Some Livestream Details!

We are glad to finally announce the official date and hour for the upcoming livestream! The event will be held this Saturday, the 2nd of January, starting from 7pm GMT or 2pm EST. For those who forget, we will be reminding of it on the Facebook page with several hours prior, ultimately linking you to our Twitch account, where you are all welcome! The whole thing will be recorded and kept on our Twitch playlist or uploaded on our YouTube channel. Either way, we will also be posting its highlights and new features on the forum and our public pages for everyone to see and enjoy.

This curious male Triceratops and us will be waiting for all of you to be there!


  1. hmm, looks and sounds great, but will we ever get another demo release?

    • Yeah, i’m 100% sure we’ll get a new demo at some point 🙂
      (Not Sure When Though)

  2. Amazing, simply amazing. Out of all dinosaur projects why is it that not only you guys finish up, but also make a long for requested Jurassic park operation genesis like game? I guess that.s just what hard work, listening and dedication look like in effect. Can’t wait for game play but also is there a chance you could release final product on a console? Just asking.

  3. Who cares if there wil be another tec demo, I just cant wait till the full version is released!!!

  4. it saturday, 3 hours after the livestream, only problem, there hasnt been a livestream yet

  5. So cool for those of us without a FB account. (And no, I’m not doing one just for this) Cheers!

  6. I was just wondering if the strem wil be uploaded on youtube.

  7. well srry i guess my pc was not catching up with stuff, i looked on there 3 hours after it was supposed to start and didnt see it, i went on the live chat thing on the forum and asked if the livestream started yet, and someone said it was allready finished, and i checked again on all the media and nothing was there

  8. i just looked on the facebook page again and it wasnt there, pls post link the video in a blog post, because i see nothing

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