PK exhibits and Hatcheries

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PK exhibits and Hatcheries

Postby velocichap » Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:59 pm

so We are all obviously gonna have to make an exhibit for our animals but I'm wondering what Exhibit are you most exited to build. I am gonna be doing exhibits from my book (which you can check out in my signature) such as having a little forest cliff for my Leaellynasaura and a huge grassland for my Eurasian/North and South American Pleistocene animals are just some of my ideas and I wanna hear from you guys.
Also what about your hatcheries how many are you going to have.I am only going to have two(terrestrial/flying animals and an aquatic one) I love the Idea of giving them a health check before moving them to their exhibit via Jeep for small animals, a trailer for larger ones and I mean like mammoths ... ears-3.jpg (note the elephant is a rescue and is being transported also in Sri Lanka this happens all the time for working elephants and they love it) Guiding large sauropods and I am to sure what to do for aquatic ones
so what are your ideas
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