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  1. Any word on when we can expect 1.1 of the tech demo? I mean, when 1.0 came out, I figured it would be, what, 3-4 weeks until 1.1? Now it’s been 8 months.. I appreciate your hard work and I really, really love your constant updates on the blog and forums, but we still only have a 1.0 on our hands with 1 dinosaur species that refuses to move upon leaving the hatchery. It’s not working. I’d be satisfied with just seeing them move around the fences and trees, I’m pretty sure that’s already working?

  2. Hello Prehistoric kingdom team. I have been following your progress for quite a bit and I really like how you are approaching to scientifically accuracy in your dinos. Which is why I wrote this comment. I have to tell you this by comment since I don´t have Facebook.
    Recently I have found that It seems that Stegosaurus armatus has been declared a nomen dubious because of it´s fragmentary remains, so now the type species of Stegosaurus is S.stenops. Here are some resources, but sadly I have not found a paper:





    Wikipedia also states what I have said
    A pity because you have already done a beautiful S.armatus model. But because you project aims for accuracy I felt that I have to tell you this. So this leaves with only three valid species: S.stenops, S.ungulatus and S.sulcatus. If you wanna go for the bigger one, go with S.ungulatus(9m max), if not, then go with S.stenops(7m max).
    I hope that my information will be helpful to you, thank you for reading my comment.

  3. Twiple, no it isn’t they still update it. If you have questions its easier to reach them on their Facebook page and they usually respond quickly.

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