charecter i created for a possible band

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charecter i created for a possible band

Postby Andrewsaurchus101 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 6:06 pm

Welcoming the lead guitarist and secondary singer (or lead singer if necessary) of the Nerdconpoops with a love for punk metal, Raptor Andrew!!!!!
Colors based on a punk rocker because well....... that's basically what he is.
He has a love for music in general and can flexibly adapt his style of singing to fit whatever style he is working on. But his favorite music is,obviously, rock and metal. His favorite band is Green Day and can do some sick covers in there style. He is a great guitarist and can play many kinds of guitars. He is also skilled in other instruments of meny kinds. His singing voice is legendary as well.
His species is Dakotaraptor and he is a HUGE asset to the Needconpoops.Outside of the band, He has a solo career and is semi social. He is Kind hearted, Caring, Respectful, Polite, and Loving. However, he can be Perverted, Rude, Arrogant, Cocky,and Mean at times. But he has a heavy respect for all living things and a HUGE love for animals. Thus, he also volunteers at his local Zoo, Aquarium, Animal shelter, Animal Sanctuary, and Prehistoric kingdom, a zoo with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.
Quotes- "We came a long way guys, we can't just stop now, let's finish this competition!!"
"Hey, we ain't called the nerd squad for nothin, you know"
"Hey cutie, did I ever tell yah about my solo career?"
"Let the music flow though you. And unleash you're potential"
"Punk is like steak, it's impossible not to like"

I'm here because prehistory is awesome!!!

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