How will you make your Prehistoric Kingdom?

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Re: How will you make your Prehistoric Kingdom?

Postby Andrewsaurchus101 » Sat Jan 09, 2016 5:28 pm

It isn't!? I thought it was. Thanks for telling me!
I'm here because prehistory is awesome!!!

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Re: How will you make your Prehistoric Kingdom?

Postby Allosauroidea » Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:34 am

I know this is kind of old so I hope it's ok me posting here. :/

I don't know the full extent of what I want to do, but I have q few ideas.
- The west coast of my island will be 'Crocodile Coast, moving from south to north, you have the terrestrial Kaprosuchus, Postosuchus etc, to the semi-aquatic Deinosuchus and Sarcosuchus, to the Metriorhynchus tank. Following the Metriorhynchus will be the five big fish tanks and smaller aquariums.
-There will be a central visitor area (which won't necessarily be in the centre, not what I mean by central) built around either the Stem Bird Houseor Mini Planteater House
-While Quetzalcoatlus obviously needs to be caged, and I plan on having Pteranodon and Tupabdactylus caged alongside it so it looks less odd, Istiodactylus, Ornithocheirus, Nyctosaurus, Pterodaustro, and Dsungaripterus will be free-flying.

These are the ideas I have so far, I'm still working on how to exhibit the majority of dinosaurs and mammals.
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Re: How will you make your Prehistoric Kingdom?

Postby Deinonychus » Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:12 am

I would like to build a park only aquatic creatures.
The park is on a island called named Drokaroka near the South Afica Coast.So it is calledDrokaroka Ancient Ocean Park.People can go to there by Sighting Ship;the measure of area is 132 hectares,so, sometimes cannot visit whole park in one day,it's too big! Tourists can check in hotel near our park,you can taste many delicious food by Buffet from different places:such as China,Peru,the USA,Australia,the UK.If you want to visit the park,you can visit our exhibit one by one:

1.Ichthyosaur Bay
Do you want to know :which chthyosaur is the earlist i?Do you want to know which ichthyosaur has sworded nose?Please go to the Ichthyosaur Bay!In there,you can see the elegance of these creatures.
Sclerocormus parviceps
Ichthyosaurus communis
Eurhinosaurus longirostris
Ophthalmosaurus icenicus

2.Aquatic Birds House
Our Aquatic Birds House has many differnt prehistoric water birds,from biggest Kairuku to smallest Inguza.There is a long Underwater Tunnel inside the exhibit,you can see birds 's stupid actionhow and how does the aquatic birds leaves stealth trajectory likes lightning.
Kairuku grebneffi
Pinguinus impennis
Icadyptes salasi
Anthropornis nordenskjoeldi
Inkayacu paracasensis
Paraptenodytes antarcticus
Inguza predemersus
Palaeeudyptes gunnari
Waimanu manneringi
Perudyptes devriesi
Hesperornis regalis

3.Fur and Water
There is the home oFur and Waterf aquatic mammals,both of them are furry and cute.You can know the Evolutionary history of aquatic mammals.Oh,they can't wait to give a great greeting for everyone.
Ambulocetus natans
Megalenhydris barbaricina

Megalenhydris barbaricina
Didelphodon vorax

Castoroides ohioensis

4.Mesozoic Marsh:
How did the spinosaurs hunt?What did it eat?How did walk?There will tell you all secret.Mesozoic Marsh is a giant,hot swamp,the swamp is the paradise of giant fish and the monster bigger than T.rex.
Mawsonia gigas
Onchopristis numidus
Bawitius bartheli
Neoceratodus tuberculatus
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
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Re: How will you make your Prehistoric Kingdom?

Postby velocichap » Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:40 am

dunno how much detailed it will be just yet but
there will be an air/seaport on the western most tip of the island
there would be a staff island which would include apartments and a few shops and a restaurant.
also around the air/seaport there would be the tourist capital and with a small amusement park about the size of Alton towers about 3.2 square kilometers.
there would be two islands about the same size both about 50,345.8 mi² which is the same size of England (not the whole uk)
one for the main park and the other to deal with over population and would be a wild island.
also a force field surrounds the islands which is made of highly compressed area of sound which would not affect you or I but but be like and insane ringing sound if the animal tries to pass but it would be fine for the long term just discouraged from going near there
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Re: How will you make your Prehistoric Kingdom?

Postby ProjectMammoth » Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:55 am

I would try to build enclosures for every available animal, according to where they were found, in exhibits that provide adequate space and are as realistic as possible. I would also set up a central area for visitor amenities.
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Re: How will you make your Prehistoric Kingdom?

Postby Randomosaur » Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:37 pm

I will make my Prehistoric Kingdoms into a story arc. The first park is the biggest, and contains lots of carnivorous theropods and other reptiles, as well as large herbivore safari paddocks and a petting zoo. Very sensationalist theme park stuff and poor security. After some years, Deinonychus are discovered breeding loose in the northern jungle and kill two men (one staff, one visitor) before being shot by ranger Bobby Mulder, who along with safari operator Dennis Roger, quit their jobs in light of this incident.

A few more years after that, a massive storm comes across the island and destroys various sections of fence, letting carnivores and dangerous herbivores loose in the park which kill many visitors and staff. Mosasaurs and pterosaurs escape into the wild. Original park closes down, but that's not the end of dinosaur parks.

Turns out Mulder and Roger have built their own, much safer dinosaur park on another tropical island. This will have the stem-bird houses, mini-herbivore houses and petting zoo, along with smallish herbivores and omnivores like Gallimimus, Ornithomimus and Dryosaurus. This one stays open pretty much forever.
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