1. Thank you soooo much for making this game! I’ve been so excited for this game for such a long time! I can’t wait for this game! Please make this game 10-20 bucks with not in app purchases because I think you should get some $ for the amount of work you guys are doing! Thanks! :]

  2. It looks a little too colorful the sail should be where the colors are . Well that’s just my opinion

  3. Spino looks impressive and majestic! but guess wat its arms and hindlegs are almost similar in size, to be frank its hindlegs appear to be too short for this giant or maybe its the view that’s giving an illusion as if its hindlegs are short & if that’s the case pardon me… I honestly appreciate your work guys but can you please correct the proportionate differences if any thank you!

  4. I really like how the designers are going with the bright colours

  5. Very good model! but one thing: new reconstructions have made clear spinosaurus is 12m to 15m not 15 to 17

  6. I love how colorful it is! I’m not sure it would need high security requirements, though. Wasn’t it fragile, save its arms?

  7. I like the texture as a WIP, but I feel like the blue is a little out of place and makes the whole thing look like a walking rainbow instead of a colorful beast

  8. Thans Rayen for updating me on the new reconstruction of the spinosaurus. I dont want to argue but love to learn and update myself
    I visited the nat geo site that you gave and found some sites providing interesting info, the url of which i’ve given below

    I would like to remind that new material finds are still not disclosed and that changes are probable… also the new reconstruction features an indent in the mid-sail region like a bactrian camel and the short hindlegs suggest a crocodilian like mode of existence and its highly speculative how it wold have supported the animal on land

    it so happens that what we perceive as a novel representation might be changed in the future as can be seen for this spino since WW2 type specimens to the present finds.
    so its always like ‘expect the unexpected’ in paleontology. anyways lets wait and see

  9. I’m loving the design especially how colorful it is! I can’t wait to see the female! But I have a question? New studies show that Spinosaurus was the only quadruped dinosaur? Can you make it like that in this game? It would be unique and amazing and it could probably walk/run and stand on its two legs like a hadrosaur too! Another thing is in these articles stating this, it shows Spinosaurus swimming in a cool way, can you make it swim that way because its beautiful!

  10. Also new studies have showed the sail in a new shape and its awesome!!!! You guys should check it out! This is going to be a must have in everyone’s park!

  11. Will Spinosaurus be a quadruped? Recent research suggests that Spinosaurus was a quadruped when on land, so will you do this ingame?


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