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Official Rules

Postby DinoRCT » Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:28 pm

1. No offensive language: either that be profanity or racism. IF seen posting it can result in a 3 warning system to being Permanent banned.

2. No XXX content, no warez or other questionable content.: IF seen posting these it will result in an instant ban.

3. No double posting: Use the edit button unless you need to Bump(Wait 48 Hours for reply before bumping thread) - Penalty - Warning/Warning/Warning/Ban Temp 24 Hours - 48(2Days) - 72(3Days)

4. Respect the Staff & The Members: we all have the right to use and view this forum. Respect others and you will be respected back.

5. No Spamming/Trolling: Keep it real. IF caught Spamming/Trolling you will gain a 3 Warning system Spam once earn a Warning and so on after your third count you will be banned for 24 Hours - 1 days and keep on going would result in longer. (see below)

6. Have a meaningful post and no going off topic and not "Thx" "Awesome" have a sentence " Nice work man, that model should be in the game and hopefully a Dev sees it" IF seen doing "thx" "awesome" or going off-topic you will be penalized with the 3 Post Warning System seen below.

3 Post Warning System; Post Warning/Post Warning/Post Deletion
The Post Warning means you will receive a warning through a post that the mods will create telling you to go back on topic or if your post has no meaning towards the current topic.
Mods should also send you a message with a link to which topic you posted in that got you the post warning.

3 Warning System; Warning/Warning/Warning then moving onto the Temp bans 24 Hours ban - 48 Hours - 96 Hours then a week ban 168 Hours and afterwards permanent ban.

Bumping a thread; Please wait 48 hours for someone to reply and if you didn't get any reply you may bump once the 2 day mark has passed(Must wait each time) and if caught bumping before that you will be informed to wait otherwise thread might get locked if you continue without waiting.

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