Feathered Tyrannosaurus!

We are excited to showcase the feathered T.rex that will be present in 1.1! We put a lot of attention into giving life to this feathered tyrant, as we wanted it to be as good and accurate as it could be. We realize this dinosaur means a lot to many people, but we are sure our efforts have paid off. That being said, we hope you enjoy this in-game still featuring two wild lovers (female in the foreground, male in the background).

That’s right, you will be able to choose which version of the T.rex you want to release in your park, whether it’s feathered or scaly. Or both at the same time. 😉

A better look at the models:

Marine Animals Designs!

A lot of fans have asked for them, so here they are, this week’s design chart, marine animals! We took some extra time to design 6 animals instead of the usual 4, because, let’s be honest, everybody loves these impressive swimming beasts! Having said that, we really hope you enjoy what is just a fraction of all the aquatic animals to be featured in Prehistoric Kingdom.

Also stay tuned for a certain fluffy carnivore! 😉


We are excited to present Camarasaurus! After being revealed as the contest winner’s choice, this majestic jurassic sauropod is finally modeled, rigged, and it’s undergoing animation to be implemented in the demo on a later update.


So here is an in-game test with a herd of these animals. Keep in mind they are not going to be in the 1.1 patch! We were just testing out the models in-game and thought it was worth sharing! Also this is a closer look at the textured model itself. Enjoy!


Patch status and feathered Gallimimus

An update on the status of the first patch to come a.k.a. PK tech demo 1.1.

As you can see by the pictures below we improved the graphics considerably from the first released build, bringing the demo to the visual level we wanted to go for. We also fixed some major bugs related to the fence and building placement, and a few other camera and vehicle bugs.

11277546_1594847047445748_913134615_o (1)


Also the feathered Gallimimus and the T.rex are going to be released in this next version! Now keep in mind that as we are still working on it, the images in this post are W.I.P.


The patch is not yet completed, and we will release it when we will be satisfied with it. However, to track its progress you can check out our bug tracker: http://prehistorickingdom.com/tracker


Status Update and Dinosaur Designs

Hello everyone! Time for a new update.

First of all we would like to thank everybody for the very reasonable reactions and opinions to our tech demo release! We are aware of all its flaws, but don’t despair. We are planning on releasing many updates and patches. The first one (1.1) is gonna make a huge difference. You can expect better graphics, optimization, bug fixes and original content planned for the release (and also a 32-bit release; Mac is still being considered).

Now onto the update: we would like to show you these 5 new dinosaur designs! We thought this was a good chance to show you what animals will be progressively added to the tech demo after Triceratops. Camarasaurus is the contest’s winner choice!


We hope you will enjoy!

Prehistoric Kingdom Tech Demo

It is finally here! We have been working tirelessly in our free time, and after many sleepless nights we are finally able to release the tech demo!
To download it, click here
You will see a download button just underneath the trailer.

A few things to take in consideration! It is a tech demo, so it was never supposed to be a fully furnished game or have huge amounts of polish. Moreover, to meet the deadline we have set and promised, we had to cut out some of the features that we were hoping to release today. The demo island has temporarily been limited to about 16sq km, but we will open up the rest of the island with a patch very soon. Although only a small taste of what you will experience with the entire island, it still grants more building space than games like JPOG!

With that in mind, we also want to assure you that this is not everything, and we still have a ton of work to do. There are going to be bugs and problems, but we will be releasing updates to fix any issues we encounter over the coming days.
In fact, we will be releasing frequent patch updates for the demo in the next few days, not only to include the features we left out today, but also to expand upon the experience of the demo–adding some new animals, features, and buildings! In the next few days and weeks, you can expect: improved animations and AI; unlocking of the whole island; completion of certain interface features such as the ingame PaleoPedia, save and load options, improved graphics, the inclusion of Triceratops, and even more!

As much as we wanted to keep working on it until it was perfect and polished, we understand it is essential to give our fans some sort of playable build, thus proving our legitimacy. As we said, we are fully aware of all its flaws, but we still hope you will enjoy this small concept version, resting assured that we will be continuously making it better as time goes on!

Please visit our forums and let us know of any bugs you encounter, and we will fix them as soon as possible! We here at Stingray Games appreciate your patience as we work to overcome these technical hurdles and get the demo out to you, our amazing fans.