DLC animals for expansions after game is done.

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DLC animals for expansions after game is done.

Postby Deathwing742 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:03 am

Here's my list of some of the animals that should be added into the game in a future expansion or just later on in the full game.

You guys should add the giant insects as well, give the players creepy crawlers to mess with. Possibly make an aviary to keep them in.

This could be called the Before Dinosaurs Expansion Pack:
~ Sea scorpion (4 or five species with varying size)
~ Orthocone (2 species)
~ Small placoderms (3 or 4 bottom/filer feeders and 1 other small predator)
~ Trilobites (as food for larger animals, varying species and size of trilobites is recommended. I can suggest 1 large and 3 to six medium to small. AI can be the same with each species.)

Amphibians: (Since most are going to be water dwelling carnivores, some can have the same AI as well with only 1 or 2 exceptions.)

Early small reptiles: (again, these guys are mostly small so they may require mini exhibits, but since most are bug eaters too they can have more or less the same AI with some exceptions being plant eaters)
Just a side note, many of the above are small reptiles and amphibians, so just another suggestion in that you guys can give the player the option of making a outdoor exhibit or make a large reptile house to exhibit these animals in small enclosures.

Mammal-like Reptiles:

Marine animals Expansion:
Whales and Dolphins:
~Aetiocetus(fed on both fish and plankton)
~Ambulocetus (the ancestor of whales)
~Cetotherium (small baleen whale)

Pterosaurs and Flying birds (AKA Aerial Expansion):
(another side note, also give the player the option of making the animals fly free or make Aviaries for the animals, especially the small ones that guests can walk threw. The Aviaries for the large animals..Just keep guests on the other side of the birdcage)
~5 Moa species (I don't remember names, so I'd suggest just do varying sizes from different species)
~Haast's Eagle
(any others you know of, you're welcome to suggest in comments)

Dinosaur Expansion:
Prosauropods:(Since these guys feed on the same materials just different levels and different types of plants, you can have them set with same AI just go after plants of different heights and types)

Heterodontosaurs and other herbivores:

Carnivorous Dinosaurs:



Ornithopods (Early Iguanodonts, Stegosaurs, and small herbivores):



Ornithopods(Nodo/ankylosaurs, Ceratopsians, duckbills, Pachys):

Carnivores(covers all meat eating dino families):

Ok, these are only suggestions. I know these are a lot but it might be cool to add more diversity to add to the marine, aerial and before dinos and dino parts of the game, not just for entertainment but also education. :3 I only want to see this game become a huge success, so I'll do what I can to help out with suggesting feeding mechanics, animal behaviors, types of exhibits, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read.

As for crocodilians, mammals and others, You can put them in the comments below. But make sure your suggestions are not on the official species list.
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