Difficult animals and enrichment

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Difficult animals and enrichment

Postby Num123 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:07 pm

I think it would be cool to have animals(Individual animals but maybe higher chance to occur in some species more than others) that are difficult to work with like possibly a
"Picky eater"(don't eat prepared food or require special feeding method) like "Datnoid" fish which rarely accept
pellets and some will starve themselves to death before taking it ,
"Easily stressed" (will stop eating or prone get sick easy due to something like 1.Being house with bigger
animals 2.Being moved to unfamiliar place 3.Weather change )
"Jerk" (Attack other animals for no reason even if itself is a herd/pack animal)
"Imprinted" (Will not get along with the same species and will stressed if being house in group(high chance to
occur in animals that grown to it's adult hood in hatchery)

also animals should be bored without any enrichment,it would feel more alive that way and T.Rex remind me of Macaw parrot for some reason(both scaled and feathered version) and those bird known to get bored easy if left to themselves
to stimulate an animals a lot of thing could be use maybe something like
Falconry (since it's bird and dinosaur and even for reptile live-feed i still useful sometime
a zoo would feed live animal to monitor lizard so they wouldn't gt bored)
Outdoor walk(maybe for herbivore only or a very full non-aggressive carnivore)

thank you for reading.
Ps. question,will a Hump-Spinosaurus be a variant like Scaled-T.Rex ?
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Re: Difficult animals and enrichment

Postby NublarRex » Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:10 pm

That'd be an interesting idea and would add a fun challenge to the maintenance of dinosaurs giving them a unique personality. I also don't think "Humped" spino will be a thing because semi-aquatic creatures wouldn't need a hump. They arn't in danger of running out of food or water.
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