AI and Progress!

As promised yesterday, we have come up with news and content about the progress of the game! There still is work to be done before we can release the update to the demo (namely optimization, auto-update and platform support), but we are getting there! After the slower progress rate of this holiday month, we finally have some good progress on the AI, now fully working in-game (yes, no cinematic). As you can see from this short video, the animals move nicely on the island. Of course this is not finished, and we are aware it needs fine tuning (for example, turning animations and behavior diversity), but the frame is working and behaving well within the game, and we are happy!


Alongside the video, we also have some (still in-game) screenshots, as we felt like experimenting with the different possible dinosaur behavior and outcomes. As you might notice, we revised the Gallimimus design for what came to be a generally better color choice and texture quality (iridescent male for the win), and like for the AI, we are satisfied with the direction the designs went, we can just hope you do as well!
P.S. Our most veteran fans might have found one of these images familiar (the one with the T.rex hunting Gallimimus for those who don’t know): it is in fact the remake of an old (prehistoric, you could say) image with the same composition, and oddly enough, a fan’s suggestion and idea!





So as always, we want to thank you guys for all the lovely support, and please stick with us in the next days, there STILL is much content to be shown! 😉

Cenozoic Design Chart!

Thanks everybody for helping us reach the Facebook goal of 10.000 likes! This really means a lot to us as it shows how supportive and growing of a community you are! We want to thank you by showing the Cenozoic design chart today, and by keeping the update’s stakes up for a while, as you can expect a string of periodic updates, the next one being a ‘meaty’ status update on the progress of the game. We are definitely not kidding saying this, there is much content to be shown, so stay with us!

We really hope you enjoy this chart as much as we do, these animals being just a fraction of what we have in store!