We’d also like to give you a small update on the demo’s progress. We are aware of the disappointment that the release delay may have caused, as the demo was meant to be released last fall; for that we apologize. We simply didn’t want to rush to deliver something half finished, therefore we delayed it’s release to make the tech demo even better! We are not going to give any release dates as of now; in order to not cause anymore disappointments, but rest assured you will be able to play the demo very soon!

Now, how much exactly has been finished on the demo, and how much is still left to do? We are currently working on overhauling some game features such as our driving system, lighting etc; while we are mainly focussed on the implementation of natural dinosaur behaviour. Even Though this is a very tricky task we are glad to say that we are making good progress on it everyday. Make sure to check our pages for more informations and updates.Thank you once again! Many awesome things yet to come!


Up to date Spinosaurus

Hello fans,

We’d like to share with you these images of one of the largest theropods to ever walk the Earth… or should we say, swim? Based on one of the most recent fossil discoveries, Prehistoric Kingdom’s Spinosaurus is finally up to date. The coloration is the result of the precedent week’s poll, where your favorite color scheme was chosen, and at last translated onto the model.

Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger lake!

Please enjoy!