What do you want to see in PK?

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What do you want to see in PK?

Postby ProjectMammoth » Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:39 pm

This is just for posting what you want to see be implemented into the game as well as brainstorming ideas.
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Re: What do you want to see in PK?

Postby Nano » Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:56 pm

I want to see a wonderful mix between the creativity of building, and the interesting and fun concepts that come along with managing a theme park.

With brilliant games such as Cities: Skylines and Planet Coaster introducing many to the genre of tycoon and simulation, I think it'd be hard for PK to not take inspiration from both of those (which quite honestly I'd be completely fine with!). The ability to customize things such as pricing, building/path designs, safari adventures, and even stage shows (Microraptor/Archaeopteryx falconry, anyone?) would be more than enough to keep myself happy.

A beautiful blend of some of the best tycoon games in recent years mixed with an artistic flare would be all I could ask for.
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Re: What do you want to see in PK?

Postby Lost Time32 » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:11 am

I very sincerely apologize for necro-ing this thread, but I'd like to share what I would like to see in this game.

Remember Zoo Tycoon for Xbox? My favorite feature from that game was when building exhibits, you could install these little "interaction areas" where you could interact with the animals, like hand feeding a giraffe, cleaning a rhinoceros or bear with a hose, etc.

To me that was the most fun part of the game.

I want something similar for Prehistoric Kingdom, like maybe hand feeding a hadrosaur, for example, or perhaps hosing down a T. rex in order to clean it. In short, I would just like to see more direct interactivity with the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in the park.
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