Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

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Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby Windmiller » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:11 pm

So I know the questions regarding the tech demo is now irrellevant, but I thought it was high upon time that all the answers were collected and stored so to be easily accessed by newcommers to the project. As such we will hopefully see a lack of repeating questions on the forums. Enjoy :) - PS: everything below is promptly copy-pasted from the Q&A thread, with minor numbering editing for clearer view.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So, question one, what do you think is the most important part of PK as a game? In the sense of, what sets it apart and what do you think is the most important development choice you have made that makes the game this game?

Great question. Hmm.. I'd think what will make PK unique as a game is the landscaping value and park building. Our main focus is to let the player build a beautiful place, a zoo/park/preserve/safari the player would like to visit in real life. We're basically giving the possibility to create something like that when it would be impossible in real life.

Simply put, the wonder. Wonder is everything.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
1.Will there be some sort of ambient animals (iguanas, birds, etc)?

2.What formation dodo, titanoboa and concavenator will be in? No other animal has been comfimed of their formations.

3.Will the food be like JPOG or ZT2?

4.Will birds puff up when they are cold?

5.How many types of visitor will be in?

1.There may be. We just don't know that yet.
2.Mauritius Island, Cerrejon Formation and Las Hoyas respectively.
3.A bit of both. The feeding system of your park will be on choice, you'll be able to place feed trough's, introduce livestock in the paddocks, give carnivores dead meat, or even food stuffed toy and feeding shows.
4.Yes, most likely.
5.This is not decided yet.

Mesozoicnerd wrote:
This is my first time asking questions on the Ask The Devs event so forgive me if any of my questions have already been asked by the other members of this forum. Here goes...

First and foremost, how are you?

1.Will both smilodon species in PK (Fatalis and Populator) use the newly suggested can-opener killing technique?

2.Could you explain the reasoning as to why certain animals won't be in the game at all?

3.Will we see some mesozoic mammals in the game?

4.Will we actually see our Majungasauruses cannibalize each other when there isn't much food around or would that be too graphic?

5.Will we be able to contain both polar dinosaurs and ice age animals on our arctic islands?

2.This is rather simple. We can't have everything for certain reasons, so we chose the species we thought as most likable, iconic, unique and strange we could think of within a certain limit.
4.Yes, we will see that.
5.Of course. I wouldn't see why not.

VictorasaurusRex wrote:
Next question which you have probably already answered a gazillion times. How will DNA extraction work? How will you get the materials for it? How will you extract the DNA from the materials?

Still wrapping our heads around that! Complicated matter!

MeanGreenMother wrote:
So this is something that's been buzzing around in my head for awhile.

1.How exactly will Bug House(s) and Mini Exhibits work?

2.Also how big is the Aviary gonna be?

1.We will definitely post more news about those in the future, but in a few words, they work like this. Mini exhibits, are premade buildings (often huge, ironically), which contain their own artificial ecosystem/species and act as fully fledged exhibits. You can walk in these.

2.Also aviaries will be custom.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
1.What are the dinos in your sig?

2.Will temnospondyls be euryhaline?

3.Any sort of dino-themed buildings?

4.Can we name food, buildings, dinosaurs, our zoo and people?

5.Will various people send us mail or only that guy in the tech demo?

1.The animals in our logo are Dimetrodon, T.rex and the Mammoth.
2.Dino-themed buildings? Probably yes.
4.Again, yes.

Sniper wrote:
How will visitors react to escaped animals, and how will the escaped animals react to visitors?

Depends on the animals, but pretty badly in both cases. There is a reason the animals need to be contained safely for both themselves and the people in the park.

Merking wrote:
1.What have you planned, in terms of design, for the feathered versions of the Spinosaurids? (Baryonyx, Suchomimus and Spinosaurus)

2.How are the chances of getting a DLC with multiple island-dwelling dwarf animals?

3.How will we unlock the formations we get the animals from? Or will all be unlocked from the beginning?

1.That will be a surprise!
2.Pretty low, but then again, we are very much far off DLC, so confirming anything at this point would be redundant.
3.We are still deciding on that, but it would probably be something income/popularity based.

Ashes wrote:
1.What date are u planning for KS?
2.ETA on patch 1.1 release ?
3.ETA on 1.2 release? :D
4.Will PK be going early access ?
5.Or will PK be going open alpha , closed alpha etc?

1.You sneaky one, I can't answer any of this. :?

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Can visitos hand-feed Little animals (Micro, Archaeopteryx, Jeholornis) at the aviary?


Ashes wrote:
1.Will there be a petting zoo in the final game?
2.Will of spring of cloned(dinosaurs we make) dinosaurs act different from their parent when they grow up?

1.Definitely yes, there will be petting zoo's!
2.That would be one hell of a complicate feature, so I can't say for now.

MeanGreenMother wrote:
This one's a bit personal but, are there plans for phytosaurs, like rutiodon, to be included?

Not at the moment.

Windmiller wrote:
1. You said you will reopen the bug tracker after this Q&A, when exactly?

2. You've said that building buildings will be similar to Tropico, will this include the Dock (In my opinion the most basic structure)? If so, could it be done in a similar fashion as this: ... -564294279 ?

3. Will investors be a part of the financial aspect of the game?

4. Will there be spesific structures for Administration? Etc: offices, worker villages.

5. How will transporting tranquilized animals be done if they're in the middle of the jungle? A T. Rex for example.

1.Probably a day or two after, we'll see. Either way, in this range of time.
2. That will indeed be a thing. Somewhat similar.
3. Of course!
4. Yes, we have those planned! I can say we have an Employee Compound.
5. A harder one. I guess the player's most logical choice would be to tranquilize the animal somewhere else.

Mesozoicnerd wrote:
1.Will the paleopedia actually be informative and accurate unlike say Zoo Tycoon 2's zoopedia?

2.Can scenes like Carcharodontosaurs mobbing a sauropod that strayed too far from the herd even be possible in the game?

3.Will we have walkways that we can be able to possibly place high up in the treetops, cliffs and above water?

4.Can we expect to see some prehistoric giraffids in the game?

5.What use will iguanodon's thumb spike serve in this game? Like the spurs on roosters perhaps?

1.Yes. That will take some time and research, but we are determined to make it as good as possible.
2.Probably, it all comes down to the power of the AI at the end of the day. But if it will be doable, for sure.
4.Sadly no.

Edaphosaurus wrote:
1.How will live food animals work? What will their AI be like, and how will we obtain them?
2.Do we have to build on an island (i.e. JPOG) or will their be other maps?
3.Will the Pelycosaurs have a furry option?
4.How many Pelycosaurs will feature in the game?
5.If a mini-exhibit is attacked will the animals escape and have simple AI (Like the food animals)

1.Live animals will be introduced in paddocks through special gates/openings, or transported there directly. Their AI will be 2.fairly basic of course, and you will be able to obtain them through contracts with livestock distributors.
3.Island is the focus. If continental land will be viable we'll have to see in the future.
4.More like, will the pelycosaurs have a scaly option? No, they won't.
5.Most likely not.

BaryonyxMono wrote:

1-How big are the maps going to be?
2-Will there be placeable ambient animals like in ZT2? If so, will they consist of both extinct and extant animals?
3-Will you be able to choose different skins for animals, as opposed to just replacing the default textures through mod support?

1.As big as we can do them, and as big as the engine will allow, so we don't know for sure. What we know for sure is that they will be bigger than JPOG's islands.
2.Probably not.
3.That's a thing we'd very much like to do in the vanilla game. And if not, through workshop support.

Ashes wrote:
1.Will ther be a mini map?
2.Will we have to install trackers on our dinosaurs or will we automatically see them on the mini map?
3.Will the whole map be opened in patch 1.1?
4.Which buildings exactly will be in patch 1.1 ?

1.Yes. That will be a feature of the 1.1 patch itself.
2.In the game, you'll have to track them down somehow. In the demo, it'll be automatic.
4.That's a surprise, even though we gave a fair idea in the OP.
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby Windmiller » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:17 pm

(Edit: sorry, cant be arsed to number all these questions :P , (ofc some were already numbered) far too many :P but I'll keep write in "answer:")

Zombotron5678 wrote:
How many prehistoric creatures are planned to be in the game at release?

We do not have an exact number as everything is subject to change (whether that means increase or decrease), however, expect around 120+ in the final release of the game.

PaleoFinn wrote:
1. Will there be some kind of trouble makers among the visitors ?
2. How are you planning to demonstrate the intelligence of dromeosaur species ?
3. Are you planning some kind of free moving educators, park rangers or entertainers like in Zoo Tycoon 2 ?

1. Trouble makers among the visitors? Not a bad idea. This is unlikely, however, we will have to see for the future. Wouldn't be too bad to have a 'Nedry-like' incident.
2. Depends what you mean by 'demonstrate'. We will base many theropod species including Dromaeosaurs off pack/social animals living today, an excellent example would be the intelligence of crows and how they interact with each other.
3. Indeed. We are planning several types of staff members to keep visitors entertained. Although, we are still looking into this so anything could happen.

MeanGreenMother wrote:
One more thing I forgot to mention: Will small rodent like mammals (Volaticotherium, Castorocauda, Didelphodon, etc.) be included? I can see these little guys working in a mini exhibit.

Once again, the species list is always changing. I'm quite sure that neither of these species has been confirmed from within, however, everything is subject to change. Wouldn't be too bad to have these cute little guys running about inside a mini exhibit ;).

Gilbert wrote:
1- There will be Main Characters in PK? (Example: The main Character/s Introduce You in the Campaing Missions / Alerts You if a Creatures is on the Loose and Such.)

2- There will be a "Story Mode" (Example: From the Origins of the First ever Cloned Prehistoric Creature.)

3- If there will be any Characters (Human or Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Creatures), there would be an Section on the "Paleopedia" showing their Bios and such?.

4- ...Or the Game will be Without Story and just plain Construct a theme-Park of Prehistoric Creatures without anything Interesting main Characters?.

Just Asking!

Cheers and Blessings!

1. Yes, indeed. We are planning more than one main character to link to the story of Prehistoric Kingdom. We have already introduced you to one of them, Alexander Winstone (Who you see in our Tech Demo).
2. Yep, we are planning some sort of missions/story mode for the final game which will include the main characters to guide you along. Nothing set in stone, however.
3. Ahah, of course! You will be able to find all about the characters as you play through the game :).
4. That's an option for sure. You don't HAVE to play the 'story-mode', as we're including a sandbox for you to play in and simply build a park or let animals roam free.

Ashes wrote:
Wherein the world will the PK island be?
Will the island experience extreme weather conditions?
If a flying dinosaur escapes can it fly off the map and disappear ?
Do u think u will be able answer all these questions ?
Will there be any ingame businesses that will also be trying to create a prehistoric park?

1. PK will be based anywhere you wish! You'll be able to select a location of your choice in the final game.
2. Indeed, we have more than one weather type planned.
3. Flying reptiles escaping the island... hmmm... not a bad idea, however, we are still too early in development to judge such a thing.
4. I think so...? I mean... I am arn't I?.. am I? Oh god..
5. That's a great idea, it's planned to have potential rival companies that may try and out-compete with you, nothing too developed though.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Have fun with all those questions Maurizio Image

Can we change language in-game?

Will there be more Mauritius, Cerrejón and Las Hoyas species?

Will there be pathologies like broken sail or dismembered arms?

Can a small dino like a compy die from an electric fence shock?

How many fences will be in?

Hopefully yes, even though it all comes down to how much support we get during KS. We could do that theoretically.
Probably yes, at least formally! Not sure if we'll be able to transpose it onto the models though.
Yes. You'll have to be careful when it comes to fencing.
Quite many actually! My estimate would be around 14 types of fence.

Kingjaffad wrote:
(1) Will the Dimentrodon in PK follow the recent discoveries about its sail? ... 92mixx.png

(2) If it turned out that all dinosaurs DIDN'T have feathers would PK change to stay accurate? (not really a real question just a fun little scenario I thought of) :lol:

(3) Will there be some kind of Biome control? or will I only be able to have ice age animals that live in cold climages in seperate parks?

(4) What will be the estimated goal for Kickstarter?

(5) what will happen in the final game if an animal escapes from my park? (A pterosaur flies off the map or a mosasaur swims off into the open ocean)

1-Yes it will.
2-The models would get changed, but bear in mind that is extremely unlikely if not impossible.
3-You will be able to terraform and condition the terrain, so yes.
4-Right now the estimated KS goal is 30k$, but everything is subject to change.
5-That has been answered above by Nathan. Check it out ;)

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
When can we expect a T.rex AI video?
If 2 male rexes meet each other in a forest, what will they do most of the time?
If I were to drive my jeep at a rex, what would happen?
How long will the rexes live in the demo?
In the main game, will I be able to put a vehicle in it's enclosure and have it feed them?

I think they would start roaring at each other and try to scare the other off of the territory. If that doesn't work, they will fight till one of them is fed up of fighting.
You'd bump into it. That can go either well or bad. Well: T.rex is hurt and scared, it runs away. Bad: it rams and destroys/damages the vehicle.
Around 30 years, as long as they have proper living conditions.

Spider-Man wrote:
Will you be using the original Dimetrodon or speculated proto-fur Dimetrodon?

Will therapod babies stay with parents and follow them around? Will they be chased off at a certain age or leave on their own?

Will certain animals be nocturnal? Like active at night more.

Will there be day/night features?

We will be using the likely furred Dimetrodon, as we are already changing the Dimetrodon according to the recent sail study.
All that depends on the species! Theropod is a rather broad term to decide that.
For sure!

Triceratops_Cody wrote:
Okay, question one.

What dev build will the tech demo 1.2 be released? i.e

Do you plan on redoing the triceratops model?

Will the main menu background be a live background, or just a still pick?

That is correct.
Simple texture enhancement should be all.
Still image.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
How big will Gallimimus herds be at their maximum?
When will breeding season be and how will it be handled in wild and/or captivity?
What kind of guests will like these Gallis the most? Their rating?
How much room in an enclosure should I allow for a decent size herd?
Would these be a early, mid, or late game animal?

Naturally, around 7-12members per herd.
Still deciding this!
Gallimimus is rated 4 stars and fun lover visitors and paleo nerds will like them the most.
Being an active animal, as much as you can! They like to wander around a lot.
Depends when you want to unlock their dig-site.

