Pre-Alpha Demo Announcement

Hey guys!

Over the last month or so, an ever increasing amount of you have kept asking us whether there’s any news about the demo, or even a release date. We’re incredibly excited to announce that, at last, we have a release date for our pre-alpha demo: We will be releasing the first version of our demo the 16th of August. This first version will feature as shown in the image:

  • Four species, each with five skin variations (Three standard, melanistic, albinistic) | Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Gallimimus and Velociraptor
  • A decent amount of different objects for you to decorate your designs with, including multiple types of fences and paths
  • A full-blown terraforming system, allowing you to sculpt the terrain of your park to suit your own imagination
  • A foliage system, designed to let you create impressive forests in a matter of seconds
  • Basic animal care in having to take care of your animal’s basic needs, either by providing natural sources, or by placing artificial sources
  • A basic resource management system designed to handle water and electricity needs for you buildings, and in the future things like building resources
  • A vehicle system to let you drive your own, customizable Gheep around, with a simulated damage system
  • A beautiful, carefully designed island, stretching over 16 square kilometers (6 square miles), with a simulated weather system and day/night-cycle

We are looking forward to finally being able to give you access to the demo!
See you Wednesday!

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