1. I am just simply bored of scaled dinsaurs and i support the subject and think you guys should go with featheard dinosaurs to, i think that would be pretty cool as well but thats my oppinion im sure other people might say diffrent but it think featherd dinosaurs would be amazing!

  2. it looks pretty good:) if possible can you also make the colour of feathers optional i.e., to select among a variety or range of preset feather meshes.

  3. Definitely go wih feathers on known species. Studies are finding more and more theropods having remenants of feathers. At least make the dromeosaurs have them! Part of the JP criticism was that they had no feathers in the movie. Be like zoo tycoon 2 extinct animals and give them feathers. Its a nice variety!

  4. are you aloud to get all dinosaurs available in one park or do you have to do it like jpog with dig sites and there limited amount.

  5. I hope you remember that the feathers attached to the second (middle) finger. In a promo picture I saw, the feathers of an ornithomimid attached to the third (outermost) finger, which is inaccurate.

  6. Woah! That is amazing! Lol I actually sent a ‘Contact Us’ message today concerning lack of feathers, but I didn’t realize you had already gone through with it and did it 🙂
    Awesome! Keep up the awesome work can’t wait to see a feathered T-Rex!


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