Sci-Fi King25 wrote:
1. Can we keep almost every species in the game on one island?

2. (I know this has been asked a few (hundred) times in the past) How large will the island be?

3. Can we keep our Ice Age animals on an island similar to Isla Nublar? Can we install coolers in their exhibits?

1.Hopefully yes. That's the goal!
2. I answered that above. Not sure yet but larger than JPOG islands for sure.
3.Of course you can, but that doesn't mean they'll necessarily like it ;)

MrDixon wrote:
1.Would you say that feeding, drinking, resting, sleeping and running behaviour (i.e. the basic behaviours) is fully developed for Rex and Galli in the current version?
2. On a scale of 1-10 how smart is the T-rex's hunting AI as of the current version?
3. (I know it might be too early but...) what style of feeders/food are in mind to be put into the game first?
4. Does T-rex have a roar?
5. Will the speeds of in game dinosaurs be based off scientific evidence?

1.Yes, it's present, although it needs polishing.
2.That is pretty subjective. I can say it's smart as in it tries to take cover before ambushing, it prefers night hunting and it chooses the slowest/hurt animals.
3.Feed trough's!
4.Yes, but not of the awesomebro kind.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
When should we expect to see the Trike animations?
Will the Trikes spar with each other? In the demo?
What will the reaction of mainstream guests be when they see the Trike eating meat?
Will the young's horns/frill change drastically throughout life like some recent studies has shown?
What will hunt a Trike? We need a population control in my safari!

I'm planning a livestream on that one! ;)
If by that you mean display behavior, then yes.
Trike will almost ALMOST never eat meat. When it will do it, it will be either a bird, lizard or other small animal.
Yes. Definitely.
What else? An extremely hungry Tyrannosaurus with no other choice.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
So Deinonychus, pack hunting or other hunting strategy?
How will they hunt a Galli?
How will guests react to these guys?
Juviniles climbing in trees. Is that a thing in PK?
How aggressive will these guys be?

Deinonychus? Well, pack hunting isn't out of the question, it's entirely possible, however, it's not out of the realm of possibility for Deinonychus to be a solitary hunter, also. They will hunt Gallimimus using pack strategies or simply ambushing them by getting close enough to pounce and slash. We're pretty early in development, so it's hard to judge how guests will react to these, but chances are guests will love em depending on their preference (depending on what you mean by 'react', like in what scenario.)? Juveniles climbing trees is a brilliant idea, could be a thing. Aggressive? Well... they'll be aggressive when they need to be! If a kill has been made, they'll probably be much more aggressive around it, warding off other potential predators. Also, remember, aggression will vary (at least in the final game) due to genetics.

Ashes wrote:
Can we sell dinosaurs?
If we cannot sell dinosaurs ,how do we settle over population ?
Will guests become angry if a carnivore eats a herbivore?
Will there be diseases in the game?
Can dinosaurs lose certain limbs and become disabled?

1. Selling dinosaurs? I guess so, not sure exactly how this will work, we will have to do a bit of experimenting when the time comes.
2. Killing the animals, but keep in mind this won't be too nice for the guests to watch! Or yeah, exporting them off the island... so selling them.
3. Diseases? For sure!
4. That's not a bad idea actually, would be very neat! However, it could become a little bit over-complicated, so we will have to see until the future.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Allosaurus, will it be able to hunt anything other than sauropods?
What will the scaley version look like?
When can we expect to see these guys in-game?
Will females be a bit bigger or are they exactly the same?
I heard the females will be more of a hunter than males, are the females in charge or is it like a lion pride? If it is, can we call groups of Allosaurus prides?

Allosaurus, ahhh... the Allosaurus... Of course! Why wouldn't it be able to hunt anything other than sauropods? Chances are, it'll eat pretty much anything it can get its claws on! (Within reason). No estimated release time for the Allosaurus as of now, expect it in a later update (After 1.2 most likely). As far as I know, they will be around the same size, however, females will be much more aggressive in behavior, so chances are they'll lead the hunt! And sure, call em what you wish.

Morph_Guy wrote:
1. Will Rauisuchids have a feather option?

Ahaha, no.

Mesozoicnerd wrote:
Have you actually decided to implement the reinforced busses for carnivore safari tours into the game yet?

Will we be able to see Allosauruses slicing pieces of bone into smaller chunks in the game?

Can we possibly have multiple species of large theropods in one exhibit?

How high would the security level for a large sauropod be?

Will there occasionally be poachers that will try to shoot our animals for their skin, horns, tusks etc?

1. Not yet, however, it is a very neat idea we are looking into.
2. Well it all depends, because sometimes too much detail.. is too much detail. We will have to see in the future.
3. Of course, certain species will be able to tolerate each other.
4. Pretty damn high. I mean, those animals are huge!

VictorasaurusRex wrote:
So, next two questions.
1. I came up with the question about DNA extraction due to a question about formations. I also see that you are actually confirming formations for creatures. Does that mean that we'll be working with fossils in order to get DNA? If you're capable of giving those answers, you've got to have an idea on the actual DNA mechanics :P
2. Will you create a skin editor for the final game? In the sense that the scales and feathers are there as base texture, but it's completely grey or white, and we can color over it? That'd allow for some awesome diversity!

Hey Victor ;).
1. Yeah, chances are you'll be working with fossils :)! Not too much I can say on the "DNA mechanics" though.
2. Why do you ask these questions :P ?!!? That's actually a neat idea, but once again we'll have to see in the final game if it can successfully be implemented.

Ashes wrote:
So the Camarasaurus, how big are the herds?
Any special behavior for these guys?
How will parenting be, will they be left behind as babies or are these guys actual parents?
How much room for migration will they need?
Any more pics of in-game or was that 1 image just them in a pose?

1. No definitive answer, but let's just say around 6-8.
2. Of course, but you'll just have to wait and see.
3. Yeah, they'll probably be left behind. There isn't too much evidence for such caring sauropods.
4. A lot of room! These creatures are massive. But if you are talking in terms of fencing, as long as they have enough food supplies they'll have no reason to migrate.
5. Who knows? ;)

pyroraptorXIX wrote:
1) Which type of enclosure we can have for keep our pterosaurs ?
2) Will your creatures be different according to the rate of DNA found for the sort species (50%, 70 %, ...)?
3) Which is our chance to have a specie having special colors (I speak albino, ..., shown not long ago) ?
4) A presence on steam ?
5) Can we create later our skins own in the game ?

1. Aviaries, of course.
2. Well it depends what you mean by 'different'. The animals will have different life spans and different chances of getting diseases if they have a lower DNA percentage.
3. Albino animals would be an extremely low chance, they'll be a privilege to have in your park!
4. Yeah, we would love to get Prehistoric Kingdom on steam!
5. We are planning to have mod support, so let's just say: Yes!
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby Windmiller » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:26 pm

(you thought it was bad enough to double post? but this is a TRIPPLE POST! All because I dont know how much text a single comment can handle!!)

Windmiller wrote:
6. Can you sell the timber from the jungle trees when you cut them down to make room for something?

7. Have you thought about releasing a small gameplay video of one of the dev builds, like during this month perhaps?

8. Is using a real world height map editor, similar to the one used in Cities Skylines ( something you have considered to use for content creators?

6. That is a good idea.
7. We don't know when, but that would be viable. It would be done during a livestream of some sort most likely.
8. That would be a nice way to implement mod support easily, we would like to do it if we have this option in the future!

Edaphosaurus wrote:
What is the minimum and maximum number of animals in a formation? And what are the largest and smallest formations?

If I recall correctly, min. would be 1-2, and max. would be 12-14 species. Richest digsites would of course be Morrison Formation, Hell Creek and Dinosaur Park formation.

Ashes wrote:
Stegosaurus, I hate to ask, but how will they mate?
How docile/aggressive are these guys?
Feathering/quill covering, what will It look like?
What uses will the spines be?
How will an animal impaled by Stego handle it?

That is still being debated, but it will be probably something along the lines of this: Image
We're making them as docile as elephants.... so not very docile...
Not well... an impaled animal would either die quickly from shock and blood loss, either survive for the park vets to save it. And then its life will still be unsure.

PaleoFinn wrote:
1. Will there be gore in any level ?
2. Will there be dinosaurs with only scaly version ? (We have evidence that carnotaurus didn't have feathers on it's
sides and some hadrosaur species got scales on their legs etc.) ?
3. Is PK Spinosaurus going to be aggressive towards visitors and smaller animals (Even though being fish eater) ?
4. How do you category animal's security level ?
5. Will there be any kind of symbiosis between different species ?

1.Yes, not too much though. It will mostly be blood effects, wound textures, and carcasses.
2.Yes, there will. Still deciding carefully which ones.
3.Yes. Being a fisheater doesn't make Spinosaurus docile. You could say it would be as aggressive as a hippo of its size.
4.Not sure what you mean here. You main containment security leve?
5.Yes, but how is a surprise!

Medenadragon wrote:
Will the patterns on creatures be varied? So like, individual dinosaurs of a certain species will have the own unique spots or stripes?

That is a pretty complicate feature, so I don't think so. But you never know.

Queztacoatlus wrote:
Is there a possibility that a pterosaur could be added to the demo?? :mrgreen:

A possibility is indeed open, but we'll see how it all plays out first.

Merking wrote:
Is there a chance of omnivore Hadrosaurs?

Will we be able to interact with visitors in our park? Such as greet them, steal their money or lead them to interesting exhibits?

Will we have transportion, such as boats, to get our visitors faster around the island?

In Sandbox mode, will we have the option to get all animals unlocked (100% DNA) right from the beginning?

Slight chance, yes. Omnivore as it would also eat really small animals, insects, fruits, eggs, roots, etc once in a while
The first and the last, most likely. I don't think so about stealing money :lol:

Spinosaurus wrote:
1. Will pterosaurs be able to swim?
2. How many pterosaur species will be in the game + DLC? Including mini-exhibits (If any)

1.Some will dive in the water to catch their meal. But yeah, they will all be able to stay afloat on water like modern sea birds. I believe Mark Witton had something about this.
2.Around 20.

Greg The Gorgosaur wrote:
So i also have questions!
1. Will there be a place for ice age animals and polar dinosaurs in the tropical islands?
2. Will there be any modern animals except live stock?
3. Will there be a star system or a leveling system?

1. Well, yeah. We're planning for the islands to have different biomes. So, you could find a cooler region (let's say the mountainous areas) and build an exhibit there for polar animals. We are also planning temperature regulators and climate controllers such as 'Air-conditioning' for the animals which can be placed down.
2. As of now, that will have to be a nope.
3. Of course! What's a 5 star theme park without a 5 star rating?

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
How defenseless will Dryosaurus be?
Will dryo be hunted by Deinonychus?
Could I let the dryo's free to roam?
I am betting Dryo is very low on rating. How low?
is it's cousin Thescolosaurus in PK?

Dryosaurus won't be all that defenseless. Against smaller animals it could likely kick and peck relatively aggressively, I mean, you have seen an angry Cock right? Those things are insane!
Dryosaurus will very likely be hunted by Deinonychus... if it can catch em!
Free to roam? If you mean outside exhibits and near visitors, possibly, but it's not out of the realm of possibility for a visitor to lose a finger! They could bite!
That's still being decided :)!
Yeah, you'll see Thescelosaurus in Prehistoric Kingdom!

MeanGreenMother wrote:
If a certain type of animal doesn't get into the game at launch, what are the chances of seeing it in DLC/expansions?

Pretty high, however, the DLC list has already been partially decided. (It is always subject to change, so don't panic too much!)

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Apart from our ould friend the Dodo (entered pblic conscienece in 1865!) will there be any "extinct recently" animal in PK?

Will visitors confuse species? (Any dromie for Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus for Euplocephalus, Tyrannosaurus for Tarbosaurus)

Will birds spill their food? My canaries did it a lot.

Will live food be prehistoric, actual or both?

Will Concavenator lack a scaly option?

1. Chances are, yes. It's not impossible for you to see a Quagga :)!
2. Well, if it's not too much work (and it shouldn't be) that would be a really nice feature to add. It's relatively small though so the chance is low. But still, nice idea!
3. Ahaha, that would be really awesome, however it's still too early to judge behavior of creatures we haven't implemented yet.
4. Well it depends. Live food will be modern (Cows, pigs, chickens etc) but if you want, release a herd of Gallimimus into your Rex pen! I'm sure the visitors wouldn't mind... too much.... fine, don't complain at me if you get sued for animal cruelty!
5. We're still debating whether we should give all carnosaurs a feathered option. So it isn't impossible!

Kaprosuchus93 wrote:
Can you make a Prehistoric Crocodile Concept Art?

Why can't you place all Creatures on 1 Island, is it due to space or just because it's a waste?

Can Gojirasaurus and Gorgonops be Possible DLC AFTER the Main Vanilla Game?

How will the Quilled Ceratopsians mate?

Why did you guys go with the Omnivorous Ceratopsian Theory?

1. Maurizio and our other artists will be making more concept art in the future, so it's not impossible you'll see a crocodilian one soon!
2. Due to resources and performance. Or literally because they won't be compatible on the same island...
3. Gojirasaurus and Gorgonops are entirely possible, but unlikely.
4. Like they would if they were scaled, we can't include 100 animations just for mating alone sadly as it takes up resources.
5. The Omnivorous ceratopsian theory is a very unique and pretty badass one if I do say so myself. Why not, is the question we should be asking? Our Ceratopsians won't eat meat on a regular occasion, but it will happen. It's not impossible for modern day herbivores to eat meat, deers love it apparently!

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
I have a question for the building system, what can we expect for it? Will we need different types of materials (wood, metal, etc.) or will it just be materials?
How long will it take for a building on average? Just a few minutes for could it take a while?
Will we be able to create our own building supplies or do we need to import them?
Will buildings be customizable in any way? Upgrades?
Will we have a dock already when we spawn on the map or do we need to build that as well?

