Halloween Progress Update


Spooky Halloween, ladies and gentlemen! We are back with a second, lengthier progress update, to demonstrate the results of the recent work in this period of *mostly* radio silence. There is quite a bit of content, so bear with us!

Although all working departments have contributed rather nicely to the shaping up of the game, you will find that after two months, a great deal of progress has been done on the building systems especially, but also on some features regarding the animals, both of which you will be seeing more of further down this very post.
First of all however, we should be talking about some major feature changes for the soon upcoming public ‘demo’ build, so here they are:

Initial animal roster

There's a tiny Velociraptor in there too! Click on the image to see the full-size version.

There’s a tiny Velociraptor in there too! Click on the image to see the full-size version.

That’s right! Our plan is to release 4 animals with the first public demo release, these animals being Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and Gallimimus, hoping development will go smoothly enough for us to put it all in action! The remaining 4 planned demo animals, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Camarasaurus and Dryosaurus will most likely be added at a later point to the public builds, so worry not!

Animal Spawning

A still very much WIP nursery building.

A still very much WIP nursery building.

The other major change in plans comes in the shape of little baby dinosaurs! You read that right, instead of the classic hatchery formula, we’ll be having a “Nursery” building (see the image) with limited breeding capacity. In here, you will be able to produce dinosaur infants and then place them into your park with an easy drag and drop action. We believe this change in the game plans will come in favour of the player, as you can keep your exhibits and enclosures just the way they are supposed to be (without a huge noisy metal building in it, that is). That doesn’t stop there however! These baby dinosaurs will eventually grow up, a feature which we have already worked on, coming to a pretty satisfactory result: not only does the body size of the animal change over lifetime, but the bone proportions and body shape also changes according to its age. This process, called ontogeny, is backed by the fossil record of these animals, and you can rest assured we will try our best to base our animal ontogeny on it as closely as possible.

For now, we are proud to present a feature that very few games have managed to successfully accomplish so far, in the form of two gifs (notice how the body proportions and facial features change over lifespan):

Building systems
This is what we built in our current private team build with the available building tools:








Below you can see what exactly it looks like while building in-game:

We managed to put up a simple, yet effective grid based system for our buildings and fences, as well as making a heavily customizable decoration placement tool, that we’re sure you’ll all find handy (for instance, the above rock arch was made using it). We are pretty satisfied with it as of now, while still having plans for curved fences and paths in the future.
All that being said, we are still not done…



There were some changes made to our Triceratops model, one of the most notable ones being its species change, from T.horridus to T.prorsus, the reason for this being exactly the available ontogenetic transitional fossils for this species (gotta make them babbeh Trikes). You’ll also notice the change in the alternative skin design (there are still gonna be 3 color scheme variations). Hoping you like it as much as we do (our sound designer is all over it), we’ll end this blog post with a musical preview from our lovable aussie composer Byron. Enjoy what is but one minute of a longer ambient track that you will be hearing soon! Catch you on the next progress update!


  1. I couldn’t play tech demo cause it says the program is not compatible with the Windows version of my computer, which is Windows 7. I wonder if that can be solved.

  2. when will the new demo realesed an can you put decoration for aviaris and fishtanks ? just like a reef for a mosasaurus ? pls send me an email with an answer

  3. can the player in the future can put decoration in aviaris or fishtanks or wath ever like reefs ? pls send a answer 😀

  4. Now THAT’S a Great Update, Lovly lovly shit!!!! Can’t wait to see more updates

  5. You guys should add lakes and rivers to make it more realistic and decorations. Awesome update.

  6. I love the progress so far!! But please make decorations in the lakes and in the sea, and plz add so you can place reefs and sea geass etc.

  7. after a year im getting a little frisky with no updates or anything we can currently play with at that matter, i know you have a small team and are expected a lot but even jsut adding rex to the tech demo would make us happy tbh. Also is there a track for the tech demo theme? It’s my favorite of all the game music

  8. Will there be an option to get already-mature dinosaurs in the final game?

  9. Wow, I’m impressed. I’ve been around since you announced this, and you have come a very long way in a short amount of time. By the time you release the next demo, you will be far ahead of Mesozoica. keep up the good work, and this could be one of the greatest park sims ever made.

    • Foliage
      about the updates, I love the idea of tree painting rather than placing. It will look far more natural than that of Mesozoica, and it will be far less tedious. I also like the ability to edit the size of the rocks.

      Probably my favourite thing about you guys and the game, your commitment to science and paleontology. The fact that you switched Triceratops subspecies so that you could get the most accurate ontogeny will really make us Dino nerds happy. And the anatomy of the triceratops’ adult stage is far more accurate compared to that of Mesozoica (Sorry for using Mesozoica for comparison so often). Its nice you factored in all that Triceratops/Torosaurus stuff. All of the models show great accuracy, and the colour schemes seem very realistic (using mostly browns, as well as brighter colours to attract a mate).

      Actual park type stuff
      I’m impressed you added an animation for building placement with scaffolding. That kind of wait, even if it is tiny, adds extra immersion. I Appreciate you adding a map for people like me who have slower computers, I would have been heart broken if my computer wasn’t able to run the demo. So, I implore you to continue to make sure that slow computers can run the game. I really can’t wait to play the next demo. I hope to make Prehistoric Park the first project I’ve ever funded on kickstarter, and its amazing you guys have done so much without one.

      What I hope to see in the future
      Right now, as far as scientific accuracy, I hope you continue to compete with Saurian for “most accurate dinosaur game”, because right now you’re doing a wonderful job at it. And while Saurian is confined to only use dinosaurs and creatures from the late cretaceous hell creek formation, you guys have an entire planet worth of exciting and exotic animals to explore and add to your game. You can add any dinosaur, reptile, mammals, amphibians and fish from any point in prehistory! The sky is the limit for this game! (until you add flying reptiles and animals *cough* hatzegopteryx is gonna rock if ya add it *cough*)

      You have an awesome fanbase too, and I’m glad to be apart of it.

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