1. hmm, looks and sounds great, but will we ever get another demo release?

    • Yeah, i’m 100% sure we’ll get a new demo at some point 🙂
      (Not Sure When Though)

  2. Amazing, simply amazing. Out of all dinosaur projects why is it that not only you guys finish up, but also make a long for requested Jurassic park operation genesis like game? I guess that.s just what hard work, listening and dedication look like in effect. Can’t wait for game play but also is there a chance you could release final product on a console? Just asking.

  3. Who cares if there wil be another tec demo, I just cant wait till the full version is released!!!

  4. it saturday, 3 hours after the livestream, only problem, there hasnt been a livestream yet

  5. So cool for those of us without a FB account. (And no, I’m not doing one just for this) Cheers!

  6. I was just wondering if the strem wil be uploaded on youtube.

  7. well srry i guess my pc was not catching up with stuff, i looked on there 3 hours after it was supposed to start and didnt see it, i went on the live chat thing on the forum and asked if the livestream started yet, and someone said it was allready finished, and i checked again on all the media and nothing was there

  8. i just looked on the facebook page again and it wasnt there, pls post link the video in a blog post, because i see nothing


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