1. Well the building system in the final game will require two things: Resources, money. Building materials can be generated either on the island (by harvesting wood from trees) or imported from the mainland. That's the plan at least. I'm not sure how indepth and detailed we will go as for individual materials.
2. It all depends on what the building is. Don't worry, it won't take hours, and even if it does (which it won't!), there will always be something else going on in the park to keep you entertained :)!
3. Both.
4. That's still being decided. We've thought about this several times over and we'd love to have building upgrades and extensions to make them work more efficiently in-game over time.
5. You'll need to build it most likely :)!

PaleoFinn wrote:
1. How fast does big animals grow ?
2. Will there be some kind of building upgrade system ?
3. What are your plans about Giganotosaurus hunting behavior ?
4. Are you planning to create another island or does the JPOG style "create your own island" still hold ?

1. Relatively fast, it all depends on what they intake and how successful they are growing up. But large animals grow pretty quickly.
2. As mentioned above, we'd love to implement some kind of upgrade system for buildings.
3. Too early to judge, however, they'll hunt anything they can catch! But if you mean in terms of Sauropods, they'll hunt em in packs leaving the giants to bleed out before going in for the kill (At least, that's the plan). That's also a pretty vague explanation, expect more in the future.
4. Of course! You'll be able to generate your own island in the final game.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Will temnospondyls be euryhaline?

Will any type of turtle be in the game?

Will there be a buildable cinema?

Will there be in-game merchandise?

Can we have free-roaming animals in a normal zoo?

1. This is too early to judge as of now, but aquatic/amphibious creatures might be able to adapt depending on the circumstance, yes.
2. Of course. Seen the concept art of our Archelon?
3. For the entertainment of guests, a cinema would be sweet. So, probably, yeah!
4. Depends what you mean by ingame merchandise. If you mean like steam-cards and crates and such, it's still too early to judge as of now.
5. As long as you have a backup plan to clean up the mess if anything goes wrong. Even the smaller peaceful animals can make someone lose a finger if guests are not careful!

trexking91 wrote:
I know this question is annoying (I'm sorry, I really do), but I just want to be sure: Will Alamosaurus be added, in the vanilla game or as DLC? Will the DLC be free or not? Will Oryctodromeus and Othnielosaurus be added? What genus of chalicothere will be in the game? The biome seen here( ... ineUI2.png) is mediterranean? Will there be maritime pines (I love them) and other kind of conifer trees, like giant redwood trees?
What about Balaenoptera sibbaldina ( ... -322458016)?

DLC's are planned to be free as of now, but we'll have to see in the future! That is a subtropical forest, and yes, conifer trees will be part of the game.

barrosasaurus wrote:
My only two (and a half ;) ) questions
1. Will terraforming be something we must research, or is it instantly available to the player? If it is researchable, is this only for advanced terraforming (biome changing) or for all types of terraforming (i.e. River placement, smoothening and flattening terrain, hill and valley making ect...)?
2. When terraforming does happen, is it time based (realistic) or will it be instantaneous (for the sake of gameplay and pacing)?

EDIT: i need to add another one. Sorry

3.can i have a hug pls?

1.Terraforming will most likely be available automatically.
2. It will be most likely instantaneous, but we're still figuring this out.

Triceratops_Cody wrote:
Will there be a first person/visitor camera view in 1.2?

If a T.rex were to fight 2 triceratops, who would win?

A T.rex would be very likely to lose against 1 Triceratops alone, go figure two!

VictorasaurusRex wrote:
I have another question. I am afraid that I already know the answer, as it would be a metric ton of work, but I'd like it considered nevertheless.
If you read the Jurassic Park novel, the process of collecting funds for the park is described. Would it be possible to have a pre-production phase, so to speak? That would mean, researching and making decisions to collect funding, and the decisions influence the amount of money you collect. And I'm not talking one or two decisions, in that case you might as well not do it at all, I'm talking a multi-in-game-years process over which you have to take a ton of decisions. Your decisions decide your funding. Then, you can start building your park big before revealing it to the public, so you'll have a head start on your competition. I'd love to go into more detail, but I'm on my phone and it's messy and slow to type.
Question 2: my nail rim seems to be infected. Any suggestions on what to do?

1.That is a fantastic idea, at least in my opinion! I think it would be something great to spice up the gameplay and set the game apart from other tycoons! We'll see!
2.Try to turn it off and on again.

Mesozoicnerd wrote:
Will male and female Woolly mammoths have different looking tusks like what is seen in Walking with Beasts and Prehistoric Park?

Will we also be able to trim our mammoth's thick coats of hair so that they can cope in slightly warmer environments?

Will the social behavior in Smilodon packs and cave lion prides differ? If so, how significantly?

How many types of parental care have you been planning for our dinosaurs (both avian and non-avian)?

What kind of trunk will Deinotherium be depicted with in PK?

Probably, yes.
They will differ of course, but by how much is still in debates.
It will be as diverse as possible, but there are some limits. We'll try to take modern birds as references, so you can check out their behavior in this regard.

Garrus wrote:
This is an AI question; with the work you have already done on the AI, will this allow you to streamline the process for implementing the AI of the other animals in the future? Furthermore, with regards to pterosaurs and other fliers, as well as swimmers, will their AI present special challenges?

Yes, once the main system has been done, it can be used as a template for all the other animals, with different variations. The animals you mentioned just will have different traits, but the template will be the same.

Medenadragon wrote:
I don't know if this question has been answered before, so if it has I apologize, but if you breed a feathered and a scaly dinosaur together, what becomes of the offspring? Are they all one or the other, is it random, or if you have say only feathered males and only scaly females, do the offspring keep with that trend?

The offspring will most likely be feathered, as the feather genes would be dominant.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Dig sites, how will we dig bones up and transport them to the park?
Will we need to deal with legal issues like taking the bones out of the country?
What will the dig site map look like? (a 3D globe would be cool)
Will we unlock sites through stars, money, or some other way?
What dig sites are considered to be starting sites? What about ones that are considered late game?

That kind of detail most likely won't be present in the game.
I doubt.
Money. You'll need funds to get the needed authorization to dig "industrially" on certain sites. The richest the sites, the most expensive to unlock they will be. They will kinda feel like unlockables.
My previous answer kind of answers that.

Manager Harris wrote:
Will there be in-game companies (ie. Airline companies, Cruise ship/Ferry companies and Hotel companies) that will be wanting to sponsor your park, and make deals with you? Eg. A hotel company wants to build a new hotel in your park, they have offered to pay for the majority of the coast for its construction, and will invest in your park in the future and will expand said hotel if you want guests to be accommodated. But they want it to be built in the way, they want it to be built. Do you want to accept the deal?

What sort of rides wil PK have? After all, Prehistoric Kingdom by the looks of things, appears to be both a zoological park and a theme park.

I apologise if this is a bit of stupid question but, Will there be unique rides that will capture our imagination, and fully show off your incredible talent and work you have done for this game?

Probably yes. Opportunities like that would be fun!
LOTS of rides. LOTS.
We really hope so, even if practical things come first and they've already been done. But we'll see, we would certainly like to leave something behind!

Derpasaur wrote:
How do you feel about night exclusives? For guests that stay overnight, they have the privilege to go to a night enclosure and wear Night goggles to see the animals. And when the park closes, that's when a whole new world opens up. Like an announcer says" The park is closing now, and our over-nighters, don't forget your night vision goggles. You can retrieve them from your nearest vendor as we will open our Night-time exclusives in 5 minutes." or something like that that wants people to stay the night in the park to make more money. So kind've advertising while having more creatures I have made a post about this in ideas and suggestions, but I want a Devs view on it. Many people loved it so I just want to see.

Yes, we plan night only structures and features. There will be pubs and so on.

ThatOneRaptor wrote:
Will the carnivorous animals be able to drag carcasses/food in their mouths?

Hopefully yes!

Satan wrote:
Will there be any extant species that can be kept like other animals? Whether that be as prey, animal enrichment, or an attraction, or even a suragate mother/parent for other species. If so, maybe name a few?


xXDr.Frost98Xx wrote:
Hello developers, here come my questions.
1. What disasters or random events are planned for the final release? :twisted:

2. Will these disasters/events have chain reactions, for instance: an earthquake starts out at sea and the shaking destroys stuff, then a tsunami caused by the earthquake sweeps over the island and then hungry carnivores take bites out of the panicking crowds? :twisted:

3. Will buildings have upgrade systems, like instead of building a new hotel you just build more rooms to an existing one?

4. Will there be construction times?

5. Why have you been so quiet lately?

-Dr. Frost

1. That's classified information son! Nah, it's not classified but it's still being debated. Chances are, the weather conditions will be biome based and there will be quite a few of them. Expect hurricanes, typhoons and a lot of rain in tropical regions for example. But yes, to answer your question simply, random events/disasters will be in PK.
2. Well of course! If the Hurricane that hits your park were to, say, knock out the power to the electric fence... there will be a repeat of Jurassic Park for sure! But of course, the dinosaurs won't just go 'mental' and eating people at random, only if threatened or hungry.
3. Ditto. Buildings will have upgrade systems to extent them or to make them work more efficiently, yes.
4. Yes.
5. Because we've been busy! :D

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Are turning animations ready yet?
How will aquatic animals move around in their environment?
Will flying animals be limited to certain altitudes or free range?
Will limbs be affected by injuries/amputations?
Would a T.rex eating from a Sauropod corpse have a different than one eating a small dryosaurus?

1. Many of them, yes. Some are still in development.
2. Still being debated.
3. It depends, they'll be able to fly all over the island up or down if they escape or are bred in the wild. I doubt they'll fly off screen though (unless they escape the island entirely?).
4. Ditto. It would be very nice for injuries and amputations yes, but we will have to see for the future.
5. A different one? A different what?... If you mean different amputations and such, read above. Still being debated!

CarnageRex wrote:
Will you use the old or new Dimetrodon?

We are still trying to decide whether we should use the updated Dimetrodon or the old one. Due to the evidence, we're leaning towards the new one.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Close enough to 30 minutes. Just a few minutes away.
Guests, will they be detailed or will they look the same?
Will we get special visitors like celebrities, country rulers, paleontologists, etc.?
School field trips, can this happen?
Will we have family units and not just 1 person by themself?
Will we have those idiots who bang on the glass, feed the animals or those creationists that say dinosaurs are made up?

1. They will be detailed to an extent, but don't expect them to be like Sims 4.
2. That's the plan :).
3. Entirely possible. It would be nice to have a small group of children following a few adults (Teachers/Parents) around the park... only for a carnivore to escape and tear them to shreds! Haha... just kidding.
4. That's a part of the plan, but we'll have to see. Fingers crossed!
5. Ahah, that would be pretty nice. Could make for some interesting scenarios.

joe99 wrote:
will we be able to have free flight shows for birds and pterosaurs?
will buildings be customable?
will animals have disformities like overgrown legs?
will animals have there own personalitaltys?
will we have dino gates so we can have rotaction enloclosues?

1. That's a good idea, we'll have to see for the future.
2. Customizable? Well to an extent, we're planning to have optional upgrades/extensions for specific buildings if that's any consolation.
3. Deformities are unlikely, but still being debated. The closest thing to deformities you'll probably get in PK is the pigment/colour of their skin (For example, Albino dinosaurs) or behavior deformities such as intelligence, for example specific animals are naturally less aware of danger than others and are more likely to be killed.
4. Personalities? To an extent, I guess. But nothing too extreme.
5. Yes, you'll be able to place gates on the fences to enter/exit them with vehicles.

chunbi12 wrote:
Hello PK team!!

Its been a while since you post any patch 1.1 updates, however, here are my questions

Will Utah-Raptor have a scaly version?

When is the 1.1 update plan on being released?

Will Amphicoelias Fragilimus be in the regular game, DLC or none?

How much will the game cost on steam?

Will the exotic prehistoric water animals such as Mosasaur have a stadium, sort of like in Jurassic World?

This are my questions, I hope you answer them.
Have a great day PK team!!!

1. That's unlikely. However, there is always mods!
2. No ETA as of now.
3. None, most likely.
4. Still being debated.
5. That's actually a nice idea, it's entirely possible and still being debated. We want features such as marine shows for sure!

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Will we be able to upload and download parks?
Could we eventually get a Multiplayer mode with players trading animals and other activities?
Will we get Steam Workshop?
Can we have players visit our park as guests?
Could we have a way to donate resources to a friends park? (Ties in with the Multiplayer question 2)

1. We'd love a feature such as this. It would work well on the steam workshop.
2. That's pretty unlikely... but it wouldn't be bad. Don't expect anything like this though for a long time.
3. As mentioned above, if we can get on steam, the steam workshop would be awesome.
4. Since multiplayer is unlikely, so is this.
5. Now THAT is possible. Wouldn't be bad to have this in the game. Still, things like this are being debated so don't get your hopes up.

barylophodonosaurus wrote:
1.What sort of “interior decorating” can we do with mini-exhibits? (add foliage, build things in it…)

2.What is left to do for the 1.1 update?

3.How many genuses, including mini-exhibit, DLC, regular...will be in-game

4.Why no Myledaphus and Champosaurus?

5.Will there be a Stingray touch pool, with Heliobatis or a other species?

1. Not a lot. Mini-exhibits are pre-made, but this is still being debated.
2. That's classified. ;)
3. Still being debated.
4. Because :O. We have a lot of species (whom are similar) already planned for the final game.
5. A stingray touch pool would be neat actually.

Crested Gecko wrote:
Will Gigantopithecus be a biped or a quadroped and what sub species will you use?
Will Hatzegopteryx be in the game? I would love for this dude in the game.
Will Ambulocetus be in the game?
What other primates will be in PK?

1. Most likely quadruped, but both is possible.
2. A few other primates. Not going to be specific here ;).
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby Windmiller » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:46 pm

(Q-Q-Q-Q-Quadruple POST! Post! post! post...)

Crested Gecko wrote:
What program do you use for making the models? Do you use blender or Zbrush?
Will you use Root Motion for your models?
What program do you use for the AI?
Do you have kick starter stretch goals?

1. We use Blender for creation of base meshes, animation and renders. We use Zbrush for sculpting detailed maps and textures.
2. As far as I can remember, we're using Root motion or something similar. Could be wrong :P.
3. Unity and C#.
4. We're not going to discuss Kickstarter as of now, it's too early and everything is still being decided :).

tyrant wrote:
will there be a map maker tool for modders

Good question. Well we're planning to have an SDK in the future for mod creators to easily create mods, so a map-maker which would likely be part of that SDK is quite likely. I don't know about the others, but I for one am looking most forward to see what the community does with our game in the future.

