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Postby Adsper » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:24 pm

Some/a few/like 10 of you probably know about the Weirdo Wars discord for the purples of PK. We would each be given a card of our strengths and weaknesses and fight to the death against each other, culminating in final battles of hatred and irrelevance. A magnum dong would counterattack a serpent's whirlwind, a mutant would clash with a lambeosaurus, in the confines of a restrictive channel we were forced to do battle. But now, the purple has been revoked from us, the dark lords have come out of the woodwork, and now, the corpse of a dying server has been crossed out by a cast of die!

Basically, we turned a PK tester server into an open-world discord RPG for everybody. Features include 6 species to play as, a hunger and energy system, two tough as nail overlords, and a demon mystery that YOU can uncover! If your into that sort of thing (or just want to watch), join right here!
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