Progress Update!

Time for one of these, aye?

After around two months of silence we are temporarily back to bring you what we believe to be quite an exciting progress update (if you are still here after two months, reading this, you rock! Thank you!).

Since our last announcement, a few things have changed not only in terms of management and team logistics, but also when it comes to gameplan. To catch up with anybody that might not know this yet, we are still aiming to release a public demo before jumping into the big scary world of crowd funding. While its scope will be the same, some gameplay elements will vary from the ones you expected in the last demo, and you’ll see how exactly in the future. For now, we’ll focus on what exactly we did until this point.

So… what have we achieved in this time period since our last announcement? We’ll let the gifs speak for themselves…

Terraforming! We managed to implement one of the most important features in a tycoon game, yet also one of the trickiest, right in the current demo. We still are planning to expand it and optimize it a little bit more before we can release, but we’ve reached satisfaction point, and can only hope you feel the same about it!

We are also making steady progress in one of the aspects that was holding us back last time, that being dinosaur AI! Enjoy the following gifs while keeping in mind everything is still very much W.I.P.

The last thing would be a pretty dynamic and customizable building system, of which we won’t show anything yet, because, what’s the fun in showing everything at once? That is not all however! Our art department has also been very busy these two months, as you are able to see in the following screenshots. Enjoy!

New level screenshots



New alt. skins


TLDR:Progress is going much quicker now thanks to our better organization and collective efforts, and we expect to keep up the pace! Exciting times!

Now this is pretty much all for today, we’ll be back soon with another progress update akin to this one, but until then, you can come discuss the news with us on our forum or our Discord server! Stay tuned!