New Concept Art and Q&A Session

We are proud to reveal this lovely new concept art, featuring the level of customization you will have as a player revealed during the press event. You will be able to place down many different kinds of attractions to best accommodate your visitors as they will stay many days in your park’s hotels. Also you will be able to release some of the more docile pterosaurs in the park as they will be harmless to the visitors, thus creating potentially amazing experiences for the visitors.


We hope you like it, and remember we will still be showing more of this content every day, so stay tuned! Also, if you have any additional questions about this update or about the game in general, now it is the time to ask! We are hosting a Q&A topic session on our forums lasting several days, and it has just started here.

Press Event Content

Due to some technical difficulties involving the event recording we sadly won’t be able to upload a quality video to YouTube, and we would like to apologize to everyone that has been waiting patiently to see the event. However, rest assured we’ll keep you updated about what has been discussed and show the new content that has been featured in the event. In fact, here you can see just one of the new images that have been discussed upon yesterday, featuring the mongolian Protoceratops! We hope you’ll enjoy both versions available (with and without quills), and remember we’ll be sharing more of the event’s content in the next few days, so stay tuned!



Also, we will host a Q&A session on our forum tomorrow starting from 3PM EST where we will be able to meet up and discuss many things about the game. We hope to meet you there!

Tech Demo Trailer and Release Date

Hey there ladies and gentlemen!

The event went well and it shall be uploaded later to our youtube channel, despite this, we’re finally happy to settle down and give a huge announcement for you all, The second Tech Demo trailer!

We hope you enjoy it and that’s not even the best part; The tech demo shall be released on June 10th, 2 days prior to Jurassic World.

A heads up and an Announcement

Today we have two things to talk about, and both are equally exciting:

The first is a heads up towards the demo’s building system, regarding fences especially: in the demo you will be able to place fence segments of various length at any degree you want regardless of the terrain, as the fence blends in and follows the different height and slopes. Also you will be able to place one or more fence gates at any part of a segment, as the following gif demonstrates.


Things like 360 degree rotation for buildings and roads are also implemented, and we’ll make sure to have curved fencing in the future as well.

The second thing we’d like to talk about is actually an announcement: Be prepared for this Sunday, as we are going to host a video event with the participation of BestInSlot, TheGamingBeaver, and other internet personalities! You can expect current updates, new, exciting and never seen before content, and a talk about the game’s progress and our future goals! It’s going to be an event worth looking at!

Paleozoic Animals Designs

Today’s update starts a weekly series of design previews. Each week will see 4 new animals revealed and added to the official roster as we’ll display each
one of their designs that are going to be featured in the game. These images will focus respectively on different types of animals, so
you can expect dinosaurs, pterosaurs, mammals and whatnot. This week the spotlight is taken by these 4 paleozoic animals. Enjoy!

Progress update and new dinosaur!

Time for a nice status update, isn’t it? We’ve been busy for the last week improving our jeep and helicopter mechanics, and implementing our first, functional User Interface. We are really fond of the results so far, and can’t wait to show more of it in the proper ways!
The tech demo is definitely picking up in terms of both looks and game play, as we are closer and closer to release it to the public. With Jurassic World’s release by the doors, there isn’t a better period of time to get things done. This is time for excitement!

We are preparing far better content, so we’ll surprise you there, but for this status update we decided to show you the helicopter AI returning to its helipad, with a jeep standing by, just ready to be driven!


Moving on, we’d like to reveal the majestic Chinese predator, Yangchuanosaurus, hoping you will enjoy!



And last but not least, this is directed towards every Facebook fan of ours: there is an awesome topic on our forum with exclusive updates, where developers hang out and talk about the progress of the game, giving some behind the scenes content pretty often! Why are you not registered yet?