Deinonychus wrote:
1.Will Ugrunaaluk be in the game?It was replaced to Edmontosaurus in Prince Creek.
2.Can we see hunting mode ?
3.Can we have a mod maker to make unconfirmed animals?
4.Will Albertosaurus and His Horseshoe Canyon Formation be in the game?
5.How many DLC are there in Offical Plan?

1. Nah, sorry. Ugrunaaluk won't be in PK!
2. Hunting mode? You mean the AI for the carnivores hunting herbivores? Not yet :D
3. That's the plan, see the question above.
4. Mr. Alberto? Of course :).
5. Who knows ;)? That's a surprise (plus, it's not final yet, so I can't even give you an answer hehe)

redrager wrote:
Will titanoboa actually behave like a proper large snake? (aka literally sitting in one place near constantly as an ambush predator)

No. Titanoboa has been theorized to have acted like a crocodilian in terms of behavior, waiting near the water's edge for prey to get close enough in order to strike right where it hurts! And that's most likely the behavior we'll go for.

Ashes wrote:
Will each dinosaur have many skins(excluding albino etc)?
Will humans give dinosaurs diseases and vice versa?
In site b will dinosaurs breed?
Will there be a cap on the amount of structures or dinosaurs will be able to have in 1.1 and the final game?
Can eggs be eaten by other dinosaurs in the game or will eggs be sent to incubation ?

1. Most likely not, but it's possible. The main skins will be rare mutations such as Albino like you mentioned.
2. You know what, I never thought about it like that... good idea. We'll have to look into this when we actually get around to adding diseases.
3. Why not? If you want them to breed, sure! They'll breed even in the normal park-building mode.
4. In the final game, for sure, sadly. But don't threat, i'm sure the limit will be as big as we can possibly get it to be without affecting performance.
5. If eggs are laid within a nest by an animal, if there are other predators around then yeah, they'll try steal and eat eggs.

Suchomimus wrote:
I thought there was suppost to be 150-160 species in the final game, without DLC?

Yeah, that's true. Roughly 140-180 species in the final game, around 200+ with DLC. Numbers are not final, mind and are subject to change (Increase/decrease).

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Will we be able to upload and download parks?
Could we eventually get a Multiplayer mode with players trading animals and other activities?
Will we get Steam Workshop?
Can we have players visit our park as guests?
Could we have a way to donate resources to a friends park? (Ties in with the Multiplayer question 2)

1. Didn't I already answer this question..? Feels like deja vu for some reason. Anyway, uploading and downloading parks is entirely possible, especially if we include steam workshop support.
2. We'd love to get Steam Workshop support.
3. Unlikely, as we are probably not having a multiplayer mode.
4. Now that's probably more feasible.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Will Titanoboa be cannibalistic?
Will Megalania be venomous?
Will Concavenator lack a scaly option?
Will visitors be premade models or have different combinations of faces, shirts, shoes...
Will visitors use what they buy?

1. Why not? :)
2. Well, from their modern day relatives, it's likely Megalania was. So we'll probably go for that approach.
3. Concavenator will have both, scaly and feathered option.
4. They'll be premade models but it's possible for them to have randomized appearances such as clothing. Nothing too advanced, nothing like The Sims.
5. Well, that's the plan :).

Sniper wrote:
So how high can we build an aviary, and how deep can we make a lake?

Pretty high and relatively deep, it'll be limited of course. I can't give any specific depths or heights though.

Ashes wrote:
Will there be non - prehistoric life in the oceans that surround the island?
Will visitors be allowed to pay to shoot dinosaurs?
Will there any sort off security (army ) other than the park ranger in the helicopter?
Is there different tiers of food establishments ?
Can our park get sponsors(like a fictional company that represents coke or something like that)?

1. Now oceans, that's another story entirely. It's possible, we are planning to have ambient life. Chances are, you'll see dolphins, fish and potentially sharks depending on the location/climate of your park.
2. Well.... no.... maybe? I really doubt it.
3. Still being decided, but it's unnecessary if you ask me. We're up against animals (on a large scale), not godzilla here :).
4. Depends what you mean by tiers, but I'm just going to say yes.
5. Heheh, yeah that'll be cool to add :).

Godzillasaurus wrote:
How many fish species are in the game + mini and DLC?
How many species in...
Las Hoyas?
How many aviale are in the game + mini and DLC?

Can't give any of that away, sorry :).

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Will the male stego be the blue the female is suppose to be or will it stay like it is on the poster?
What will the scaled Allosaurus look like?
What are the stretch goals for KS if there are any?
Would I get any attention if I had an enclosure with cows and other animals inside or will the guests ignore them?
Will we be able to make certain attractions close automatically due to weather conditions?

1. They'll be like they are on the CA poster we recently released.
2. Still deciding on a solid concept at the moment :).
3. Not talking about kickstarter right now. Not until further notice. We will probably have a few stretch goals though, but nothing too significant.
4. Guests will probably ignore them since cows and such are just prey animals, but still, it's early development right now so who knows.
5. Yeah, you'll be able to have scheduled shutdowns on specific attractions.

Edaphosaurus wrote:
Will live food that are extinct animals be seen as exciting attractions by visitors

We won't be having any extinct live food. It's expensive and unethical from a real-life perspective. The only extinct live prey you'll be getting is actual animals that you create yourself, such as Gallimimus or Edmontosaurus.

Ashes wrote:
Will PK have a volcano?
Can we serve Dino eggs in restaurants?
What is estimated speed of the day/night cycles?
Will there be museums in PK?
Can we skin and sell the bones and skins of our dead dinosaurs to museums across the world?

1. We've been discussing formations such as volcanoes. We would really like some in the game :).
2. Ahaha, no! :D
3. Nothing here is final but 10-20 minutes day, 5-10 for night?
4. Museums? Yes :D.
5. We've seen this question before in the past, we thought it was a very unique idea and we could do something like that perhaps. A neat way of making money off dead animals.

Sci-Fi King25 wrote:
Can we make climate-controlled environments (like cooler or warmer exhibits)?

How will animals react to different species? Like if we mixed a Triceratops or Stegosaurus, how would they react?

Is hybridization possible? Like Troodon formosus and the Alaskan Troodon or the two Coelophysis species?

1. Mentioned before, yeah. We are having climate control in the game.
2. They wouldn't react too much. If they've never seen each other, they'll be curious and weary but they wouldn't make too much of a big deal just as long as they don't pose a threat to each other.
3. Hybridization? If it's closely related species, like mentioned, maybe? But nothing too drastic and there wouldn't be many if any changes in appearance of offspring.

roar wrote:
Will guests be able to see through fencing? If not will there be viewing platforms like in JPOG, if so like what?

Yes, they'll be able to see through fences. It was silly for them not being able to in JPOG If i'm honest :). Also, yeah. We'll have a variety of attractions to allow guests to get closer to the animals, including the possibility of a petting zoo for the younger and smaller animals.

spinolover12 wrote:
When will the tech demo be updated? ( estimated time if possible)

Will there be a limit on things such as Dinos, buildings, paths etc.?

1. Yes. We won't give an estimated time, though. Soon.
2. As mentioned above, as much as it pains us... we'll probably have a limit on the amount of species and buildings you can have within the park. Sorry, it's all about how well the game can run before having to turn the limits down.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Will we have randomly generated islands?
How many islands do you plan on making?
Any parks on the mainland?
Islands in the arctic, how will that be handled?
What happens if we're stuck with a bad island?

1. Yes, in the final game we are planning to have randomly generated islands.
2. Not that many, hopefully.
3. Probably not, but we're still in early development so perhaps.
4. Anything that isn't adapted for that type of region will very likely die. Building in the Arctic could pose to be very difficult and unethical.
5. Then create a new one! :)

barylophodonosaurus wrote:
1. Are there going to be any more Mesozoic birds?
2. Will Confusisornis have a chance of being a mini-exhibits?
3. What will the feathering on Cealophisids look like?
4. What species that is planned so far when't extinct the most recently?
5. What confirmed animals will make good "Free roamers?"

1. A few birds, yes.
4. Probably the Dodo.
5. The smaller animals, but even the smaller guys could still scare more timid guests.

joe99 wrote:
will we be able to have free flight shows for birds and pterosaurs?
will buildings be customable?
will animals have disformities like overgrown legs?
will animals have there own personalitaltys?
will we have dino gates so we can have rotaction enloclosues?

1. Beautiful idea, so maybe :).
2. To an extent. You'll be able to upgrade them with extensions and such.
3. Probably not to that detail, but in terms of skins (Albino etc) yes.
4. Well, to an extent. But nothing too over the top.
5. We will have gates so you, your guests and (possibly, maybe, if you want) your dinosaurs can exit/enter the exhibit.

PaleoFinn wrote:
1. What is the hardest part when creating animals for the game ?
2. What kind of differences buildings have if when they are build from different materials ?
3. Any chance that we could see few movie references in the final game ?
4. Since most of the modern birds are also scavengers, will most dinosaurs act the same way ?
5. What kind of accidents have you planned for the game ?

1. Oh. Probably animation. It's not that it's hard, it's just pretty time consuming. But Maurizio does an amazing job with it in short periods of time.
2. We can save that topic for another time. Chances are buildings and their materials will affect durability, but it won't be nothing insanely detailed.
3. Ohhhhh, for sure! We love our easter eggs.
4. Most? Well sure. If a carnivore sees an opportunity for food, it'll take it.
5. Storms. Drowning. Being torn apart. Being eaten. Being stepped on. You get the drift.

barrosasaurus wrote:
On standard speed (no fast forwarding ect...) how long is an ingame day/night cycle?

Still being decided, but let's just say a day is around 10-25 minutes long and a night is 5-15.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Is there plans for an attraction not seen in nay other game?
Gallimimus racing, is that a thing?
We have the staff jeep in the demo, but what will the guest jeep be like?
What can we expect for night time attractions? (Bars please)
Can we customize the menus/goods that we sell?

1. Of course ;).
2. No. That's pretty unethical in my opinion, but anything's possible :).
3. Like any old safari jeep you see. I'm not going to be specific here.
4. Bars, clubs, discos etc.
5. Probably not, but maybe to an extent. It's possible for the final game.

danny55543 wrote:
I have a big question regarding reproduction. Say I have a herd of Apatosaurs (3 males and 7 females) and all are pregnant with 20 or so eggs each season. am I going to be stuck with 140 hatchlings or will there be some sort of population control if you want both sexes in a fun lover safari enclosure? like a gene alteration that makes only 1 in 10 eggs fertile?.

Well, not all of those hatchlings would survive to adulthood. So out of that 140 you'll probably only have about 60 survive. So population control to an extent. But if it's in a park, it's more likely that you'll have more hatchlings survive due to the safe and healthy conditions. But you have to think back to the sad restrictions optimization can bring. Sauropods probably won't even lay 20 eggs in the game as disappointing as that sounds. They'll probably lay like 9 max and 4/9 will survive. Remember, everything is W.I.P and could change at any time, so I could be wrong.

tayyab wrote:
will the sauropods attack the carnivores when the carnivores get near to them :)

Of course. Don't ever P*** off a sauropod. But they won't attack them for no reason, only if the Carnivores pose a threat.

Ashes wrote:
Can we control more than 1 island in the final game? (Expand over many islands in one game session)
Can turn out island into one big safari?
Can we invest ingame money into other things like stocks?
Can we sell shares?
Can we give our dinosaurs hormones so that they can lay more eggs?

1. Probably not, but we'll see.
2. If you want, sure!
3. Good idea, we'll see.
4. Same as above, we'll have to see for the future. Great ideas though.
5. We was planning on having some kind of population control... but anti-population control isn't a bad idea at all. Very smart idea actually. If you want to deal with more animals, then sure! We'll look into seeing if this can be added in the final game. But seeing as performance can cause limitations, it's unlikely. Perhaps laying eggs more often, but I doubt more eggs per clutch.

PaleoFinn wrote:
1. What will the terraforming be like ? Something like in JPOG or more like in ZT2 ?
2. How realistic the prosecutions/compensations will be when it comes to the property damage/casualties ?
3. Any possibility to use animal carcass to feed carnivores or put the bones on display/sell them ?
4. Cold biomass/gas be used as an source of power ? (Big pile of Brachio's s*...t could run the park for some time)
5. Will animals have some kind of "injured animation" ? (Example; Limping, breathing heavily, licking itself)

1. Terraforming will be like Zoo Tycoon 2, or actually unique in it's own way. It won't be amazingly detailed, but it will be quite fun to mess about with and you'll be able to make some impressive environments using the terraforming tools.
2. It depends. If people die, you'll be find a lot of money and lose fame and more. Mass deaths can be extremely hard to overcome in your park. It will take a long time for people to gain a better opinion of your park if deaths occur.
3. Mentioned above. Selling dead animals bones to put on display is a great idea. Using animal carcasses to feed carnivores though, you'll be able to do that. I mean, if a gallimimus dies, you'll probably be able to move it to the carnivore to feed on.
4. Good idea.
5. Of course :). Would be weird for an animal to be bitten and to just stand there like "Umadbro? much wow, much injured, wow."

Ashes wrote:
1. Will dinosaurs remember relatives? (Like in ZT2 endangered species expansion pack)
2. Will there be a first person mode?
3. Are u planning to start a live streaming schedule?
4. When is the next livestream?
5. Will u keep on giving constant updates after KS?

1. Yes, of course. If the species were separated for a long time though, they could be weary of each other or really excited to see each other. Some species probably won't care if they're related, they'll just know the basic means of survival: Stick together.
2. To an extent, yes. You'll be able to walk around the park as a staff member/visitor interacting with things like ZT2.
3. At some point, possibly yes. I doubt live streams would be a regular occurrence though.
4. No ETA.
5. Depends what you mean by constant... We'll give updates whenever we feel fit and content with what we have and feel it's upto standard for everyone to see.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
The Deinosuchus update causally namedrops Daspletosaurus, is it in-game?
When will the wiki get updated?

