Deinonychus, status update, and feathers!

Hello everyone, today we would like to talk about two somewhat unrelated topics, both very important to the community. This will be a lengthy blog post, so get ready.

The first subject is the first patch (aka 1.1). Progress on it is slow but steady. We are taking our time with it as there is no official deadline, because the more time we have the better the patch will be. We guarantee however we are trying to finish it up in the shortest time possible. Just to reassure everybody we will precise below what is its current state and what exactly you can expect in it:

We already fixed some issues, mostly related to the AI and building placement. Not only the AI of both the T.rex and Gallimimus is now working, but it also is slightly more advanced than before, even though it’s not completely ready yet. The fence and building system work beautifully now as you are able to place gates. We also completely revamped the level and the lighting, thus improving graphics, not to talk about several changes to the main menu and to the UI.

However, before we release this improved version of the demo we still want to finish up the AI, and add some features such as an auto-update launcher, a pre-game terrain editing menu, and other different game windows, tabs, messages, etc., just to expand the lore a little bit and make it more interesting all together. Furthermore, we will make sure to optimize as much as we can and support for Win-32 and Mac before releasing this version.

But enough about this. Who else likes feathers? Yes, we want to talk about the feather and scale options, a subject we haven’t seriously touched in a while. As we have been accuracy nuts since the beginning, you may already know some dinosaurs will have a scaly/feathered option. But which ones exactly? All coelurosaurs ( for those of you who might not know) will have just a feathered model, without any scaly option (except for T.rex and Gallimimus, because, well, they already have a scaly model). All the other theropods, and also most of the other dinosaurs will have both a scaly and feathered/quilled option. This means you will be able to choose whether dinosaurs like Allosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, etc. will be feathered/quilled, or not. The only animals that will be scaly by default, without any feather option, will be the majority of sauropods. So yes, quite a lot of dinosaurs will have both a feathered and scaly variant that you will be able to choose, except for the most bird-like dinosaurs (again, coelurosaurs), because, well, this is 2015. 😉

For this account, check this feathered Deinonychus pair, one of the 8 species to be included in the demo at a later stage. Thank you for your time, stay tuned for later updates as always, and enjoy! 🙂