Some Livestream Details!

We are glad to finally announce the official date and hour for the upcoming livestream! The event will be held this Saturday, the 2nd of January, starting from 7pm GMT or 2pm EST. For those who forget, we will be reminding of it on the Facebook page with several hours prior, ultimately linking you to our Twitch account, where you are all welcome! The whole thing will be recorded and kept on our Twitch playlist or uploaded on our YouTube channel. Either way, we will also be posting its highlights and new features on the forum and our public pages for everyone to see and enjoy.

This curious male Triceratops and us will be waiting for all of you to be there!

Livestream Announcement!

Hello everybody and happy holidays!

The game is beautifully shaping up, with most of the new interface work now being practically finished. We have also successfully managed to implement a nice resource and production/consumption building system, and we can’t wait to show it!

That is why we are very glad to announce we will be hosting our own progress livestream on Twitch in either of the following weekends. We will be showing not only new concept art, animations and renders, but also stream gameplay from the current demo version, announce new features and try to answer as many questions as possible. We hope it will be fun!

As we still have to prepare some good stuff for it, we will announce the exact date and hour of the livestream within the week, in a second similar post. Rest assured that for those who will miss the event, we will post the highlights and other images and videos from the livestream on both Facebook and Youtube.

Until the next post, enjoy but a glimpse of what you can expect in the livestream: a Stegosaurus herd’s look being tested in a newly-made wooden fence paddock. Enjoy, and till next time!