Daspletosaurus? Hehehe... ;).
And we'll get the wiki updated at some point down the line.

tayyab wrote:
will the dinosaurs mate


Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Will animals that just gave birth have a chance to "adopt" other baby animals? (It actually happens)
Any animals in specific we should try to keep tofether? (2 species that need each other)
Compiles eating poop?
What happens to a Spino if a heatwave dries up it's water? Will it need to rely on scavenging or will it die from lack of nutrition?
Hadrosaurs, what if they sang songs with each other at mating season (or elsewhere), could that be a thing?

1. We are still debating how well this will fit in the game, since it is so rare. It's unlikely but not impossible.
2. Herbivores and smaller animals that won't pose a threat to them so they can clean up the mess that the herbivores create (Fecal matter etc).
3. Like mentioned above, some smaller animals will indeed eat things such as feces and insects that surround it.
4. Not sure how advanced we will go as to heatwaves drying up entire water pools... but if that were to happen, it would likely die from nutrition if it couldn't find anything to scavenge, yeah.
5. Well, animals will have mating displays if that's any consolation. Won't go into detail though ;).

Ashes wrote:
Will there be zookeepers?
How will zookeepers safely remove poo?
Can animals attack zookeepers?
Will there be craft times for objects?
Can guests buy dinosaurs from us?

1. Yes.
2. Good question, actually... we're still debating how, actually.
3. Of course.
4. For some buildings, yes.
5. No :P.

Mesozoicnerd wrote:
1: What types of horned animals will you base the fighting moves for chasmosaurines and centrosaurines on?

2: Will each and every prehistoric animal group have at least 1 or more DLC species?

3: Any chance that we will see some stupid guests do stupid things in this game? Like deciding foolishly to step out of a vehicle in order to get better pictures of something or throwing stuff at our animals?

4: In dinosaur species (again, non-avian and avian) that form monogamous pairs, will we see our females producing less eggs when they're not very fond of their partners?

5: Will feeding shows as well as boat tours for giant crocodilians be possible?

1. Rhinos, Buffalo/Cow, Deer etc.
2. Who knows? ;)
3. Probably, we were discussing visitor behavior not too long ago. That would make for some pretty hilarious and random encounters.
4. That's unlikely, but we're still in early development so anything could happen.

Ashes wrote:
Will we be playing as a person in story mode or as a company?
Will there be animal activity in the park?
Can government intervene in the park?
Can we have the option to prohibit flash ?
Can guests bring pets into the park?

1. You'll be playing as your own company/person.
2. Depends what you mean by animal activity. I'll say, yes?
3. If you mean flash photography, then very likely. We thought it would be a good idea to have some kind of district system where you can enable/disable specific rules for some areas, this is just an idea that's floating about though so don't take my word for it.
4. Probably no.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Can we have the moon change like it does in real life? Eclipses and blood moons included.
Small animals like birds and monkeys included?
Grass changing depending on climate?
Children running up to glass to see althea animals?
Schelduled events like feedings, birth of animals, etc.? (Set a time for something and watch as guests focus on a specific area and in some cases have a big influx of guests)

1. You know what, that's actually possible :D.
2. Maybe.
3. To an extent, yes.
4. YES :D.
5. Yep, again. You'll be able to schedule when dispensers emit food, or when keepers feed animals etc.

MrDixon wrote:
Probably my last
-Will there be a digsite limit imposed in any of the planned game modes?
-PK parks are presumably on private islands so it is legal(?); but will guests object to feeding using live (vertebrate) prey? Or weirdly act like it's completely normal like in JP:OG?
-Is Tech demo 1.2 where the other demo species (Triceratops, Allosaurus etc.) are planned to be added?
-Will dinosaurs be able to swim in deep water? And if so what species? (roughly e.g. small theropods, hadrosaurs)
-Will guests rate exhibits based on accuracy as well as popularity? (e.g. Stegosaurus and Triceratops exhibit would be cool; but inaccurate)

1. Nah, I don't think so. Maybe. It depends how we work out all the kinks.
2. Guests will object against live prey, yes. It depends who the guest is though. Thrill seekers and dino nerds will love seeing a predator tear a goat in two.
3. Not giving any estimates, sorry.
4. Ceratopsians, Sauropods, some theropods and hadrosaurs.
5. Yeah, of course. Dino nerds will really appreciate ethnicity and others will appreciate authenticity.

Windmiller wrote:
1. How many buildings are modeled so far?
2. When are we getting building concept art? :P (Park entrance/visitor center??)
3. As Victorasaurusrex proposed with a pre-production phase. Could this serve as an inspiration ... 3&start=10 ?
4. Will sewage and water pipes play a role, similar to Cities Skylines?
5. Human concept art? :)

1. Quite a few, 20-25ish.
2. You'll probably see building concepts later in the future.
3. That's a pretty nice thread you've got there :).
4. Possibly to an extent, we're still deciding how in depth to go with that. Let's just say yes for now, but don't take my word for it.

Sci-Fi King25 wrote:
Will the prehistoric insects go in one building or will they each get their own habitat?

Will the fences have different security levels like in JP:OG?

How will dealing with escaped animals work? Will it be more similar to JP:OG or Zoo Tycoon 2?

Will there be a feature like in JP:OG to declare a park-wide emergency?

1. They'll be in mini exhibits for the most part.
2. Yes and no. They'll be different materials of fences, if electricity is available, you can electrify these fences.
3. Both, but unique in its own way.
4. Yes.

barylophodonosaurus wrote:
1. How long will a in game day/month/year be?
2. Do you use fan concepts in the game?
3. What different sorts of mini-exhibits will there be?
4. What are special exhibits and do they count as mini-exhibits?
5. What part of Prehistoric Kingdom needs the most work done on it as of now, for the full game?

1. Already mentioned before.
2. Sometimes. We love feedback and input from fans :).
3. Insect, aerial, terrestrial, aquatic.
4. They're the same thing as mini exhibits.
5. Probably the 'Tycoon' section. We're building upon that, as you'll see in 1.1 and later.

Spinossaurus123 wrote:
If have types of visitors like in jpog , for example , Dino nerds . These 'Dino Nerds' Have more probability of survive of one attack of dinosaur ? The dino nerds know the dinosaurs .

Mini exhibits in Pk gonna be like in Zoo tycoon 2 ?

Some dinosaurs will make a dance for mating , or something like this ?

Ok , that is all answer the most fast you can :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

1. That's a good question, actually. I'm not sure the visitor 'type' will affect their survivability. I mean, if a Tyrannosaurus has pinned you down, there's not much else you can do other then wait it out for help or be eaten...
2. To an extent? Sort of like the placeable aquariums and terrariums but on a larger scale.
3. Yes, we are planning to have mating displays for our animals.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Can we have a hospital where we can go in and see our animals being operated on (as well as the guests)?
The Nyctosaurus, males have a sail, could we get a disease that makes these guys open their sail randomly?
Sauropods fighting liken giraffes, is that going to be seen?
How will T rex and other Theropods try to impress mates?
Any notable strange behavior to reveal?

1. Good question. I don't believe we will go this detailed for interiors of buildings, to be honest. So it's unlikely but that's not a bad idea at all.
2. Maybe.
3. That's really awesome. Most likely, especially during mating displays. Not exactly sure, we're still debating on the behavioral aspect of some species.
4. Well, Tyrannosaurus Rex and many other Tyrannosaurs will probably try to impress females using "dances" to an extent, or by bringing items of interest. It really depends on the type of Theropod. For example, Tyrannosaurs and Dromaeosaurs will have different ways of showing affection and attracting mates. Remember though, nothing is set in stone!
5. Not really as of this point in time.

Ashes wrote:
1.Can dinosaurs get food poisoning?
2.Will dinosaurs from different eras be aggressive towards each other?
3.On a scale of 1 to 10 how good do u think the graphics will be?
4.what version of td will all the demo animals be in?
5.Do u think the intervals will be shorter between 1.1 and 1.2 than 1.0 and 1.1?

1. You know what? That is actually a great idea. I'd love something like this personally.
2. Well, why would they be? Maybe they'd be a little curious, confused and weary as to what they're seeing... but they won't particularly be aggressive without a reason.
3. It's all about personal preference to be honest. In MY personal opinion, i'd say... 8.5 perhaps?
4. We don't have an exact estimate. Sorry.
5. Yeah, I think they'll be shorter. But i'm not sure, we want to make sure what we release is up to standard and quality.

Spider-Man wrote:
1. Will Spinosaurus lay eggs in mounds like crocodiles and watch it from the water/laying next to it?
2. Will Spinosaurus young be carried to the water in the mother's mouth? Any involvement from the father?
3. Will certain animals have play fighting animations while young? Like two young Rexes jumping around and play fighting?
4. Will certain species have a toleration level?
5. Will sub adults form small packs after leaving parents?

1. Good idea. Since we don't have any final behavioral ideas as of now... i'll say yes. We'd like something similar to this.
2. YES! We'd love for parent dinosaurs to carry young in their mouths. We're still early development though, please remember this for every question we answer. Everything is subject to change, to happen, or to not happen.
3. Yes. We'd love it for young to practice their hunting skills on each other for example. It's nice and adds a bit of character to the animals and isn't unheard of in nature.
4. Ah. A toleration level? It depends what you mean. If you mean toleration of other species and objects, then, yes to an extent.
5. Not sure as of now, since we don't actually have a life-cycle of animals implemented. We'd like a behavior like this for some species, however.

Satan wrote:
What are some other live prey? I know about Lepidotes, Chickens, Goats, and Cows, but what about ammonites, trilobites, some freshwater fish, horseshoe crabs, jellyfish, tuna, small schooling squid, small mammals (either extant or extinct), lizards, or frogs? Can you confirm any of those or even some other ones?

Well, we're sort of thinking realistic here. You don't want live prey that's too expensive, for example (excluding Lepidotes, our lord and savior) breeding prehistoric creatures just for them to be eaten is expensive and can be pretty unethical. So expect easily bred and easily accessible animals such as Pigs, Cows, Chickens, Goats, some fish, some squid and jellyfish species etc. But you know what? I could be wrong! We could include more extinct species for live prey such as Ammonites. I don't see huge a problem with those guys.

Lost Time32 wrote:
Will animals have natural variants, like in real life? For example: A T. rex that has brownish or dark green feathers on occasion.

We're still deciding upon natural variants. For now i'll say no, but we was discussing not too long ago about potential random patterns, but it's unlikely. The only natural variants I can confirm as of now, will be Albino, Melanistic and Leucistic.

xXDr.Frost98Xx wrote:
More questions:

1. Is it possible to make visitors pay to go to the Restroom? :P

2. How extensive is the food menu for the visitors?

3. Is there a research function, and if so is it similar to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis?

4. Is there a realistic destruction engine?

5. Does jet fuel melt steel beams?

-Dr. Frost

1. Hehe. If you really want to be that cruel...
2. We'll, we're early development right now so questions like these are harder to answer. Let's just say it won't be too terribly advanced.
3. Yes. We will have a research function, similar but more advanced than JP:OG.
4. Not really? We're having ragdolls, and maybe in the future fence destruction but nothing too crazy.
5. Um... No?.... yes?.... Lepidotes.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Let's say Morrison Formation has 3 animal slots left. Alice dowloads these mods:

Bob's Kepodactylus
Charlie's Coelurus
Dave's Ceratodus

She tries to download Edward's Stokesosaurus. What happens, will it crash, or "Morrison Formation B" will be created?

Good question. We're way way way too early in development to answer mod questions sadly.

Sniper wrote:
-Would it be possible to add Mawsonia to the game(at least as a DLC)?
-How many building can we view from inside?
-How will we deal with the giant pile of poop?
-How will employes clean the carnivores enclosure?

1. Not many buildings can have their interior viewed. Mainly Mini-exhibits.
2. Ahhh! This one question is really bugging us. We're not sure exactly how to safely remove poop from exhibits yet as this is still being discussed. One tactic is using smaller creatures to eat the poop for you, but we're still not entirely sure.
3. Same as above. Still being debated within the team.

Sunderer wrote:
Hello, so I have a few questions:
1- Will the Velociraptors in PK be like the ones in Jurrasic Park or the smaller ones?
2- How will the Velociraptors or deinonychus interact as a pack, like will they have an Alpha?
3- How will the Velociraptors or deinonychus react to bigger carnivores, for example T.Rex, if they are alone they will most probably run, but if they are in a pack, will they try to attack the T.Rex (or other bigger carnivore) or will it be random, depending on the situation?
4- If they do have an Alpha, will it get more violent if a member of it's pack gets killed and attack it's foe? For example on the first Jurassic Park movie, when they were cornered by two Velociraptors and the T.Rex went in and killed one of the Raptors, the Alpha one got enraged and attacked the T.Rex, can unpredictable stuff like this happen with the Velociraptor?
5- Will animals of the same specie be faster or stronger than others, like having different qualities?

1. Oh, they'll be the smaller ones for sure. Feathered and all.
2. Yeah, they'll have a pack hierarchy to an extent.
3. Nope. It's almost certain that they'll run away. Would a pack of Wolves attack a charging Bull Elephant? Maybe... but it's really unlikely. But yeah, it does actually depend on the situation. Stats come into play here, such as health, speed etc.
4. If numbers drop within the pack, there flight instinct will kick in, causing them to flee. Only if hatchlings are killed will animals become (quote on quote) "Enraged". But even still, if the predator that killed the pack member is larger and/or more powerful they'll almost certainly back down.
5. Yep. Animals will have different qualities. For example, you breed 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex. One of them is really aggressive but slow, another is really calm but has a weakened sense of smell and the third is smaller, with less health but quicker than the rest. These traits can also be passed on through generations when the animals mate with each other. So let's say the Aggressive Rex mated with the smaller but weaker Rex, they'll have smaller but more aggressive offspring.

Pangea wrote:
Since we know 4 of the 5 crocodylomorphs, is the last planned to be terrestrial (Pristichampsus, Baurusuchus, Sebecus, ect)?

Are Meiolania and a Therocephalian planned?

Are extinct plants a possibility?

How many species can each mini-exhibit hold and can certain typical animals be featured in them (Pteranodon and Tupandactylus in an aviary with Dimorphodon)?

3. Extinct plants are entirely possible, yes. We thought about a prehistoric greenhouse type building where you can "breed/clone" prehistoric plants to be placed in some exhibits.
4. Mini-exhibits are all preset, so the numbers could vary. They'll have limited customization.

