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Official Prehistoric Kingdom FAQ

Postby Zero Beat » Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:10 am

Official Prehistoric Kingdom FAQ

Hello and welcome to the official Prehistoric Kingdom! This will help address questions that are often repeated by people all over Prehistoric Kingdom's various sites (Official Forum, Official Blog, Official Wiki, Facebook Page and so forth). Updated as necessary this post will attempt to have the most up to date information.

The answers to this questions are official from the developers.
Q: When will the Tech Demo be out?
A: The developers are working very hard and all the time to get the Tech Demo exactly how they want it, as this is the first full public version playable by the community they wish to make it as polished as possible. They originally wished to have it out as soon as possible, but they also expanded the scope of the tech demo to include more gameplay elements.

Q: Is this JP:OG 2?
A: Prehistoric Kingdom is based on the idea of JP:OG, with being able to create your own island and create dinosaurs. But Prehistoric Kingdom is aiming at a more realistic simulation of this sort of park.

Q: Are dinosaurs going to realistic?
A: We are aiming to create more realistic dinosaurs rather than the science fiction sort that was present in Jurassic Park. This includes the behaviour of the dinosaurs, mating, territory, growth, size and so on.

Q: Will dinosaurs have feathers?
A: Dinosaurs that showed evidence of having feathers will likely have them added as an option later in the game release. (OPTION, this means, if you don't want it, you don't have to use it)

Q: Will X dinosaur be in game?
A: It is all possible that any dinosaur (or animal from the past) could be in game. The list of possible creatures that could be in game is massive, we will likely create polls with a limited number to see what players want most and create based on this. However, this is not our main priority as of now.

Q: How many species are going to be in the game?
A: The team hope to be able to implement a total of 160 species in the final version of the game. 202 is a possible target in the future.

Q: Will dinosaurs mate?
A: As above, the game is to be as realistic as possible. Not our main priority, but it's something we definetely want to implement if we can!

Q: Will there be life stages (Baby, Adolescent, Adult)?
A: Yes!

Q: Do you need X staff?
A: If the we need any sort of team members, they will advertise it on the Forum and Facebook. However, if you have skills you think we shouldn't miss, try messaging our facebook page with a portfolio or some pictures, and maybe you'll be welcomed to the team! :D

Q: When will the game be out?
A: We are currently working on prototypes for you guys, and multiple will be released before the final release, the first techdemo/prototype is expected to take a few months. After our final release
we intend to keep updating the game, if this is do-able for us. For that release we have no timeframe, development is really hard to judge in how long it will take.

Q: Will there be other types of animals
A: Most definetely, the game isn't called Prehistoric Kingdom for nothing! *wink wink* (Mamoth concept art!)

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