Important news concerning the project – an honest blog post

Hi everyone! We’re finally back with a blog post after quite some time, and as the title suggests, this one is a pretty important one, so bear with us!

Time for change
In the past few months we have mostly been the silent type. Sure, streams and models and concept art are cool, but we haven’t been too great at making game related posts, especially when the game in question is a patch for a small demo. Of course, it led to some confusion, even anger, and it sure got us annoyed as well. So, why is this the case anyway? There are actually a bunch of factors to take into account when considering the project’s slow pace. There are the obvious ones, true to some degree to all indie projects (not developing for a living and fund constraints being some of them), but in our case, there’s another major factor that has led us down to a slower path: our internal programmer structure. While we’re not trying to play the blame-game, as we all have some degree of implication on the game’s development and progress (coming with its ups and downs), we do acknowledge that our ‘development bottleneck’ comes from the game making side of the team: long story short, some programmers had tasks too many and too heavy, and that can only lead to problems. Logically, we took care of this. It took some bold actions, but we changed our team structure, some of our short-term goals and got rid of many obstructions that could have potentially killed the project. We are very excited as we strongly believe it’s for the best!

Implications for the project and the fans
What does this all mean then? What does it mean for the project? What does it mean for you guys? Well, first of all, frankly put: no 1.1 demo patch.
Now before you die of a heart attack, there is something to consider. Changing a lot of how our team works internally means that we have to scrap the mechanics that have been built so far for the demo. We will be working very hard in the upcoming weeks and months not only to recreate those game mechanics, but also to work on them more efficiently, as we have 4 potential programmers who can dedicate more time to the project than what was allocated to it before. We’ll recreate a functional early version of the game (or demo, if you will) with the core mechanics of the game ironed out, while still keeping all the work our talented artists have made so far. Development-wise, the project is getting a fresh, energetic rebirth. Of course this also brings with it a rather negative side, as we will undergo a silent period on our Facebook page and on this blog. We won’t be posting updates for a while, until we are confident enough that we will give you a quality product and respect its timelines. While it’s true, this means even more wait for all the fans that have stuck with us this long, it will all definitely be worth it in the long run, as the new direction we’ve taken is but a path to great things to come!

Note worthy is that radio silence doesn’t mean we will be dead! We will still be posting a short status update once a month to check in with you guys. You can also always have a chat (if you’re lucky enough to catch us) with us on the forums or over on our Discord server, which you can find here:

Now, before ending this blog post we want to make sure we thank all of you guys for your inhuman patience and support you’ve shown for all this time. It really is a cliche’ thing to say, but it has given us strength and confidence in the project in our darkest of hours, and it keeps blowing our minds. Truly, thank you! To show what is just a tiny crumb of appreciation, we will share with you a new fossil formation chart, featuring the animals we plan to have from the Cedar Mountain and Cloverly formations!

Someone's been reading too much Duane Nash... lookin' at you, Deinonychus

Someone’s been reading too much Duane Nash… lookin’ at you, Deinonychus

Great things are ahead!