ChiisaiSenshi wrote:
Two questions:

You told my sis that feathers would be genetically dominant, does this mean two Het-feather dinos have a chance of scaled children?

And are you going to have Cambrian aquariums?(like the fish building from ZT2?)

1. Nope. When we say 'genetically dominant' we mean that it's almost certain that if a scaly animal has a baby with a feathered animal, the young will come out feathered. Since, naturally with the scaly animals the 'feather gene' is simply turned off, so if they mate with another animal with the gene turned on it will be passed down genetically.
2. We will have mini-exhibits containing Cambrian species.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Will the animals have an oxygen meter underwater and die when it is depleted?
Will the player have one too?
Will there be underwater tours?

1. Some animals, yes.
2. Probably not.
3. Yes.

bucketman123 wrote:
First of all, thanks for taking the time to answer questions for the Prehistoric Kingdom community. It takes a lot of time and you guys are patient for dealing with us.

1. Will there be ambient animals in game? Such as fish in the aquatic exhibits, birds flying overhead, other little creatures scurrying about?

2. Will exhibits have a maximum size? I was hoping to make large safaris for herds of herbivores to co-exist.

3. Being a dinosaur zoo, exhibits will be BIG. I can only image a herd of Sauropod’s needs a lot of room. How will you be able to insure guests are able to view the animals while simultaneously meeting the animals need for space? Will there be viewing areas or can guest just peer through the fence?

4. Will we be able to declare an emergency in the park? If so, will there be victor shelters?

5. Will we have alternative methods to cleaning dino dodo? For example, dung beetles or Compy’s (in the JP novel Compy’s just ran around eating poop)?


1. Yes.
2. No, exhibits will be as big as you want them to be.
3. Guests can look through guests or use attractions such as Binoculars to see further inside an exhibit. Safari cars are also a viable option to help guests further explore exhibits.
4. Yes to both.
5. Yep.

Edaphosaurus wrote:
Just thought of this one today: any Ammonites, Belemnites or Trilobites?

In Mini Exhibits, we're thinking about including Ammonites as live prey.

Satan wrote:
1. Regarding not having extinct live food, what about Lepidotes which was a confirmed extinct live-prey?
2. I'm very happy about Albertasaurus, will Sauroluphus be present in the Horseshoe Canyon too?

Yes, sorry. Lepidotes is indeed confirmed.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
If a Brachiosaurus happens to take a dump and it lands on a person, what will happen?
Let's say an Austroraptor falls into a river with igh currents when fishing. What would happen to it?
Let's say a Baby Triceratops is badly hurt in its frill. Will horns take longer to develop or something?
Will visitors go watch accidents like a car crash or a beached whale?
Will there be references/shout-outs and/or take thats/bashes?

1. What an odd question.. :o... I guess... uh.... I don't know :(
2. The Austro will go down with the currents.
3. Probably not, but maybe.
4. Yes.
5. Bashes? We'll be having references and easter eggs but it depends what you mean by bashes and shout-outs.

Kaprosuchus93 wrote:
Will there be a chance that a Guest will accidently fall into a Carnivore paddock and cost you, for example, $10,000?

How will, like say a Twister or Tornado pick up the heaviest dinosaurs?

Will the Arctic Dinosaurs devolve a Fat Reserve in Cold Times, like how Camels evolved a Fat to reserve Water in the Desert?

Will any Theropod show bizarre behavior? (Like T.rex eating plants or Spinosaurus make a cave like Crocodiles)

Will Dinosaurs show behavior of being annoyed from Selfie Flashes or Camera Flashes or even Guest Screaming?

1. Yes.
2. Lifting them up and away like any animal that gets caught in a tornado. Or chances are the animals will be so heavy that they won't even be lifted at all.
3. Perhaps.
4. Yeah, we want some bizarre behavior.. but i'm not sure about a Rex eating plants :P.
5. Ahah yes!

Kaprosuchus93 wrote:
Another 3 for fun. :lol:

In terms of Rating PK, will it be around Teen or Mature 18+?

Will Troodon, Austroraptor, etc. mate like modern birds? (Considering Birds are related to Dromaeosaurids and Troodon)

What will the Quills serve for the Ceratospians? Are they for Defense or are they for Display?

1. Teen/borderline mature.
2. We want our Theropods to mate like modern birds, but other animals will probably have less detailed mating system. They'll do a display dance like usual and if they win over the mate they'll probably sleep next to each other like in Zoo Tycoon 2. We can't go overboard with mating sadly :P.
3. Both. Mainly display, though.

stoicdinofan wrote:
Hey! How are you guys? I have some questions
1) Will buildings get a old and "taken by the jungle" appearence if not cleaned/well-maintaned? Eventually collapsing, perhaps?
2) If disaster overcomes my park, will it be automatically game-over or will I be able to see nature finding a way?
3)Will it be able to have sabotages events in the park, or accidents scenarios, like electricity going off and it you don't have a warning system you are in a bad situation? Or a batch of turists get lost in the jungle?
4) do you guys have in mind some "challenge scenarios/story mode", for example, you take over a abandoned and wild park to try to build a new one?
5) Will it have different kinds of flora that you guys already shown, and will it be possible to modders to create new ones?
6) If dinos are set loose (in a site b kind of situation) and the island is big enough, will we see a "ecosystem" of sorts emerging from the chaos?
7)Will there be swamps where dinosaurs can get stuck and die?

Thanks for the hardwork!

1. Yes, we want some kind of 'decay' system for buildings.
2. It depends. If you can handle the situation, life... will find a way.
3. To an extent, yes. Electricity will go out if not managed with care, visitors will get lost and make mistakes etc.
4. We'll have a missions mode of some kind, yes.
5. Probably :).
6. Of course! Animals will adapt, breed etc and live :).
7. Good idea. We've been thinking about natural disasters that could kill animals in the game. Getting stuck in mud... not bad.

Lost Time32 wrote:
I know you guys are not programming a "play as a dinosaur" game mode in the vanilla game, but is it possible for such a game mode to be released as DLC or as a mod?

Will dinosaurs have tail physics when turning?

What kinds of weapons will we be able to equip our staff members in case of an emergency?

Will it be possible to sell dinosaur feces as fertilizer in order to make money?

Are you guys using stock dinosaur sound effects, original sound effects, or a mixture of both?

1. It's possible, but unlikely. Expect a modder to do that in the future, though.
2. Yes. We are planning to have tail physics.
3. Tranq and lethal rifles.
4. That's a good idea. I'll keep that in mind.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
What modern day tech is going to be shown in PK?
Hovercraft as attractions, that would be cool, can we have them?
Monorails, will they be able to go into hotels to pick up and drop off guests?
Self driving cars, yes or no?
Can we have blimps with wind turbines in them tethered to the ground for power that barely covers any ground?

1. Windmills, cars, aircraft, power plants etc. Nothing overboard though.
2. Probably not.
3. They'll be able to go wherever you set the tracks to go and will stop wherever there is 'monorail stops'.
4. Probably no.
5. Good idea. Maybe.

Satan wrote:
1. Since Special Exhibits and Mini-Exhibits are basically the same, is Peloneustes unable to be released into a large enclosure/pen like normal animals?
2. Can visitors be individually escorted to different areas of the park? You might have figured out where this going 8-)
3. No Metazoic mammals?
4. Are Pleistocene mammals birthed from surrogate mothers, or through some sort of artificial womb?
5. Can armored cars and personnel be sent in to stop/control animals, not just helicopters?

1. We're still discussing the kinks of mini-exhibits. I don't think the animals will be able to escape, but who knows.
2. It depends ;).
4. Probably surrogate mothers that you never actually see because they are hidden within the lines of code leaving room for plenty of imagination. That was a mouthful...
5. Yes, of course :).

PaleoFinn wrote:
1. Could player get attacked/eaten/killed when in first person mod ?
2. Will river tours have canoes or big boats like in crocodile safaries ?
3. Would some visitors quail/ feel uneasy when they hear large carnivore roar
or see carnivores killing their prey/feeding ?
4. Will there be some kind of "isolation paddocks" where you could but
sick/ very dangerous animals (Something like JP raptor's paddock but larger) ?
Example; very aggressive carnivore that tries to break out all the time and
kills it's own species etc. could be put into paddock like this till
you decide what to do with it.
5. What is the best part of making this game ?

1. Not sure at the moment, but it would be sweet :)!
2. Probably big boats or canoes depending on your preference and the security rating of the animal within the exhibit.
3. Visitors will have slight behavior variations, so sure :). Some visitors will actually complain if you feed animals live prey. They'll see it as 'cruel' and 'unnatural'.
4. Isolation paddocks... hmmm.. we have been discussing things like this lately. We'll have to see in the future. And dangerous animal that tries to break out? Well to an extent, but nothing like 'Indominus Rex' type crazy.
5. Everything about it! Since we're extremely passionate about dinosaurs and also loved the old tycoon games such as JP:OG, we enjoy every aspect about creating the game. From modelling simple base meshes to making them come to life with animation... we enjoy it all.

Lost Time32 wrote:
If human children appear in this game, will they be killable like the adults?

In what position is Spinosaurus in in this picture? Running, swimming? ... saurus.png

When feeding, will carnivores/omnivores have blood around their mouths/beaks?

1. *Evil laugh*...
2. Swimming.
3. Probably, yes :).

Mesozoicnerd wrote:
1: If a bull mammoth enters musth, would we have to put in some kind of special enclosure?

2: How much space would a nyctosaurus need, since it appearently spend much of it's life on the wing?

3: Any chance of seeing small kids do annoying things, like tapping on the glass walls on our tanks?

4: Will carnivorous dinosaurs only vocalize at appropriate times?

5: How on earth would we be able to transport a 75 ton Argentinosaurus?

1. Damn that's a great idea! I hope so. But it depends on how complicated this system becomes. It could be very annoying to have to constantly move a bull animal out of the enclosure.
2. However much space you see fit :).
3. Hehe, yes.
4. Yes. You won't have dinosaurs vocalizing for no apparent reason. For the majority of the time, they'll be silent unless communicating. You don't talk for no reason if you're alone.... right?.... right?!
5. Good question :O!

Sunderer wrote:
Hello, I have some final questions:

1- Will we be able to breed featherless Velociraptors, UtahRaptors or Deinonychus (by messing with the DNA maybe?)?
2- Will the animals from the Mini Exhibits be capable of escaping?
3- Why can't all dinosaurs that have feathers also have a featherless version? That way it would please both feather lovers and scale lovers :D
4- Could we have a pond like area with smaller sea creatures and have a bridge crossing that pond so that guests could cross it and watch those animals?
5- Can we have some cotton candy stores? Cotton candy is awesome :D :D

1. No, sorry.
2. We're still deciding whether or not to allow this, let's say no for now.
3. Because... sorry dude. :( You can always hope for mods though!
4. Yes, you can put animals in ponds and lakes on the island.
5. Hehe, yes :)!

Prehistoric ranger wrote:
Will starry night skies be in the final game?

This is what I'm talking about

I would LOVE to see a T. rex roaring in that time of night

Of course!! You'll find yourself watching over your park with the lights all lit up at night saying... "Wow...".

Plundererking wrote:
You've guys probably been asked this several times but do you guys have a first and third a\person shooter that would be used to look at humans and the animals?

I'm not quite sure I understand. Shooter?... this is a park building simulation. Anyway, we'll be having a first person mode where you will walk around as a Staff member interacting with the park. You'll be able to quick on animals and spin around them using the camera to get a closer look.

tayyab wrote:
are the fences in the fences update final

Nothing's final. Everything is subject to change.

Kaprosuchus93 wrote:
My Final Five Questions:

1. How Many Popular/Famous Animals (Dinosaurs, Mammals, etc.) are in the Game?

2. Will Digsites get Updated?

3. What Discoverys from 2012-2015 (Aside Yutyrannus & Yi Qi) is going to be in the Game.

4. Will the Files have Shorten Letters of the Creatures like JPOG (Like Arco, Alberto, Trex, etc.) or will it be different?

5. What Sound Effects do you guy's used for Allosaurus, Megalosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Velociraptor, Gorgosaurus, Stegoceras, and various others based on the Videos you post on the Blog? I've a hard time finding those Sound Effects you guy's used for a while now.

1. A lot.
2. Depends on what you mean by 'updated'.
3. Some.
4. Can't answer this right now. Probably shortened.
5. You'll find out in the future. We're using many animals for our sounds.

Sci-Fi King25 wrote:
Will the people in your park be different races (African, Asian, Caucasian, etc.)?

For sure :).

Suchomimus wrote:
Will there be anymore sauropods in the vanilla game?

Anymore? If you mean anymore then what we have currently confirmed, then yep!

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Do mini-exhibit animals and plants have formations?

Eh, to an extent. Still, this is still being debated. Mini Exhibits likely wont however.

tayyab wrote:
Will you add horn in the staff jeep

Of course.

trexking91 wrote:
1 - How will the player avoid animal over population?
2 - Will workers have level Exp (from 1 to 5 stars)?
3 - How many types of different plants and biomes are going to be in the game?
4 - Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that PK ost sucks. I'm just curious. Will it be simple to replace the original ost with mp3 format?
5 - Will woolly mammoths have black/blonde/ginger color aswell? Will Smilodon have different color too?

1. That's up to you. Using weaponry is one way, but a very bad for your park's popularity. Guests will dislike the random killings of poor "innocent" animals. Another way is to sterilize your animals, making them unable to actually fertilize females. Another way is not putting male and female animals in the same exhibit... etc you get the drift.
2. That's a great idea, actually! Leveling up workers... We already were thinking of building upgrades, but leveling individual workers isn't a bad idea at all.
4. At some point in the future, sure.
5. We've already mentioned skin variations in the past. Random ones are unlikely, other than Albino, Melanistic etc due to resources. Still, to actually answer your question, different skin shades and contrasts are entirely possible, but i'm not sure about different colours entirely. So you could see darker/lighter fur on Wooly Mammoths.

xXDr.Frost98Xx wrote:
Even more questions!

