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  1. Great to hear that the project is back on track!
    I must say that even though this is one of the most anticipated games I’ve ever… anticipated :/… watching it develop over all this time has really made me patient. It’s helped me to understand what kind of effort goes into making a game, especially an indie game. Nonetheless, I am very excited to someday play PK, the world’s most true-to-life prehistoric park simulator! Keep up the great work!
    PS: All of these dinosaurs look AMAZING.

    • Ikr, i so would like to do a Let’s Play of PK WAY in time when the full game is out 🙂
      (Or At Least When There’s Enough To Do A Let’s Play Anyway)

  2. I love this game, i don’t care if I have to wait 3 mounts, years or centuries (:v) i’ll wait the time that necessary. I love your models, the dinosaurs models are fanatics, realistic, the colors are cool.
    I’m excited too to play PK (or the smaller version that you said).

  3. You fell down. Well get up and start again, with more enthusiasm. It’s hard, but possible – trust me. You all are doing great job, team. Take Your time, it will be OK. Life is full of good days and bad days. Big and great things (which PK surely is) needs a lot of time. You will always have a support from Your loyal fans. I wish I could offer You more help than just this encouraging.

    • We all want to and if your not someone like BestInSlot (Big Dinosaur Gamer On YouTube) you’ll just have to wait 🙁

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