The Forgotten Stories Of The Mesozoic

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The Forgotten Stories Of The Mesozoic

Postby MesozoicFan4Ever » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:13 pm

The Dinosaur Documentary TV Series that I want made into a real thing with
1. 8 Episodes for the whole series to fully flesh out the grand era of the Mesozoic and it's lifeforms
2. Each Episode will last over a hour long to fully explore into the lives of the animals
3. Narration by Morgan Freeman
4. The Series would air on The CW Network in the Evening
5. Animals brought to life with Weta Digital
6. Music by John Williams

Episode 1: Dawn Of A New Age
Story: The Triassic is a time of a whole variety of different types of animals completely unlike anything known to human eyes, this is a time where the old days of the Paleozoic era meets with the new era of the Mesozoic as the old school species face off against new faces that have now entered into the scene and among those is the first dinosaur
Setting: Early Triassic South Africa 248 million years ago
1. Nyasasaurus
2. Proterosuchus
3. Owenetta
4. Lystrosaurus
5. Moschorhinus
6. Thrinaxodon
7. Broomistega
8. Xenacanthus

Episode 2: Triassic Revolution
Story: Right at Argentina in the Late Triassic, Dinosaurs are starting to truly split up into more diverse shapes and forms in contrast from the simple Nyasasaurus known as Saurischians such as Eodromaeus and Ornithischians such as Pisanosaurus, but it will still be a while before They truly take over the world that is still run by animals from the Permian and early Triassic days
Setting: Late Triassic Argentina 230 million years ago
1. Eodromaeus
2. Pisanosaurus
3. Preondactylus
4. Hyperodapedon
5. Unnamed Drepanosaur
6. Ecteninion
7. Probelesodon
8. Exaeretodon
9. Ischigualastia
10. Pelorocephalus

Episode 3: Dinosaur Takeover
Story: At the start of the Jurassic is the time when the dinosaurs were able to take over the world from the grasp of mammalian and reptilian rulers of the Triassic and have diversified into many shapes and sizes in their quest to conquer every niche and ecosystem in the earth
Setting: Early Jurassic Arizona 193 million years ago
1. Dilophosaurus
2. Coelophysis
3. Sarahsaurus
4. Scutellosaurus
5. Scelidosaurus
6. Dimorphodon
7. Protosuchus
8. Oligokyphus

Episode 4: Forest Of Flyers
Story: In the middle of the Jurassic, a whole variety of aerial Creatures are flourishing such as Flying Reptiles, Gliding Mammals, The First Birds and even Dinosaurs that resemble Dragons in a competitive race to see who shall win the right to be able to take over the sky
Setting: Middle Jurassic Kyrgyzstan 162 million years ago
1. Anchiornis
2. Yi
3. Haplocheirus
4. Shunosaurus
5. Tianyulong
6. Dendrorhynchoides
7. Darwinopterus
8. Volaticotherium
9. Castorocauda
10. Mongolarachne

Episode 5: Jurassic Beach
Story: Germany during the late Jurassic was a chain of islands which in the sea lives bizarre marine reptiles while in the air there are the pterosaurs that fly across the beaches and the forests and on the land there are small dinosaurs that prowl about
Setting: Late Jurassic Germany 150 million years ago
1. Sciurumimus
2. Pterodactylus
3. Dakosaurus
4. Aegirosaurus
5. Kimmerosaurus
6. Protospinax
7. Hybodus
8. Mesolimulus
9. Trachyteuthis
10. Titanites

Episode 6: The Paradise Of The Dino Birds
Story: People generally think of Dinosaurs as just big overgrown lizards that stomp about in swamps, but here in The Early Cretaceous tells a far different story with a whole variety of Dinosaurs that prove that these Animals were far more bird like and unique as They interact and flourish in a cool and breezy forest with a deadly mammalian predator on the prowl
Setting: Early Cretaceous China 125 million years ago
1. Sinosauropteryx
2. Beipiaosaurus
3. Zhenyuanlong
4. Mei
5. Eoenantiornis
6. Caudipteryx
7. Psittacosaurus
8. Unnamed Tapejarid
9. Xianglong
10. Repenomamus

Episode 7: Flaming Cliffs
Story: Living in the desert is a harsh and painful type of life style that most people would never believe that dinosaurs could live in much less thrive, however as a contradiction to the outdated stereotype of dinosaurs living in steamy swamps, here in the flaming cliffs of the late Cretaceous lives a whole variety of dinosaurs who are able to thrive in the harsh conditions of the gobi desert
Setting: Late Cretaceous Mongolia 75 million years ago
1. Velociraptor
2. Byronosaurus
3. Citipati
4. Shuvuuia
5. Protoceratops
6. Tylocephale
7. Unnamed Small Azhdarchid
8. Estesia
9. Deltatheridium
10. Kryptobaatar

Episode 8: Endgame
Story: At the end of the Cretaceous period there is now a countdown that is ticking as a comet is set to crash into the earth and cause the mass extinction event that ends the Mesozoic era that will tragically drive almost every single group of dinosaur into extinction
Setting: Late Cretaceous Argentina 66 million years ago
1. Vegavis
2. Soroavisaurus
3. Austroraptor
4. Bonapartenykus
5. Carnotaurus
6. Saltasaurus
7. Notoceratops
8. Aerotitan
9. Madtsoia
10. Gondwanatherium
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