1. Are there any mini-games planned for the final game?

2. How many (if any) voice actors do you have?

3. Will staff have somewhere to rest/sleep? Or will they just walk around the park indefinitely?

4. Is there a campaign mode planned for the game? (I mean, like the one in Prison Architect)

These conclude my questions for this time. See ya later.

- Dr.Frost

1. Mini-games? Well sort of. Won't go into detail about this though.
2. You'll hear (literally) more about this in the future.
3. Not sure how detailed we'll go with staff behavior for them to sleep/rest, but it's likely we'll do something like that.
4. Yes. More like JPOG or Tropico 5 though but in its own unique way.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
So will pterosaurs have their own hatchery or will they be placed directly into their aviaries?
How many types of hatcheries will there be?
Can we use the hatcheries to hold bad animals in their has a holding pen?
Will I be able to raise a herd of animals together? (keeping a group of Gallis together since birth)
Will guests be able to look inside of these hatcheries or are they isolated buildings?

1. Pterosaurs will have their own hatchery.
2. A few. Nothing final though.
3. Probably not. Likely you'll have an separate enclosure for that.
4. Of course :)!
5. Hatcheries are isolated for the most part. But it depends on where we go with them in the future.

Ashes wrote:
1.Will there be a mission mode like in jpog?
2.Will there be inspectors who will come and investigate the zoo to see if there problems with the zoo?
3. Will there be a challenge mode like in ZT2?
4.Will there be a harbour to import resources to build?
5. Can dinosaurs drown?

1. Already been answered. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Sort of, yes.
4. Yes.
5. Not sure as of now, we hope so!

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:

NathanNV wrote:

Pangea wrote:
3. Guests can look through guests

Not sure whether to laugh or be mortified by the idea.
Well time for questions.

1. What would happen if I say.......stopped a visitor car right in front of a T.rex paddock and then break the fence allowing it to escape?
2. Will we have any lawyers? :twisted:
3. Can we have a parody of the Jurassic Park's storyline as a challenge?
4. Can we have a mascot like Mr. DNA?
5. Will we be able to research cures for disease or do we need to have an animal get sick first?

1. If the horn/lights of the car piss it off, it'll probably just scare the visitors away using threat displays or cause injury. If it's hungry, it'll probably eat one or two of em :P. It's like saying, what would happen if I stopped a car in front of a grizzly bear enclosure and tore the fence out of the ground. Nature will happen, my friend, nature. If the animal is stressed, scared or hungry, injury will ensue.
2. Perhaps.
3. Ahahaha. Maybe xD.
4. Still being decided on these little things. Would be nice.
5. You'll need to research for disease treatment and cures once they are actually discovered.

stoicdinofan wrote:
Hey! Good afternoon (in Brazil at least...). So... 1) Will the animals AI be better than JPOG? 2) Will the animals be able to "learn" or "remember" in some way? Cheers!

1. For sure!
2. Yes, we've been deciding on a basic algorithm for learning for a while. Expect it in the final game. Remember though, everything is subject to change. It might not be as detailed at all as you might expect, or it may surpass expectations.

Mesozoicnerd wrote:
1: How strong will each sauropod species be? Like, potentially stronger than any proboscidean?

2: Will it be possible to see a Carnotaurus swallow smaller prey animals whole in the game? (do tell me if that has been disproven lately)

3: What type of birds or other animals will you base the swimming animations of spinosaurus and possibly other spinosaurids on?

4: Will hadrosaurs actually fight back if they're being attacked? If so, what kind of animations can we expect to see?

5: Since ankylosaurs had poor eyesight, would we have to be cautious about containing them with other herbivorous dinosaurs?

1. Strength will be based on mass and health for Sauropods. Chances are they'll be a lot "stronger" than any Elephant :P.
2. If the animal is small enough, sure. But as far as I'm aware any prey that Carnotaurus naturally hunted was too big to be swallowed whole. Hatchlings are an exception here, however.
3. Crocodiles, ducks, etc.
4. Hadrosaurs will charge using their body mass, do a range of calls and use their tails as defence towards specific predators. Most of the time, they'll use speed and numbers to their advantage though.
5. Ankylosaurs likely had an excellent sense of smell to make up for their poor eyesight. If they've successfully identified a threat, they'll be on the guard. But as long as the animal in the same exhibit won't pose a threat to the Ankylosaur then you shouldn't have to worry too much.

Triceratops_Cody wrote:
Will you release a tech demo update once you hit patch

That's the plan. We're overhauling a lot of things.
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby Windmiller » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:47 pm

(Found the limit of characters in a post; apparently it's 60000)

joe99 wrote:
will we be able to have free flight shows for birds and pterosaurs?
will buildings be customable?
will animals have disformities like overgrown legs?
will animals have there own personalitaltys?
will we have dino gates so we can have rotaction enloclosues?
can we have a dino surgery minigame?
can we build complex indoor enclosures for animals?
since we have no comparsion for some of the larger animals like large theropods, sauropods ,marine reptiles,giant pterosaurs,whales will we be able to house them and take care of them since we have no modern analogy for them?
what kind of enrichment it there?

I'm quite sure the question limit was like 5... but I'll answer what I can.
1. To an extent, yes.
2. Probably not....
3. To an extent... they'll have variations in things such as size, strength, speed, temperament, intelligence and such. Nothing too complex though.
4. You will be able to enter exhibits through gates, yes.
5. Indoor exhibits are planned. Not too much information here though.
6. We have birds, modern whales, many reptiles and such to gain enough information to speculate on their behaviors.
7. Cardboard boxes, stuffed prey dummies, salt licks and such.

alexthle wrote:
1.Will have the people the opportunity to travel in something like this?

2.Can we have in the Future other animals like Lions, Elephants,etc?

3.which things will have the game as the same as Jurassic World?

Thanks for your time! -A-

1. Probably not... there will be other ways of transport such as jeeps though.
2. Good question but no. This is called Prehistoric Kingdom for a reason :P.
3. Probably nothing. Prehistoric Kingdom is in no way related to Jurassic Park or Jurassic World other than being inspired by Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

Satan wrote:
1. What species is the Triceratops? Or will there be both?
2. Will the juvenile Pachycephalosaurus look like Dracorex and then Stymoloch?
3. Will related species create mixed packs and herds under certain conditions?
4. What will we feed Megalodons?
5. Can Ammonites be put in normal exhibits, not just mini-exhibits so I can feed them to ichthyosaurs?

1. Horridus for now. We're still considering more than one species per animal right now.
2. Yes, the juveniles will be inspired by the likes of Dracorex and Stygimoloch.
3. Yes. Smaller animals will join to make herds with larger animals for defence as an example.
4. Fish, squid, etc.
5. Yes. Ammonites are planned as live prey.

Loxodon wrote:
Concerning ecosystems and what happens when the park falls apart:

1. Will buildings completely disappear after a while, or merely get increasingly taken by vegetation?
2. Will roads also decay, or remain static?
3. Will trees spread dynamically, so that if you clear a section of forest to build a plaza, and then abandon said plaza, the forest comes back?
4. Will Cenozoic animals be able to compete with Mesozoic ones, given their typically far smaller body size? Seems like a large carnosaur or tyrannosaur would give even the biggest elephant a hard time.
5. Will animals form complex ecosystems over time, or is it more superficial and basic?

1. We want a building decay system, so they'll become worn overtime without attention. Chances are they'll just fall apart after a long while and "disappear".
2. Good question... probably decay too.
3. I'm not sure how "intelligent" we will make vegetation naturally but that's not a bad idea.
4. Of course. Food's food after all.
5. Hmm. This is still being discussed but they'll be somewhat interesting. I wouldn't go so far to call them complex, but I wouldn't call them basic neither. Herbivores will form herds, migrate around for food, breed through generations etc. Carnivores will hunt, form packs, breed over generations too... so I guess an ecosystem could be theoretically possible if the conditions are right.

Pangea wrote:
Outside of variants in the form of albinism, leucism and melanism, will we see other genetic anomalies like mental instability and null allele?

Mental instability.. that's a scary thought... Good idea. I'll keep that in mind. But to answer your question, we'll have genetic anomalies that'll affect animal behavior, yes. Behavior can also be passed down through genes.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Is Yee in PK?


trexking91 wrote:
1 - Will animals have different tusks, teeth, horns sizes and shapes?
2 - Can the player feed the carnivores with just chunks of meat, instead of live prey?
3 - What about arcade machines for the visitors to play?
4 - Will animals suffer from gigantism?
5 - McDonald's like restaurants and pizza resturants will be included?

1. We would like something similar to this, yeah. It won't be too complex though or "randomly generated" as one might hope.
2. Yes.
3. They'll be a variety of visitor entertainment buildings. So sure!
4. Not sure about this, but some animals will be larger or smaller than normal, yes.
5. They'll be resturants, indeed.

Ashes wrote:
1. Can an albino animal mate with a melanin tic animal?
2. Can we control certain genes of our dinosaurs?
3.Can eggs die in incubation?
4. How good will visitors AI be ?
5. How good will staff AI be?

1. Why not? ;)
2. To an extent. You can selectively breed animals together, so sort of?
3. Still being debated within the team.
4. Decent, but not overly complex.
5. Pretty good. These types of questions can't be answered fully right now as they are still being debated in terms of functionality and efficiency for the most part.

Garrus wrote:
What is the biggest production bottleneck right now?

Once you get to KS, do you have any idea who you would like to invite to the team?

What is the biggest challenge you have faced, from a modeling and programming perspective (outside of AI)?

How large is the active team right now?

1. Good question... Probably time. A lot of us have jobs and other things during our lives to work on. We try and put as much time into Prehistoric Kingdom as we can.
3. You know what.. I'm really not sure! Not many 'challenges' so to speak have we actually faced. There are still some features of the game we're struggling to work out as to how they will efficiently work in the final game, but nothing major.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
Have these questions currently made your hands tired?
So when can we expect a trailer for the kickstarter?
Can we get loading screens for each of the demo animals? (Randomly picked)
What does the Trike say? (What does it sound like?)
If enough money is raised on KS, can we get a paleontologist make a trailer for PK?

1. A little.
2. For sure :D.
3. Maybe ;).
4. Mwoaoooaoaooaogugrugg. Wroaahugruwa! I'm not sure what that translates too though. Probably some ancient lepidotes worship chant.
5. Maybe? I'm not sure, whilst realistic, Prehistoric Kingdom is a tycoon game not a documentary. Good idea though.

bucketman123 wrote:
1. For the waste that is collected by staff will there be a compost pile?

2. How will we display giant aquatic animals (I assume big fish tanks like in ZT2 will not do the trick for a Megalodon)? Will it be more similar to the Mosasaur exhibit in Jurassic World?

3. Will you include “death duels”, similar to what they did in JPOG?

4. Will certain herbivores behave aggressively towards each other? Example, Triceratops has a beef with Stegosaurus?

5. Other than the hotels and park admission, what other ways will there be for us to stack dat cash?

1. A bit like Zoo Tycoon to an extent. Probably.
2. Lakes, rivers, lagoons, and giant fish tanks will all be options.
3. Fighting will be much more detailed and unpredictable. Animals will use tactics during fights, it will also depend on stats of each animal who wins and who deals the first successful blow. They'll be a variety of animations for fighting.
4. Lol, maybe? If the Stegosaurus took the last leaf? Haha, probably not but who knows. :P
5. Selling poop. Attractions. Fundraising campaigns and such.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
I just though, would an easter egg in which if a dinosaur destroys a bathroom, there is a chance to have someone inside, who gets eaten,like Gennaro's death in JP, be posible?

Ahaha! Maybe xD.

Ashes wrote:
When is the bug tracker going up?
How r u?
How many hours in a day do u spend on PK?

I'm gonna try and get it all nice and updated this sunday.
I'm good! :)
Usually, I spend about 2-4 hours a day for the project, in various ways.

Sci-Fi King25 wrote:
1. Will the aviaries be individual for every species, or can we build large, mixed-species aviaries?

2. How will pterosaurs interact with each other?

Aviaries are highly custom, you can put whatever you want in them.
Kind of a vague question. Think about how birds react to each other.

Edaphosaurus wrote:
Yee Easter egg?

Yi qi is already a confirmed mini-exhibit animal.

Hardrisaur Hero wrote:
If it were found that T.rex did in fact have feathers (actual proof), will you have to delete the glorious scaled skin? (the best scaled T.rex ever I remind you)
If the team were to be able to create a studio after PK's release, what would you do after PK's release? (other games, DLC, etc.)
Who is your favorite paleontologist?
How fast will a year past (estimate, I don't exoect a concreate answer)
Will special needs people bring dogs to help them roam around the park?

Probably not, since we have it implemented and it is good choice variation.
Not sure about that! Personally, I'd love a good choice-driven story, but we'll see!
No comment.
You mean ingame? I'd think, probably, one year would mean 3-4 hours irl?

Lost Time32 wrote:
Concerning mods...

1. Will it be possible to have scaly versions of feathered only dinosaurs as mods? (ex, scaly raptors)

2. Will we be able to introduce brand new dinosaur models and animations, even species?

3. Will we be able to mod in new weapons for the staff like assault rifles, shotguns, etc?

4. Can we mod in more skins for one species, like a raptor with tiger stripes or a Triceratops with blue and red scales?

5. Can we replace the sound files for the animals, when modding tools come along?

1. I guess so, as in vanilla we won't include scaly versions for the mandatory feathered animals.
2,3. Hopefully!
4. That's for sure.

Garrus wrote:
So... Dakotaraptor? Or is that going to be modded in by the community?

What sorts of enrichment can we expect to see? Can we expect to see paper mache "prey" for carnivores to allow them to work out their hunting skills?

Can we get a sneak peek at some of the behaviors that have been/are being implemented?

We're currently not planning Dakotaraptor in vanilla in any way so we'll see...
You can expect that indeed!
When they are ready to be shown, for sure.

DinoLord wrote:
The developers have stated many times that the final game will feature 100+ species. Would this be for the initial full release, or would further species be added on after the first basic version of the game in expansion packs, patches, etc.? The latter scenario seems much more feasible from a developmental logistics point of view, and I'm sure us fans wouldn't mind.

It would most likely be the latter, as it would also keep up the fanbase's interest and it would make the game live on for longer. However, the initial release will have a solid species count, no worries there.

