02/01/2016 Livestream Summary

For those who might not know yet, we had the pleasure to hold a livestream last Saturday. Attendance was great and we are glad for it, but we know there are many who still couldn’t check the stream out. For those people we are going to summarize the whole event in this post, also showing most of the content that was presented there. Due to some problems to the audio files we can’t upload it to Twitch, but we are posting and will keep posting the stream’s highlights as promised, nevertheless. In fact, we will display all the gameplay footage we’ve shown during the stream this Wednesday, the 6th of january, in form of a YouTube compilation video. So let’s get started!

New animal models, alternative skins and sounds
The new models and skins were a big part of the stream. We were happy not only to give a better look at the Woolly Rhinoceros, Triceratops and Stegosaurus (the latter two coming with their melanistic and albino skin variations), but also show new animals, such as Megaloceros, Elasmosaurus and Dryosaurus. Furthermore, we announced that in Prehistoric Kingdom, you will be able to breed your animals by choosing from several given color scheme variations, such as the ones we showed for Triceratops. Bear in mind, it’s still important for us to keep a certain naturalistic look, so we won’t go overboard with the different color schemes. We thought of it as “What if we could implement the option to choose skins for dinosaurs and other animals, that would still stay true to the ecological role and overall appearance of the animal?” We are pretty happy with what we’ve come up with, and we hope you would be too! To complete everything, our sound artist, Aleksa Mrkela, has prepared some ceratopsian sounds: Ceratopsian sounds












Woolly Rhino






Ontogeny process and Triceratops animations
On a yet related note, a new feature we talked about was the treating of animal ontogeny in-game. That is basically the growth process for the animals in your park. Thanks to Blender’s shapekeys, we’ve managed to immortalize 3 growth stages (infant, adolescent, adult) for both Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops (stages well described by the fossil record for those two), with a smooth transition from the previous to the next, counting also the different colors and features the younger versions of the animals display. Basically, the animal’s life appearance through time is as smooth and real as it gets. Next you can see (unscaled) renders of the different stages, but for the whole animated process you’ll have to wait until this Wednesday, when we will post the rendered videos to YouTube, along with the gameplay compilation video. On the other hand, walking and trotting animations for Triceratops were shown.










Demo patch status and gameplay footage
Of course, it couldn’t have been great without gameplay: we showed several videos presenting the game in its current status. The highlights were the updated graphics and updated performance, a more allowing fence system, with several selectable fence types, building modes and fencing colors (not to count gates and fence-attached feed troughs), updated and more cinematic vehicle driving modes, new buildings, cleaner and working interface, and above all, simple yet functional Gallimimus AI. Yet again, it would all be too much for a single blog post, so we are collecting all that footage into a single compilation video bound to be released this Wednesday on YouTube, shall everything go smoothly. As for a more in-depth look at some of the new structures, following are some images for the new feeding methods already implemented: wooden feed troughs of different sizes, as well as simple water troughs. Keep also in mind there will be more styles for the same feeding methods, so you can also expect automatic feeders and waterers, although later on.


To put the cherry on the cake, here is an external render of one of the full game’s controllable vehicle, the staff plane:

Concluding, this is a short summary of what we talked about during the stream, if it all could be broke down to 3 categories (excluding the short Q&A session). We hope everyone had a great time, and everyone enjoys the content!

Till next time!