FaceEaterMaximus wrote:
Besides those two carnivores will you do non-dinosaurs and maybe an herbivorous dinosaur to wrap it up?

Are you a Lepidotian?

Will feathered variants be in next tech demo update?


Yes, proud to be one.

Yes they will!

Scottish Epanterias wrote:
So this slapped me across the face whilst playing JPOG.

1. Will we have customisable entrance boards? (If that's even the right name for them.) By this I mean will there be these entrance signs that we can type our own names onto? (Like for areas, i.e. "Gentle Giants", etc.)

That's a cool idea, I don't think it would be too hard to do that!

bucketman123 wrote:
1. Will there be animal shelters like in ZT2? Or will animals be able to seek privacy in a more natural way (sleeping behind a tree)?

2. Have you considered using Emu as a live food source? I know people do farm them, they may be more “traditional” to the carnivorous dino diet.

3. Will there be symbiosis between carnivores? Example, Charcardontosaurus and Rogups (Rogups waits its turn like a baby)?

4. Will park structures, fences, and rides require routine matience?

5. Will animals require health checkups with the park veterinarian?

1. Yes to both.
2. We haven't considered Emu, but now we are.
3. Probably.
4,5. Of course!

trexking91 wrote:
1. Will we be able to give names to our animals, like in ZT2?

2. Will DNA affect the animal's lifespan, like in JPOG?

3. Will mini-exhibit animals live freely in free mode, like the others?

4. Will animals complain about pack/herd size, like in Wildlife Park 3, when it was too small/big?

5. Will plants, like WLP3, complain if they aren't in their correct biome?

1. Yep.
2. Yes it will.
3. Not sure, but I'm thinking not... they are limited to the premade exhibits for various reasons.
4. Probably not.
5. Nope.

Satan wrote:
1. If mini-exhibit animals can breed, will Pulmonoscorpius have cute yellow babies on its back and will Meganeura have aquatic nymphs?
2. Can we clone a direct copy of an existing animal, if we want to? Like if I have Cera the Triceratops and she dies, can I clone a Cera II that looks very similar to her?

1. I don't think they can in the first place, sorry.
2. Sure.

bucketman123 wrote:
1. Will there be a particular animal in the game that the keepers fear the most? One that while “risky”, excites guest and produces revenue despite the keepers fear?

2. If the situation arises, can we put the dinos down?

3. Will there be beaches for our guest to grab some sun?

4. Since they all work on the island, and commuting would not be logical, will there be a place on the island for staff to live? Like staff condos /grocery store /bar on one section of the island?

5. Last one. Will there be changing season? Wet/dry and fall/winter/spring/summer?

1.Probably not a particular one, but you can expect those reactions from the most dangerous animals.
3.Yes, there will. We have a lot of things planned for beach areas.
5.Yes, we have this in the demo.

Lost Time32 wrote:
1. Aside from fish, what else can we feed our spinosaurs with? Reason why I ask is because remains of a juvenile Iguanodon have been found in the stomach of a Baryonyx in England, and in South America, I believe scientists found neck bones of a small pterosaur with a spinosaur tooth stuck inside.

2. Will Carnotaurus and other abelisaurs use their heads to head butt smaller prey items?

3. What are your main inspirations for designing the animals? Do you use modern day animals or do you come up with your own ideas?

1.You can feed it with anything, the animal will decide what to eat :geek: ! Smartass-ness aside, it will choose to eat other animals too if you give it that choice, even though its main diet will still be fish.
2.Not only them. Robust predators will do this in general.
3.A good ol' mixture of both.

Mesozoicnerd wrote:
1: Will all or most of the ankylosaurs in the game feature giraffe-like tongues suggested by the shape of their hyoid bones? (dumb question i know)

2: Should we put juvenile sauropods in a separate enclosure not too far away from the adult herds so that, when the time comes and they're more or less fully grown, we can introduce them to the adults?

3: How will this game depict hadrosaur fights?

4: What's the deal with the large number of theropod species included in this game?

5: Could camera traps, that we could use to monitor our animals, be a thing in this game?

2.It's up to you!
3.Still deciding on that one.
4.Theropods are love! Theropods are life!
5.Of course.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
Will animals from hatcheries able to be carried to other exhibits later?

Simply, yes.

Satan wrote:
Just want to figure out the specific species of the genera listed, if there are multiple, just list them.

Both E.regalis and E.annectens

Sniper wrote:
-Is there any chance that we will see this skin in the game? ... 6670_n.jpg
-How many of the confirmed species have a model currently?
-Any chance to add more Paleozoic and Cenozoic animals?

Not really.
I'd say about 15%?
Not all are confirmed, so yes

Satan wrote:
Will there be a way stop the growth of animals prematurely so you can get animals that look like Homacephale, Nannotyrannus, and Dracorex from their respective true genera (Prenocephale, Tyrannosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus)? Possibly make them just look that way, so they can also breed.
Now back to my specific species list:
Allosaurus (I mean any more species, besides fraggilis)?
Panthera (I might have jumped the gun on this one... I already know about Leo speala)?

No, just A.fragilis (for the moment).
P.leo atrox

Lost Time32 wrote:
Will there be raptor species that live alone or in pairs? I know of pack hunting raptors in this game, but I was wondering of more solitary species appearing.

Actually, most of them will.

Dinoman193a wrote:
1. Will you be able to make Hybrids?
2. Can you train certain animals, like raptors?
3. Will you be able to put predators together if they're of similar size?
4. Can you walk around as a keeper like in zoo tycoon 2?
5. How are you feeling?

3.Yes, but caution is advised.
5. Feeling pumped.

Suchomimus wrote:
Will there be anymore species of stegosaurs in the vanilla game?

How about anymore paleozoic animals?

Why aren't you guys updating the fb page as often as you used to?

Will we be able to sell our animals if lets say it gets over-populated and you don't want to shoot them?

If a Tyrannosaurus were to escape what security methods would the park have? Would there be some sort of military force to
swoop in and stop it or would there be an automated turrent already waiting around the corner for him, or maybe tranquilizers, etc.?

How do you plan on moving large tranquilized animals?
On free-roam mode will there be an invisible barrier that will stop pterosaurs from flying off the island or for sea animals from swimming out of range?

And my last question how the frig do you plan on keeping Argentinosaurus or even Brachiosaurus from barging through there enclosures when they're paniced or stressed? Or even in general how do you plan to contain a large Sauropod?

As I said, not all are confirmed, so yes.
Multiple reasons, sometimes lack of time. We're trying to keep up.
Sure thing.
Tyrannosaurus isn't indestructible, so probably some heavy tranquilizers should do.
Trucks, helicopters.
These animals simply won't leave the island, so in a way, yes.
Really REALLY strong fences.

Merking wrote:
1. Will there be elevated paths? (like the ones in ZT2)

2. If there will be, will we be able to use them in a similar fashion to modded ZT2 elevated paths? (Aka, make roofs, buildings, "caves", terrariums etc. with them?)

3. Will there be a special mode were we can make animals act in certain ways? Kind of like the Spore expansions "Galatic Adventures" mode?

4. Can we nickname Mini exhibit animals?

5. Will we be able to have rotating exhibits?

2.Same, yes.
4.If you want, sure.
5.Of course.

Sniper wrote:
-Let's just say we clone a Giganotosaurus and than a T.rex(for example) and put them in the same enclosure. Will it be possible that the the two will become friends and work/live together insteas of fighting for the territory.
-If a T.rex(for example) failed to take down a Triceratops and died, will the Trike eat it to regain the energy that it lost in the battle?

Actually you'd have pretty fair chances to do that if you breed them together as infants and they grow up together in a healthy environment.
For the last question... just nope. Nope.

Lost Time32 wrote:
Will we be able, through mods, to modify animal behavior, like if we want all raptors to hunt in packs, T. rex to hunt in packs, etc?

I'm not sure about this one, I guess we'll have to see when the modding will be actually a feasible thing.

Pangea wrote:
Ever considered certain types of entertainers, like people dressed in costumes or actors/educators assuming the role of cavemen?

Yep, considered this kind of entertainment for sure. We might add it as some easter egg, something to be in the game, but not too much accent in gameplay is given to it.

DinoLord wrote:
What do you think of the idea of a cable car attraction?

I think it's a great idea!

Satan wrote:
1. Just clear up any confusion, you mean there will be both the American Lion and the Cave Lion, correct?
2. What genus and species is the moa? There are multiple genera, each with multiple species.
And same rules as before for the specific species, list them if there are multiple. Thank you.
3. Mammuthus?
4. Ceratosaurus?
5. Bison? (the genus)

1.No, just american lion.
2.Dinornis novaezealandiae
3.M. primigenius
4.C. dentisulcatus

PaleoScarab wrote:
1. As in right now, how many non-special exhibit vanilla genus are you guys planning?
2. Can we alter the size of the animals?

1. I don't remember the exact count now, but around 40.
2. You mean by mods? I think this is fairly doable.

Deinonychus wrote:
1.Will you put shantungosaurus to Washi Group ?
2.Will we see more species from Wangshi Group and Nemeget Formation?
3.Will we see Tiktaalik?

1.Nope. Nemegt.
3.I believe it is a mini exhibit animal.

Jetsnake wrote:
Maurizio why you skip my questions on page 27? ;(

Right now what aspect of the game are you most focused about?

Can you create your own documentary or show of everyday life in PK (in game)?

Woops, sorry!

Right now we're giving much emphasis on the building and customization mechanics.
Ha, probably after we're all done with PK, it might be one of our own side projects, but I really doubt.

And now for your questions at page 27:

Jetsnake wrote:
My Questions:

1.Will there be symbiotic relationships between certain animals?

2.What will be the cost of the game?

3.If this is successful (which I do think it will be) will there be a sequel?

That's enough for now Bai.

1. Probably, I think so.
2. Can't say for now. You'll see when we actually start selling it :)
3. Again, can't say for sure, we'll see in the future!

Plushtrap wrote:
1. will we see Diplocaulus
2. will there be Death Duels like in JP:OG
3. will we see Bradycneme
4. what biome will Stegosaurus prefer?
5. (a bit off topic) what is you favourite dinosaur?

1.No comment as I'm not sure now and I don't have the lists with me.
2.No, since the fighting mechanics in PK will be at least a bit more realistic than JPOG.
3.No, sorry.
4.Tropical/subtropical floodplains.
5.My personal favorite is Tyrannosaurus. Very original I know.

barylophodonosaurus wrote:
Will there be any building updates/ new buildings for the tech demo?
What are the buildings if yes?
When does Prehistoric Kingdom take place?

Yup yup!
It's still a surprise what all the buildings are, but I can say we're planning 17 of them.
When the game becomes public! You are the player and park's creator, so the timeline starts when you play it.

barylophodonosaurus wrote:
Does Tea Rex's project Prehistoric Preserve affect Prehistoric Kingdom?
What models have been done, but not shown?
Please tell me one not yet confirmed species.

No, not at all.
Styracosaurus and a few others.
Nice try.

Godzillasaurus wrote:
If theropods are love and life, then what is space?
Can the game become maximum awesomebro in April's Fools?
Will there be more spanish species? Right now there are Concavenator and Baryonyx.
Did you hear the news? It's space.

How is space real when our eyes aren't real?
That'd be awesum, I luv scaly T-Rex!
I believe so, but I'm not sure.

Suchomimus wrote:
There is new information on Edmontosaurus Regalis at least (not sure if it affects e. annectens) ... ocks-comb/ it says that it had a non-bone crest or comb like a rooster, will you guys be incorporating this into your game?

Will raptors hunt in packs?

Some yes, most no.

Spinoceratopsrex wrote:
How complex will the AI for the live food, like Lepidotes and onchopristis be?

Will any animals be really needy?

Is X animal going to be in PK? :lol:

If you consider swimming around and nothing else is complex, then very complex!
Not VERY needy, all they'll care about in exhibits are foliage, ground covering, and their basic needs met.
I like X animal, so yeah :lol:

cheeto wrote:
In the alpha version of PK can we have an option With spinosaurus. So in the game we're able to choose a feathered or non feathered T rex so why not for spino. In this occasion Why not have a choice of the structure of this theropod. What saying is we should be able to choose if we want a bipedal or quadrupedal spinosaurus. We don't no which is accurate so why not. It will make everyone happy. :geek: :mrgreen:

We need to wait to see what turns out to be the best design choice for Spinosaurus, but I doubt there would be any choice for it other than scaly/sparsely feathered and skins.

VictorasaurusRex wrote:
Will Bob Ross narrate the game?

We all need moar painting in our life.

Prehistoric ranger wrote:
Will there be animals exclusive to site b mode?
Are we gonna get any new animation videos?
When is the estimated release for the patch?
How hard is it to animate an animal with no legs? (titanoboa for example)
Can we see visitors interact with each other? Like talking to each other and what not?

No comment.
Much easier than legged animals, actually.
Sure, why not.

Satan wrote:
1. Will there be negative effects (increased mutations?) for inbreeding or will inbreeding be impossible?
2. What will be a park's first attraction since the first dinosaurs cloned will take a few years to grow up? The juvenile dinosaurs themselves?
3. Mule Deer as live prey for fast predators?
Specific species again, list them if there are multiple please.
4. Camarasaurus?
5. Equus?

1.Inbreeding will have bad consequences, there is a reason inbreeding is banned in most modern zoo's.
2.Not sure what you mean there.
5.E.quagga quagga
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby Queztacoatlus » Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:05 pm

I am going to love reading all of this :P
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby Merking » Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:16 am

This is quite impressive. Well made.
Because my old "avatar" got kind of old.
I like feathers.
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby DinoSteve93 » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:33 am

Damn. Some of the answers might be terribly out of date, don't rely on them.
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby ProjectMammoth » Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:31 pm

DinoSteve93 wrote:Damn. Some of the answers might be terribly out of date, don't rely on them.

does that really matter?
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Re: Ask The Developer event ANSWERS - 05/10/2015

Postby Windmiller » Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:40 pm

DinoSteve93 wrote:Damn. Some of the answers might be terribly out of date, don't rely on them.

Well I'm sure someone would be more than happy to refine this list if pointed in the right direction ;)
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Death is arbitrary, and once put in an unsurvivable situation, there is only one way left to go...
The sceptical writer of Umboi Park, we'll see how it turns out
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